Venus & Mars In Domicile For Three Weeks, May 2024

Billy JackVenus will enter it’s home sign, Taurus on April 29th. Mars will ingress into it’s home sign, Aries on April 30th. Both planets will remain in domicile through the first three weeks of May.

I’m already on record, stating the entire month of May looks terrific. This is part of that.

Now you may have some outer planet transit hit your chart, but the idea these transits are good for relating to others is indisputable.  In other words, this won’t stop a crisis that’s meant to happen, but it does promise fair weather, while you grapple with the problem.

If you want to take advantage of these energies, Mars in Aries asks you to act directly. No relationship triangles. Nothing passive aggressive. It’s precise. It’s Billy Jack in this scene:

Meantime, Venus in Taurus knows the fair value of everything and it’s LOYAL. It’s love doesn’t budge.

People don’t tend to behave this way, but now would be a good time to test it out, see where it gets you.

What do you expect with Venus and Mars in domicile?

9 thoughts on “Venus & Mars In Domicile For Three Weeks, May 2024”

  1. Yippee! I hope this brings hope, and calm to everyone! April has been so harsh. Personally, Mars will sextile my Mercury, Sun and Moon. I’ll take it.

  2. I just sent out a formal letter negotiating a debt settlement. It was a fair offer and a would be a win win with an adjustment to my finances. The adjustments would be difficult at first, I’m sure of it, but a welcomed compromise towards achieving long-term goals.
    Keeping the faith that it works out favorably.

      1. Offer accepted. Not exactly the offer I pitched, but the negotiation itself, was not difficult (humility). **** is getting real. Change keeps things moving along and this is a valuable lesson – this will help to create the habit to save. The ultimate goal is Financial Self-Sufficiency. I am heading in the appropriate direction, I am certain.

  3. Feels like an extra layer of support, especially for our bodies, much needed. The Mars Neptune conjunction is challenging to endure, especially with Neptune nearly on that 29th degree – I’m thinking the ‘undoing’ of ego domination can increase, with defensive reactivity, including projective conflict, symptoms and depressive episodes being part of the healing process collectively as well as more joy, love and peace in flow states. I notice Pluto is stationing at the same time this week.

  4. we were late getting our taxes done, but got them done. we didnt gain anything back sadly, but thankfully the taxes to be paid weren’t so high. thats a huge plus. all of march i got swindled though, and was difficult. there’s sites that say they are a known company but only to get swindled later. Thankfully i didnt pay much but i saw thousands of reviews on another site that many people got swindled too. I was trying to buy a compact dryer for my elderly parents for a discounted price, but fell through. My credit card company will pay me back though so thats good. but i read that these fraudulent sites get away with it because many people pay other ways and can’t get their money back, and while maybe 50% get their money back, the other 50% doesn’t. so these swindlers from singapore (which i found out through sleuthing) take alot of money of the 50% of people who can’t get their money back. I saw some people even get swindled out of thousands. Mine was not even a hundred dollars but money is money and i’d rather that money goes to homeless than to swindlers. i felt april was better. The aries months, always is better for me, march is difficult because of the fog and people i noticed get delusioned about whats really the truth. when the truth is out in april, it’s shocking and harsh but its noticably better. it may be harsh but people feel freer knowing the truth. Plus the truth and light is super positive, and the energies at play is really happier. anyway thats just metaphor but i do notice those little things in the atmosphere and people’s actions. march month was tough. april is better, it’s just harsh truths. may looks very nice as always. i always have loved may months, all into summer months ^^

  5. Well, with Mars now in Aries and transiting my 6th house, I have raging gas. Not what I was expecting, but makes sense.

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