Who (or What) Do People Project Upon?

In regards to projection, Mary asks on Do you need a villain in your life:

“Is there a general rule to follow as to where it is projected? Such as house ruler? Or the house the opposition falls in? or worst yet, the weakest person in your environment?”

Mary, of the options you listed, I would say it’s the worst scenario. A person picks an easy target, basically. Like water flowing to the lowest point. But an easy target is not necessarily “weak”. They’re just handy.

If you put the shadow on me, it leaves you in the light, which means I can see you quite clearly. This is quite the advantage. As my husband would say, “There is no better intel”.

If you want to understand this in real life, take the education crisis. Parents say teachers are to blame – they’re innocent. Or it’s the unions! Teachers say parents are to blame! Both sides think they’re clean but you can see my point. Neither side is weak.

What qualities make a person (or thing) easy to project onto?

8 thoughts on “Who (or What) Do People Project Upon?”

  1. I think you can project onto almost anything or anyone, and it would depend heavily on what you’re fears are and what their best avatar might resemble.

    I think that people who are an easy target are those who have some seeming cultural or personal advantage over others — like beauty or money. People absolutely love to heap their stuff onto these people and our culture encourages it, I think.

  2. Ignorance. Both the teachers(unions) and parents are ignorant to their responibilties. Your husband is not ignorant,he can see, as clearly you can through your wisdom. We as a society choose to remain ignorant about many things and thus we are not responsible. Let someone else take the blame.

  3. Significant others and family members seem to be the most popular scapegoats from what I observe. They are convenient until they go away.

  4. If you put the shadow on me, it leaves you in the light, which means I can see you quite clearly. This is quite the advantage. As my husband would say, “There is no better intel”.

    —truth..I’ve learned if I don’t allow myself to be triggered, you can learn a lot about a person.

  5. Astrologically, I’d think anyone with lots of Neptune would be an easy target. Who knows what they really are, anyway?! Pluto makes for an easy target, too, because everyone knows that bastard’s just evil and up to no good. 😉

    Non-astro, I’ve noticed that shit gets heaped both on those that are super-quiet and those who are very much in the limelight. It’s like either extreme invites projection.

  6. Yes, Im constantly getting others projections. Astrologically, I have moon cancer 7th opposite neptune 1st squaring my MC. I also have a scorpio stellium and my chart ruler is Jupiter Pisces 3rd house.
    I believe its also because Im like a blank canvas. Easy to throw anything on. I easily absorb everything. I have learned to love it as you get a better understanding of that person/thing/ yourself.

  7. Avatar
    volunteer villian

    just as the villian is a source of enlightenment, the good becomes the villians.. its seems. regardless i love everything the way it is especially you and your choices. collectively we are the rug that is woven by our decisions the threads.words tarnish the ‘dat feel’ i want you to have. you wont know the wonders you have accomplished for others unless we ask and you are. praise your courage thank you

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