Saturn Moon: Control And Mother

flu shotWith a Capricorn moon I already have a Saturn-moon influence in my chart. Currently Saturn is squaring that moon, with the transiting moon conjunct. Transiting Mars conjuncts my moon. Want to hear the upshot? I don’t feel so good. Moon, Saturn, Mars backing my own moon into a corner is what it feels like. This all takes place in Cardinal signs for extra control flavor.

Saturn is a slow transit and is felt over months. The moon and Mars are quick movers, relatively speaking, so their effect is more of the moment, a piling on, so to speak. So why do I bring this up? Today my mother (moon) is making me (Saturn) get a shot (Mars). I really don’t want it (square to venus) but I’m being guilted in the extreme. If Saturn-moon ever had a kryptonite it was guilt. I feel helpless under a guilt assault.

No one can “make” you do anything, blah-de-blah-de, yeah yeah yeah. Let me tell you, my mother’s Saturn opposes my moon and functionally, yes, she CAN make me. She has the upper hand and while I may not like it, it is in my best interest to “go quietly.” Rebellion is not worth the collateral damage and I’m best off to swallow my objections, get it done, and get on with my life. Sometimes dilemmas don’t have heroic choices. Sometimes you do the best with what you’ve got and what you’ve got ain’t so great. The best choice I have is to soldier on and get done, which is very Saturn mashed with Mars.

Do you have control issues in your chart? How about control issues in synastry with another person?

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  1. “Do you have control issues in your chart?”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    This is what I’m going to ask myself every morning, when I look in the mirror. Like De Niro in Taxi Driver!

  2. I definitely have control issues. But I don’t know where in my chart I should be looking for the root of them. Can you help? Is there a particular house or planet I should be looking at?

  3. my mom’s leo saturn also opposes my aquarium moon… weirdly i have the same saturn as she… and im a natural rebel, so im always taking the consequences.

  4. I have control issues ! Mostly at work.Part of why I work as a temp. Can’t afford to be to involved.. When I am unable to control ,it attacs my nerves and it’s painful. I have a 10th house sun, ven,merc. And saturn and uran in my 6th house.( I am not controlling of other people ,but of the system,admin ect)

    I have a huge crush on a cap moon. In synastry my saturn falls almost on their asc..1st house side. Theirs fall in my 7th…and their moon too on the cusp of 7/8..

  5. Iathina my partner also has a strong 10th House, and Saturn in his 6th. He became an independent business owner and he couldn’t be happier. I relate to your feelings re: the system/admin. I hate bad admin, it makes me crazy! My boss STILL spells my name wrong, I’ve worked for him for years!

  6. I for one appreciate Saturn’s ‘control’ on my impulsive Aries Sun. They’re sextile in my natal chart and I think it’s kept me from jumping off more than one cliff. Saturn also squares my Moon, so sometimes it doesn’t feel so good, even though I ‘know’ it’s good for me.

    @Satori- PS- I have Venus in Aries- I love shots. Weird, I know, but- if you ever need me to take a poke for you, just let me know!

  7. @ h.
    How rude of your boss!!
    There is a very small effort needed to spell someones name right!!

    Great for your partner !!!!
    Much easier to work in an enviroment where everything stands and falls on you! Less conflict:)..hope to get there someday.

  8. I have this natally. Of all the nice aspects I was given at birth, this is my one square and the one that’s dogged me all my life. In the somewhat near future, I will have transiting Saturn squaring it too, but not for several months. I have some time to prepare for it.

    If you don’t know how to control it — and you won’t when you’re a kid or even a young adult — it suuuuuuucks. It can play out in ugly ways. Guilt, fear, repression, abuse, worse.

    But that was then and this is now, and I can deal.

    I just read a story about two homeless men who were twins. They advise that if you’re getting beaten, relax your body and let your body give with each punch.

    Hopefully it won’t be a beating scenario, but if it is, there are ways to cope with even the worst things.

    Saturn rolling over a tender planet will make you a flintier character on the other side. Went over my Mercury, then my Sun, then my moon a few years back, and I was definitely a different person afterward. Better, imo.

  9. I have a natal moon Saturn square. Just yesterday I was thinking there are only two people that come close to controlling me. Mom with her Saturn conjunct my sun. Husband with his Saturn square my sun. (He also has a natal moon Saturn square.) It takes a lot to control a Cap. Well, let me restate that. It takes a lot of trying to control a Cap!

  10. Saturn is currently in exact opposition to my Mercury/Venus, square Uranus on the Descendant, square Chiron on the Ascendant. It’s five and six degrees from being conjunct to natal Saturn and Neptune – all in Cardinal Houses or on the cusp of the same.

    So, I meditate more, gingerly move about the planet and mind my P’s and Q’s 🙂 Since I’m older, I do value the ability to relax my body and yield to the bulldozer. And yes, I hope to morph into a happy, grateful, trusting and funny human being.

    Considering my chart, I can’t imagine control ever not being an issue, but perhaps my attitude will be transformed on the other side of these transits.


    (I know. I’ve still a ways to go . . .)

  11. Sue Ellen your comment prompted me to go look at my mum’s chart. Her Mars/Saturn conjunction is conjunct my IC/Chiron conjunction.

    She is a Cardinal Sun; I’m a Cardinal Moon.

    But! I think it’s her Uranus conjunct my Sun that has saved us in the end.

  12. @h, when you are feeling like Travis Bickle, at which stage of his character are you referring to?

    Natally, I have 1 planet in the 4th house, 4 planets in the 7th, plus NN and 1 planet in the 10th! I know squares. I also know trines and sextiles. THEY really help.

