What Are The Most Challenging Combinations In Astrology?

Some people have natal charts full of ease. Other charts show tremendous conflict. There are certain combinations that come up in charts which are really confounding to deal with.

As an example, people with a lot of Cancer and a lot of Aquarius have a hard time being both attached and detached. It’s hard to find a comfort zone because once you have shocked your family and/or rebelled Aquarius)… you miss your home food (Cancer).

What combinations of signs or aspects do you feel are particularly freaky to deal with and resolve.

62 thoughts on “What Are The Most Challenging Combinations In Astrology?”

  1. I have many aspects that are considered bad. Basically
    Pluto/Mars/Saturn spread over my Asc/Dsc and 8th house, but these aspects are not challenging at all for me. I guess I got used to the energy.

    Personally I would view Neptune/Pluto as very challenging or Pluto/Mars conjunct. Or Mars in Cancer.

    1. I have mars in cancer 2 degrees ?
      I never thought that alone was bad it’s square Venus that’s enough for me!

  2. Had an ex with a major, early Scorpio stellium conjunct Uranus in Libra. Come here, go away on steroids.

  3. My chart is turned 180 degrees. So my leo north node is in my 11th house and my Aquaruis south node is in my 5th house along with Saturn.
    AAAAAURGH! What the hell is my soul supposed to be learning in this life…????as for my 2nd Saturn return…am I suppose to be learning to have fun or the opposite?????

  4. So my Moon/Pluto (exact) in Leo is a big source of intense drama but it’s actually helped me resolve deep issues with important women in my life – and understand my instinctive responses in my work life (6th house). But the real problem following me everywhere is my Sagittarius Mars (my Scorpio Sun ruler in the 10th) exactly square (challenging!) Saturn in Virgo (7th). (Righteousness on the go-go-go; impatient; seeks the truth then advocates ‘n agitates VS. lists and schedules; patience; pour over details and check ’em again. GO. Stay. GO. Not yet… Ugh! )

    I have 6 fixed-sign planets. Interesting that the most challenging aspect I have is between planets in mutable signs: The “gift” that keeps on giving. 😉

  5. I’ve been told which I agree I have a dangerous chart I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost died it is my Pluto urine is on my ascendant in Virgo and my Moon Mars at 29 degrees in Virgo squaring my Neptune in Scorpio conjunct part of Fortune squaring my Chrion in the 7th house to say the least relationships have been death-defying and challenging..and I’m hooked up with a Scorpio, Cancer rising with Saturn in critical degree in first house.. as I’m trying to sit here and find a silver lining I don’t think there is one, again another time I just have to let the tower fall and see how I have to pick up the pieces

  6. ~ On top of my head, moon conjunct uranus/neptune. Like what do you want me to do, be domestic or not, because it’s not an either/or, I think I am too homely and domesticated but it’s not complete bliss, I crave change and my routine is always uspside down, merge with people or be overly individualistc, many questions. Capricorn stellium battling it out with my mars in aries. I hate the heat and how my mars in aries makes me say stupid things sometimes, embarassing my cap side (aries rules my 3rd) but it;s not like I can stuff my thoughts for so long or not to self censor either. So thank you all of you, for uniting to make my life interesting. ~

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