Progressed Sun Conjunct Neptune Interpretation

sun2My progressed Sun is conjunct Neptune. I can’t say I’m enjoying it, but I can see it playing out.

My life energy (Sun) is ebbing and flowing at this time, due to illness. It’s encouraging, because eventually the Sun will move beyond Neptune. I’d not be surprised to see my symptoms dissipate.

I also feel a strong vocation to service. This is nothing new for me, but my ego (Sun) disappearing or being sacrificed or transcended is new.

The conjunction is in Scorpio. I am definitely dealing with a lot of death and pain of others…hopefully, with some compassion.

Progressed Sun conjunct Neptune

“This aspect in the Progressed chart has two distinct sides, and we cannot know in advance which side will be more prominent. You should be prepared for either (or both) directions which it may take. The influence of the Sun is to illuminate, and Neptune has many hidden influences. On the one side, it greatly stimulates your awareness, often in ways that are difficult to understand rationally. You are sensitive to others and know how they feel intuitively, and could be more concerned with their benefit than with your own. Therefore, the aspect is good for any activities which involve helping others. The caution is, try to avoid neglecting your own welfare. Your spiritual consciousness will be aroused, and you will be concerned about the deeper truths hidden behind the everyday world. Interest in mysticism, astrology, spiritualism, and psychic phenomena could be strong during this time. Understanding of the occult and many mysteries can be unveiled, but you must be sure of Divine protection in the unveiling. Avoid negative cults and keep yourself spiritually well-grounded. The other side of the aspect is the impulse toward escapism. You may want to leave the responsibilities of the everyday world, and live out your fantasies. The symptoms of this side of the aspect are psychological weariness and feelings of inability to cope with the world as it is, resulting in the desire for your own private world. Daydreaming is likely, and it can be harmless, but try to avoid letting it progress into a full scale effort to avoid reality. Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs: they provide negative escapism, and besides your body is negatively sensitive to drugs and allergies at this time. Positive means of escape could be to attend a guided spiritual retreat, or to get off by yourself for meditation and positive contemplation.”

That’s from the Progressed Chart Report.

I also have Pluto transiting my 12th house which is another Pluto/Neptune exchange. It’s most definitely made me aware of the power of the ethereal.

Is your progressed Sun aspecting Neptune?

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  1. Not progressed, but the transit. For about a year Neptune has been transiting my sun at 5 Pisces. I knew it was coming but it had much more of an impact that I expected. A lot of plans I had made suddenly no longer seemed appropriate, some interests have changed in the sense that what was no longer necessary seems to have melted away. I had some amazing spiritual experience but also felt at times like a sea of disconnected and meaningless experiences-like a psychic meltdown. I am mentally rebuilding in a good fashion. I also has a problem with allergies that is abating ( I just read somewhere local honey is good). I also have the urge to get rid of stuff. If I hadn’t known this was Neptune at work it would have been frightening at times but I seem to be recovering. Take good care of yourself and thanks.

  2. My progressed Sun is conjunct Neptune.
    Good thing I teach. I’ve been the ultimate mediator/counselor the last month or so. Love my job.

  3. My progressed sun in Aries is conjunct Venus and trines Neptune in Sagittarius. Pluto is in my twelfth. I have gone through tremendous transformations these past three years. Divorce, multiple moves, karmic relationship with ex-boyfriend, getting my own place for the first time since 2004, eating better, working out, returning to college. And I’m exploring a new religion. I anticipate more changes. Things are far from stable. Oh…progressed sun and Venus are in the eighth with transiting Uranus.

  4. I’m going to have this passage in my early 60’s. I can see myself retiring, dying my hair blue, moving to some spiritual retreat and becoming a tarot reader to round my retirement fund.

  5. I think this energy is one where often times you can lose yourself to other outside forces. It has a way of taking you outside of your body. In the 8th, the focus is pronounced on the other people who may experience death, that are around you. I have Mars in the 8th = Scorpio Scorpio Asc. Venus and Neptune in Scorpio Ruler of Asc. Pluto on MC at highest point in the Chart I can’t say Death is a concern to me. It is what comes next… It is part of the story. It’s after Death that I am intrigued with. Quite possibly the mystery of death… and where it leads. I get excited thinking it will all unfold, when it happens. I will finally have my answers! Death is final and what happens after death has not been proven. Our faith, intuition and dreams all play a part in how we feel after a death. Lending a hand to others during their loss brings out all of the above and is our offering. Still we are not projecting any true facts we are projecting our ethereal enlightenment… all Neptune.