  13. My mother never made me do anything. She would just send feel-like-dogshit rays at me day and night until I hit upon the solution that was to her liking. Moon in scorpio square mars from the eighth, thanks.

    In other news I spent the holidays with what is left of my family. My mother’s sister gave my brother a homemade calendar from a friend of hers but I didn’t get one. No explanation. That kind of stuff went on day and night when I was a kid.

  14. h., after your comment, I went back and looked at the charts for my mom. I was incorrect. Mom’s Saturn is square my sun. That means she’s going through her third Saturn return right now while my husband is going through his second one. They have the Saturn to Saturn conjunction.
    However, my mother’s Mars is sitting on my Sun.
    Both these two people have a heavy emphasis on cardinal planets, with cardinal Asc-Des axis.

  15. Wow, 3rd SR!
    Saturn square Sun is hard, still. Especially from kid to parent. There is a mutual learning relationship, but with synastry, who is the parent? I wonder if you’ve felt shifts in the dynamic over time?

    My Dad’s Saturn opposes my Sun. There has been many ‘who’ who’ moments.

  16. Thanks so much h.! I’ve been looking for the answer to that question for several weeks now (after being told 3 times by 3 different ppl-who don’t interact with eachother-in a week that I am a total control freak)

    Now maybe I can get to the bottom of it!

  17. That sounds like my life, all right. Is it worth the effort to fight back when I always lose? Is it worth the drama? Can I ever win? Do I want to hear about this FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, which I always will? No, no, and no and no.

  18. My 16′ cap moon feels the same . besides my present problems i face ,i’ve focused also on health issues :listening to holistic health specialist , this led to getting a juicer , too pasteurized fluids, ordered vitamins,too.

    Other rather depressive frustrating problems . After realizing its a transiting saturn issue, i was able to step back some ,be more excepting and applied patience opposed to over reacting. It may take some time for the dust to settle, which makes sense due to saturn moving that slow. I’ve paid attention to what councilors would do , made some notes from how Dr Drew is handling things on Celeb Rehab!

    Oh, I chose not to take flu shots,yet the before mentioned plus upped my garlic intake ,vit c. Have learned about food grade hydogen pyroxide,too.

  19. Back at “h.”. Yes there was/is a shift going on between me and my mom. I now have her legal “durable power of attorney”. She told me I’d better not abuse it, either. Yes, 3rd Saturn return at age 88. Thanks for commenting, h.

  20. My moon conjunct saturn nataly in aquarius, on the 4th house and the thing is- i’ve never experienced any of the mentioned above horrors. My relationship with my mom(depending on the synastry as well) and mine only feelings as a macrocosm with the nature mentioned is sincerely affirmative, positive and extremely vital. I’ve never had these “reprobate treating” from my parents and Significantly mother. The funniest thing is: aspects to my conjunction are: square to sun+mercury and pluto, where pluto opposes sun and the conjunction happened to be the head of t-square). I love my home indescribably, and i started living in my own at the age of 21, receiving an apartment as gift from my parents. In fact i believe there’s more to the both of planets when we account other aspects to other planets as well. My Jupiter is on the first house: trine Uranus, Nepture, sextile Mars. My Sun and Mercury are in trine to Uranus and Neptune as well. Conjunction of these planets(sat.moon): I’m atmospherically sensitive, I love grey colour, classical and gothic, medieval design of my house and seek more to stuff, especially if its the old one., we used to change houses when i was a child and i really loved moving, i felt the need to “renew” my home, sometimes just by adding a new meaningful thing i couldn’t throw afterwards. My childhood was peaceful and magical, it implied so much of wisdom and feelings which certainly affected the way i live my life today, my inspiration. My parents wanted to divorce- but they didn’t, as they found out their “difference” is for “an abundant growth”. What is definitely bad about things i experienced with my conjunction – is an idealistic view of “moon issues” and the possibility of leaving “the mark” “If and If” happens. I tended to dominate in my household, being picky while at my teens concerning the “house” matters. But it is always a festivity to be back home, be at home, the finest solitude of mind and heart, peace with a “structural” and transcendental matter, ability to feel deeply without forgetting experiences of the heart, tastes, things i felt and how/when/to whom with a great sense of smelling/flavor in its most deep interpretation. Never distort the reality of an astrological content: count degrees, signs, stars, houses, other planets and aspects, etc and bunch of epic things with the minor aspects as well.(they’re substantially psychological which is significant)You are never one planet, two planets, you are everything(even Callisto and Triton and Ganymede with their aspects). Peace be upon you, people.

  21. Based on the reactions of others to me in real life, yeah, I’d say I have control issues in my chart. Mars/Pluto. Sun/Pluto. Taurus Moon. Saturn in Leo–CREATIVE CONTROL!!!
    As for synastry? My fiance’s Saturn is on my Mars. His Mars opposes my Mercury. His Jupiter opposes my Pluto and mine squares his. Yikes. LOL At least we have Jupiter/Venus and Sun/Moon conjunct. Yay!! 🙂

  22. Saturn square moon here. ✋? I completely relate to the childhood spoonfed diet of guilt with a side of guilt, and topped with guilt gravy in my adulthood. ?

    Anyways, it’s taken me too many years to finally stop taking on unnecessary guilt. So I don’t. In general, my policy is no guilt. But my mom –there’s always that nagging sense of it somewhere. I choose to ignore it. I simply can’t responsible for her issues anymore.

    Oh and I have strong Saturn ties with my spouse. His Saturn exactly square my moon. My Saturn conjunct his sun. Let’s just say commitment wasn’t an issue. ?

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