Venus in Scorpio Square Mars In Aquarius – Nasty Stuff

This Venus Mars square is turning out to be as vicious as I feared when I wrote about the Rough Year For Libra.

The Kavanaugh hearings are an example but putting that aside, I’m seeing it play in my personal life, everywhere I turn.

Yesterday I heard of a person in power talking about how they had heard about the dirty deeds of someone I know well and personally. Further, I sat at the table when the supposed nastiness took place and it never happened. I cannot believe how this poor woman is being maligned. If she knew, she’d be on the floor, it’s so nasty. Backstabbers.

Or there are people like me who will stab you in the front.

I attacked someone yesterday. It was own shadow come out to show itself.

I apologized, immediately. But it was so unnerving, I went periscope down and I will stay this way until I’m certain I’ve got a hold on myself. I fear it may take me, forever.

What are you seeing out there? Have you witnessed or been part of a clash?

33 thoughts on “Venus in Scorpio Square Mars In Aquarius – Nasty Stuff”

  1. I am amazed at the involvement of so many to defend . Talk is part of our social give and take honesty
    Easy and natural, will people appreciate or agree to the talk of the day I’d say statistics probably
    Point to no.but will truth have a different delivery and agreement, I think yes. What has been put out
    In the open, to so many, that if you have status , you can act like a guilty
    4 year old, pout and say no no no and if you are a judge
    It’s words as the only thing that
    Could incriminate you so his devising avoidance to be an adult and naturally answer direct questions mind blowing .Can any judge be trusted especially if you are a woman?this morning my usual
    Coffee spot when dead quiet when
    I walked in?why were these men
    Feeling powerless hiding their comments? Ego? Shame? Protecting god given rights to use
    Women we could all put lists out there couldn’t we?shocking time
    To print those lists flood the courts
    With divorce filings.we know why
    Women keep it quiet,they are protecting themselves from further

    1. Thank you so much for writing this, Raerae! Been near tears of anger/shame/helplessness at work the past couple of days, forced to listen to an onslaught of anti-woman hostility and excuses for these men’s attitudes from coworkers & bosses (in an all-women’s workplace no less). The ugly chorus was every where, loudest from the authorities who are all intelligent women. Having to keep my mouth shut for survival’s sake. Ashamed of mtself for that.

      1. Avatar
        Ramona von Moritz

        Please don’t feel bad for trying to keep your job…it’s what so many have had to do, and still do…rest assured that there will come a time when you will have the financil ability to speak up, loud and clear! Sometimes we just have to bide our time…and wait for the right moment…I’m sure it will come! Hang in there!! And maybe start looking for another place to work….sisters-in-spirit…Ramona <3

  2. I was going through some of my old artwork, when I came across an pencil drawing I did in 1968. It was based on a newspaper article I had read about a woman who had been raped and was in the later stages of pregnancy. I was trying to understand the maelstrom and conflict of feelings she might have had about the rape, carrying the child full term and preparing to become a parent. And this was just before watching Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony vs Kavanaugh’s outburst.

  3. I thought my attack was going to happen at work but it ended up being a pleasant week. My attack actually happened on my birthday by my oldest daughter and my supposed boyfriend. I tried to diffuse the situation and got attacked further. My 17 year old son is very wise. He said toxicity needs to be cut out of your life you’ve tried and tried with both of these people over and over and they need to go. This might have long-term implications with my oldest daughter yet again. But I’m just tired very very tired.

  4. I’m in the middle of a situation affecting my livelihood and survival. It’s unfortunate and unsavory. I’m staying honest and aboveboard in my attempt to defend myself and obtain what is rightfully mine. Three parties are involved. I’m triple Libra (Sun-Mars-Merc, + NN) so I hate conflict. I just want fairness (Libra), love (Libra) and collaboration (Libra).

  5. I’m so tired of everything. I want to go away somewhere. I have sun in Aquarius at 0° so I guess I’ll have to fortify myself however I can.

  6. Hmm. I have not been stabbed, but Im keeping my eyes out.

    My son was involved in a squirmish yesterday with a boy that, after some discussion with me, discovered that he was in the wrong and ended up feeling really bad about it. I encouraged him to apologize asap.

  7. Watching yesterday’s testimonies was such an emotional drain that today I feel there is no hope of ever getting to truth again. The patricians hold all branches in a death grip and will not investigate to find truth for fear it will diminish their power. I am without hope for this country. Truth is dead.

    1. Truly truth is dead when a woman who has flown all over the world to surf, including Bali and Hawaii, claimed last week that she couldn’t fly to Washington because she had a fear of flying…and the media accepted that nonsense. Or when people take seriously accusations from a political opponent who provided absolutely no details of the supposed “attack”, and changed her story at least once,in which nothing happened by her own .
      Now there is back and front stabbing going on all over the country. Astrology wins…

    2. My worries, too… what angers me most is that these patricians all have wives. If my husband went out of line like this, there would be repurcussions. And no dinner would be the mildest.

  8. Concerning the court case: clearly and investigation is needed for more evidence.
    But concerning astrology: for those of us with cardinal planets, it seems the stabbing started a while back and now evidence as to who or when is coming forward to where the stabber is having to take responsibility, or be stubborn and be ostracized.

  9. Tell me about it. I have Aquarius Mars, Scorp Sun and Venus, plus a stellium in Scorp. Every year Mars returns, I got sick from…. attacking myself? This time, I lost a tooth. No biggie.

