It Appeals To My Macabre Sense Of Humor – Scorpio Moon, Moon In The 8th, Pluto In Aspect To The Moon, Pluto In The 4th

I hate to tell ya, but I secretly smirk when a Pluto Moon type person who denies their roots realizes just how deep they go. This happened to my sister recently. She has an exact Moon Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius. You know that thing wants nothing to do with Pluto but there he is. Pluto is right there in Virgo, squaring her Moon and so when out mother (Moon) died (Pluto), all this stuff popped up.  Stuff that is repulsive to her, yet embedded very deeply.

It’s become very trendy to believe you have no connection to your family. You raised yourself, etc. You were adopted or kidnapped or something.  You might get away with this if you have an Aquarius Moon, but if your Moon is in Scorpio, there isn’t a chance in hell.

I think this is funny in the way my husband says that people sometimes “step on their dick”.  It’s your dick. It’s your depth and your power and I don’t think it’s wise to lose track of it.

Any Pluto Moon types want to cop to waking up one day, realizing their mother is driving them?

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    IbenS. Overgaard

    I have to comment on this one – like for many others it hit me spot on! Aquarius moon in 8th house, moon sextile pluto, pluto in the 4th. The theme right now is detachment from my aquarius mother with pluto square moon. Came to a point where I just couldn’t handle being in a symbiosis with the old family AND creating my own(Cancer rising, saturn in cancer).
    The way: “Innovation and detachment via deep historical research/confronting the ugly.”
    Yet, I believe that I’ll always be tied to her and admire her power…

  2. I openly acknowledge & accept- even appreciate, that my mother is deeply rooted in me. But I largely see this as a positive thing- she has give me my spiritual inheritance. Ad our relationship is so deep and trans-formative. I’m not diminishing the toughness though!
    Moon in Pisces in the 8th. Pluto in the 4th.

  3. Moon 8th Taurus opp Saturn cj Venus 2nd Scorpio. Just trying to keep a grasp on vestigial remembrance of selfness (8 year-old) very hard. Feel like family owned me. That scene in Black Swan where her mother cuts her nails – oh, God. Even when I put my arms around myself at almost 60, I still don’t really feel safe. I’m not sure I have the faintest idea what love is.

  4. I love my Mom and I know why she’s a hoarder.She collects everything knowing one day, all her stories will be remembered. . I hadn’t seen her in years.I got on a plane last month to see her. The condition of the house would drive anyone crazy- but me. I have a moon saturn mercury conjunction in the 8th in taurus. I realized today, Her moon is opposite mine on her scorpio ascendant.She found her birth certificate just last year and I appreciate this difficult reflection now.It has 30 years of dust on it. whew.

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