Libra Woman In Long Distance Love With A Scorpio Man

Libra vintage cardDear Elsa,

I’ve met a Scorpio and fallen in love. He left his girlfriend (apparently for his own reasons) and we started dating long distance. I don’t see him often, and don’t even really hear from him. Sometimes an entire weekend (or even four days) will go by without hearing anything from him. He says he is very busy with his business, etc.

Am I being gullible? Do you think he went back to his ex? I’m so tired of wondering what is going on!

Stellium in Libra
South Africa

Dear Libra,

No I don’t think you are gullible, because that is such a nasty judgmental word. I think you met a man you would like to partner with and it’s not working. It’s not working because he lives far away and he is not motivated – and why he is not motivated is irrelevant.

It makes no difference if he went back to his ex or if he is out shopping around. Most likely he is doing both but this doesn’t matter for your purposes. All you need to know is he has taken his energy (and his focus) off of you and in my experience once that happens with Scorpio, you’re cooked. The relationship is over.

I’m sorry but there’s no sense adding insult to injury. You tried, and it didn’t work out. In this case it sounds to me as if this is a great good fortune because this guy is squirrelly with his inability to be forthright. I say skip the part where you beat yourself up and fish another line… preferably with someone who lives in your town.

Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Libra Woman In Long Distance Love With A Scorpio Man”

  1. I agree with Elsa. This isn’t a relationship if he isn’t connecting with you, and it is completely irrelevant why he’s chosen this course. You wanted this to work; he didn’t think it was worth his time (which is different than you not being worth the effort, because we all are worth effort from worthwhile people). I wish you luck as you move forward.

  2. Perhaps you aren’t gullible enough and he senses it. Rather than have you catch him out he’s wandered off to find a more Svengali-type (is that the right word? a relationship where the man controls and ‘guides’ the woman’s entire life) target.

    Be glad he’s gone.

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