Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Unexpected Opportunity To Expand

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction will wind up in January, 2011 and we won’t see this again for 12 years. I love this energy and it’s not too late to benefit from it.

Here are 4 videos (in the order I made them), that look at the topic from various angles. Enjoy!

Itโ€™s fast and I mean F-A-S-T.

The Shocking Truth Can Set You Free

Fast Train To Your Future

How has this conjunction manifested in your life?

26 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Unexpected Opportunity To Expand”

  1. Hi Elsa,

    The conjunction looks like it is exact on January 4th or so…how long do you think the aspect is in effect? I’m waiting for opportunity to knock!

  2. I would give it a few degrees I guess. Through mid-February anyway. I ought to make another video because I don’t think people recognize opportunity when it hits. You have to think big and visionary as opposed to thinking about lotto tickets and the like. One tiny little shift in your perspective can change your life. This is a Jack and the Beanstalk thing. That seed goes into the ground and WHOOSH.

  3. Hi Elsa, Great job! Jupiter landed on my descendant on June 1, 2010. On that day I retired. But trans saturn was sitting on my ascendant so i began to care for an unexpectedly sick relative. Now they are better and saturn is gone and jupiter and uranus join up on the 7th house again. I am beginning to write a mystery thriller and have a few other long range plans for myself. We’ll see …I always remember, ‘man plans, god laughs’.

  4. Not yet, it’s still 5 degrees away from my Sun…

    I’m optimistic about what Jan. holds.

    Believe me when I say I’m listening for that “train” in every way and everyday!

  5. I’m mixed on the idea that it takes the conjunction 12 years to manifest but looking back, in June I was given a second opportunity to work at the place I’m at now.. I was originally offered a full time position in March but didn’t accept because I wanted to complete a volunteer program I was in.. In June I was offered a summer position and they liked me so much that I was one of two people who were called back to work part time in September with an amazing specialist. Now when I read about the conjunction in relation to my chart it talks a lot about upcoming career opportunities and I can’t help but get a lil excited. The administration at my job seem to really like me and they have said that I will be made full time real soon.. I hope they keep their word!

  6. Also what’s interesting is that June 8th, I met my current man, and Sep. 18th is when we had a marvelous time in Vegas with a beautiful suite, dinner and a show, met his friends, etc. They are both very memorable dates for me, so I am hoping this one will take our relationship up a notch.

  7. Man, I have no idea. This is on the cusp of my 4th House. I suspect that my security has something to do with it. I do feel more confident these days.

  8. Glad you reposted those vids. And, yes, thanks, would really appreciate an update.
    It’s cj my DC and trine natal Uranus cj Jupiter in Cancer 10 and last chance to board that bullet train. My bags are packed but I don’t want to blink and miss it!

  9. Avatar

    that’s really great for you and your business, Elsa. Thanks for giving an illustration of this energy and its effects

  10. I had an experience with jupiter/uranus. A window opened for me on Sept 18th. I had been miserable working at a gelato shop, and my friends, who have a band called morning teleportation were about to go on a tour across the country that would have them opening up for The Flaming Lips, one of my favorite bands. I live with some of these guys. On Sept 18th, their trumpet player came over and said he wasn’t gonna go. I can play the trumpet, and two days before they were gonna leave they said, “man, it’s too bad you can’t go.” and I said “I can!!” I went and quit my job the next day and learned the trumpet parts in the van in between Portland and the first show in Denver. two weeks after we left I found myself on the Flaming Lips’ stage playing a trumpet in front of about 1000 people with a 20 ft tall wall of LED psychadelic-ish projections behind me. It was a miraculous experience. What’s interesting is that on Sept 18 jupiter and uranus met at 28 pisces. My mercury is at 28 pisces conjunct my midheaven in the 9th house trine uranus in the 5th.

    It’s hard to tell exactly what to make of this

  11. Thanks Elsa! I’ll see what I can do:). I’m not “in” their band now or anything, but it has definately shifted possibilities towards me that weren’t there before. Maybe I’ll get to tour with them again..?! or other people, we’ll see.

  12. Wouldnt know where to start to explain but feelin it! Thanks Elsa those clips helped alot would love to see more when you have a chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This is squaring my 7th house Jupiter, and may be forming the apex of a yod with my Venus and Merc. So it seems I should be feeling it. But I’m not!

    What should I be looking for?! Arggg… All I feel is Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. I got *nothing* Jupiter-Uranus going on!

  14. Hi Elisa
    so you think it would start on Jan 11 till mid feb?

    I hope so.
    I v seen few posts talkin about same opportunity which came on Jun 10? well not for me bc on Jun 10 i got layed off within 5min!! ๐Ÿ™

    Am I looking for opportunity ? absolutely.
    I v been searching for past few month on how to get to medical university and atthe same time how I can get scholarship and kept sending emails but no reply or given opportunity or guidance.

    Im really hoping that I can change my life path for the best in 2011.

    Where should I look in my chart to see what i m going to expect during the J/U transit?
    With love

  15. it started in mid-june: i saw an obscure film and was riveted by one of the actors. it turned out he was a musician and writer. reading his words made me feel like for the first time someone else was writing for me,to me, by me.

    i emailed him (a leap of faith). we met (another leap of faith). i feel like the dusty facade around my life is crumbling. i have no choice now but to figure out once and for all what is my meaning of integrity. principles are not truly principles until you live them.

    jupiter-uranus conjunct on the cusp of my 5th house, opposite my natal mercury (and sun-sign ruler) and trine my ascendant and natal jupiter-uranus conjunction in the first house.

  16. All of my optimism has vanished in the past twenty-four hours; I must be feeling Mars-Saturn.

    I still need to watch the videos, but this conjunction takes place in my 5th house. It brought me a reconnection, in May, with shocking news a couple of weeks later, that I guess shouldn’t have been so shocking, and it wasn’t good for me – except for showing me that I could rely on my instincts and that I was better off without him. (Sort of like receiving a painful back-handed compliment – “you were right, but that sucks for you”.)

  17. Hi Elsa,
    I am confused about where this lands in my chart. There is so much about astrology that is confusing. I am a virgo 9-21-65. My relationship ended with my cancer-love suddenly in the summer. And the eclipses in june, july, and mercury retrograde in august with the grand cross, set my world upside down with losing love and my job.
    I want my talent to shine, I have been working on it in December, then set-backs. I am not sure when it will happen, every time I make an effort or get a chance, I work at it and nothing happens, and I fall back a few steps.
    I want to know when my opportunity will come and if my love will return?
    How much is a phone consultation?
    Kindly email me. Thanks!!

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