  10. Holy hell it looks like I was doing Venus and others are doing Mars.

    Holy mother of god what’s wrong with the world.

  11. I flipped my lid this week when I found out everyone on my team has been getting support except for me. There is already systemic injustice in that I have to work more hours to complete my work due to its nature….but this was just too much aaaghhh it wasn’t pretty…. Capricorn Sun/Venus/Mars/Mercury

  12. A colleague was ambushed today at work. Put on blast by our supervisor for all she is not doing with her team. He is under pressure from his boss. It was brutal and members of the team seemed vindicated at the public dressing down. Knives everywhere. I’m not in it but feel terror. My boss is a 3 degree aquarian sun and venus in aquarius and jupiter early scorpio. Will it be exactly like this for 3 weeks?

  13. A fairly new member of an online group I belong to has been blasting everybody who’s offered help since she joined (recently). This is a genealogy group, a pretty sedate and civilized and helpful bunch of folks. (The group’s purpose is to help each other.)

    Anyway, tonight (just now), she lost it (again) and started bitching then SHOUTING SHOUTING SHOUTING!!! I have to give it to the admin, she (the admin) was way more patient for way longer than I would have been. She tried to explain and de-escalate.

    But this member kept STABBING and STABBING left and right, including at the admin, until finally the admin had to pull the plug on the whole (public) blood bath.

    The member then took her knife to behind the scenes so the admin had to barricade that door.

    Nasty stuff indeed!

  14. This afternoon, another incident, minor, but it felt violent nonetheless. I was at the grocery store checkout, about to start putting my measly 4 items on the belt, when this big woman barged into my space. I flattened myself out of her way as she asked ‘Can I go ahead?’ I didn’t have a chance to answer because she just pushed herself past my flattened self and put her one item down in front of the cashier.

    I politely answered ‘Sure’ (after the fact) as I would have, had she given me half a second to answer BEFORE plowing me down. When she’d cleared out, the cashier asked me if I knew her. I said ‘No’. She said, ‘I didn’t think so, by the look on your face.’

    I guess she (the cashier) and I had instinctively been smart enough to ‘pick our battles’ and just let that cannonball woman get the hell out. Kinda like when an armed robber asks for the money in the till. You just hand it over.

  15. Natal Venus 19-Scorp, Mars 19-Aq here. Are the last few days a reflection of the effect I have on others?

    Sheesh, I sure hope not! Calling on Our Lady of Peace, Our Lady of Grace for some help through this one.

    1. I have this placement, too, and I was cringing thinking the same thing! I definitely try to channel this every positively! There’s always a way ?

  16. No clashes. Those are not allowed says natal mars rx. I do feel the internal tension though. Mostly in the workplace. I feel like outside forces are clamping down. Now many there just blow it off as ya ya sure sure management is just doin that thing again. To me it feels insulting.

    It’s not personal. It’s not about me. It’s their deal. But I still feel the internal tension. Breathe breathe. my chiron is in early aquarius. I should be accustomed to this by now, but nooooo, it still rears its ugly head sometimes.

    1. I am loving taking a look at the venus mars cycle. I have a venus mars Saturn trine. Like a smooth ride. Which this isn’t at present. So I am focusing on the smooth ride instead of all that other commotion that is going on.

  17. I hit out – in defence of my son (disabled and recovering from a two-year battle with cancer) Ninja syle hit! Opponent felled to knees with O-shaped mouth, there were also tears and begs for forgiveness. As well as the current venus-mars square I have transiting pluto conjunct natal mercury im 8th house and square my Aries moon. Equipped with Plutonian force and brute honesty I packed my laser-sharp verbal punch KAPOOM! My Warrior Mom moment in defence of the vulnerable.

  18. Been part of both. Had to stand up for myself because I was being railroaded, and decided that people are nuts. Been recipient of projects and resistance. Rough week.

  19. Municipal elections are coming up where I live, and, in a nearby jurisdiction, all hell just broke loose.

    One candidate withdrew her candidacy and instead, she and a bunch of her clan are launching a heavy-handed lawsuit (they are moneyed and connected) against the municipality (mostly poverty-level folks, who will end up footing the bill, despite being innocent).

    Anyway, all this would be “just another story” except that I am noting once again the context of this square up above in the sky.

    There is a lot of viciousness being displayed online with the plaintiffs SHOUTING AND SCREAMING IN ALL UPPER CASE punctuated with a lot of angry exclamation marks ! ! ! in BOLD and RED, and a lot of POINTING FINGERS emojis. Like, the woman had lost any chance of me being on her side after I read her opening salvo thus presented (a long accusatory letter followed).

    She is clearly hysterical, and not the least bit receptive to listening to anything anybody (outside her clan) says. She is on a rampage, and well, yes, it is Nasty Stuff indeed!

    (By the way, it so happens I had crossed paths with her a few years ago when I first moved back to this area. She had f-cked me over and I quickly withdrew (again: “pick your battles”). So, I am not surprised at seeing her go unhinged now.)

    1. Avatar
      Ramona von Moritz

      Perhaps you can get the ACLU to step in on behalf of the poor people of the district…they do amazing work!

  20. Yes! Last week was sharp and unpredictable, so much edge to so much at work especially. Personal verbal attacks between unexpected people and one I witnessed where the attacker said the attackee said certain things that were simply not said. Helpful to know about this square. Going to do my homework to see how much longer this is going to go on because I may have to get the flu and curl up in bed for a couple of days, I just don’t want to go in if it’s to be repeat of last week.

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