  6. My 12th house progressed Sun is squaring Neptune and transiting Neptune is squaring my Natal 12th house Sun. Draining. There have been a lot of Pluto in Virgo people die in my community in the past 12 months, I’m just glad to not be one of them.

  7. My progressed Sun is within 2 degress of a conjunction with my natal Neptune/Moon conj. in Sadge. It is also square natal Jupiter in mutual reception. I feel somehow suspended and disoriented. Don’t know what to expect when Neptune and Saturn square off exactly on that constellation. At least it will be interesting. But i hope Saturn will bring some grounding.

  8. oh, god.. where to begin with neptune. first of all, my progressed sun (currently 29 degrees scorpio) is one a degree away from an exact conjunction with neptune (zero degrees sagg). i am certainly already feeling it! these days i feel like i am living my life on a raft out at sea.. a cheap blow-up raft! everything is getting wet, many things are falling away, i can’t quite tell where i am going and seem to have little control over that anyway. before i continue, i should mention that i am only just coming out of some extremely grueling times involving transiting pluto squaring my libra stellium while uranus was squaring it.. ouch. pretty much the worst, and hardest time of my life. neptune is also currently transiting my 4th house. so it’s a little hard to tell precisely which thing is to blame for which. neptune was also squaring my saturn and is now squaring my moon.

    oh, and one other influence involved in this tangle is the fact that 2 years ago i moved to a location that moved my 11th house stellium into the 12th house. perhaps i would have thought better of this move had i known more about

    but anyway–onto the relevant experiences. first of all, i have learned much more about astrology, so that is certainly a nice thing. i also finally live near the ocean, which is a dream come true. but!! like i said, these last 2 years have been the hardest of my life, and i am frankly more than a little nervous about what is yet to come. i quit smoking 2-3 years ago, but started up again recently. for the first time in my life i am having allergies. i have had one health issue after another, nonstop, including a 6 month period where i could not get a medication i am supposed to take every day for my thyroid, which resulted in me feeling very tired all of the time, as well as having a good deal of trouble thinking clearly. i feel like i am still recuperating from that. mixed into that as well is an even worse memory than i had before. i am a grown woman, but found myself living out of my car for 2 months (not anymore, thank god!). there have been multiple boundary issues come up, at work, at home (with roommates), in other relationships. i have had my car broken into 4 times. my dreams are more vivid, and i remember them more often, but unfortunately, they are often nightmares–bad ones!! i never had nightmares before. i also feel much more isolated these days, which probably has more to do with the planets that moved into the 12th house when i relocated. i’m sure there’s more, but that is a taste of how things have gone for me, and i have never in my life felt so exhausted and discouraged. sorry for the long post, and the rambling…can i blame that on neptune? 😉

    1. with all of my venting i totally forgot to mention that this has been a pretty great time for me creatively ( am an artist). so at least there’s that! anyone have any positive experiences to report about progressed sun conjuncting neptune?

  9. hi, i’m currently going through this transit. Neptune 25 degrees sagitarrius in the second house and progressed sun at 24 degrees sag. when will this get better? I feel like i’m so intuned to everything to the point of other taking advantage of my vulnerabilities. Could there be more stuff in my chart that could be contributing to all this?

  10. I have progressed sun conjunct 25’21 natal neptune 25’23” how many degrees past till it gets better? Feel so tired, and drained..

  11. Hi, I have progressed sun conjunct natal neptune and then Progressed neptune conjunct Progressed sun in transiting.

    My current situarion could it be because of the above transits:

    My family is trying to put me into the mental hospital. And now im being so mind controlled and invaded energetically like i dont exist. Like im other ppl and sometimes ppl are in me talking. Its weird experience.

    I dont feel like myself in my mind too like i lack mind control over what i want to do.. i feel trapped and controlled, hearing voices but outisde of myself.

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