Venus Square Neptune On The Midheaven, Projection And The Virtual Elsa P

mack truck red fireNow this is interesting. And I am not trying to pimp myself. If I wanted to pimp myself, I have had 5000 posts in which to do it and have not bothered so…

Avery writes on the Hiding in Plain Sight / Hologram Video:

Funny you should post about this today, Elsa… After the MOST EXCELLENT reading you gave me on Saturday (readers, if you’re considering requesting a consultation, you really can’t go wrong!), it occurred to me that your phone presence in real time gives a completely different impression from the persona made up of your blog and your comment voice and your videos. It was a little unnerving to realize how much of you was just a projection in my own head. Not that I thought you were an alcoholic or anything. 🙂

Very cool that you’re addressing this very subject today!

See the writing is one thing. I know my writing voice is masculine. I will never forget sending my picture to one of the early astrology lists and having people flip out. Apparently they all thought I looked like a Mack truck and the picture I sent happened to be particularly demure so people were stunned and I was just as stunned in a hall of mirrors sort of way. How the hell can she look demure vs how the hell could people think I look like a Mack Truck?

So then comes the videos and what Avery just said, the soldier echoes. He watched them with me when I first started doing them but now avoids them like the plague and this is developed over time. At first he was merely jealous. But about a month ago he watched a couple with his friends and felt unnerved.

“It is like it is you but not you. It is almost you but not quite you and I can’t touch you or anything and I don’t like other people looking at you.”

That progressed to current – I played him a short one a couple weeks ago and he talked through the whole thing and averted his eyes.

“You don’t want to see that do you? You’re disturbed.”

He copped. He just doesn’t like the virtual Elsa. Or he likes her, she is just not me and this combined with the fact he thinks men watch them and… er, let’s just say he’s had enough video watching. He just doesn’t have the stomach for it and is just damned, DAMNED glad I don’t sing. But anyway, Avery, thanks for telling me that and here’s my question:

Are you aware that you project onto me?

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  1. *lol @ kashmiri*

    To an extent, but I try really hard not to project. Do I get a cookie?

    It’s becoming more and more clear to me that we unconsciously interact with our perceptions of others instead of the real people they are.
    I know people do it to me because there’s a lot of my life I want to keep private. Much of the time they literally are dealing with a hologram because I’ve given them nothing substantial.
    I do it to them because I ascribe my motivations to their actions; even if I see the person clearly, that is, sometimes I still mistake their intents. Capice?
    Of course, sometimes I see through the facade someone’s keeping and it’s unnerving to us both.

    I’m not quite sure there’s a “win” situation in this hall o’ mirrors.

  2. Yeah, but I have enough 12th house & neptune stuff going on that I project on everybody and have to smack myself upside the head regularly to remind myself of the fact.

  3. I love the videos for that very reason, they arent the “you” I see in my head when I read you (even though I really like the “you” that you are when you write too). Like two totally different people. For one thing (and Ive mentioned this before) your smile is infectious. You could be telling the most horrific story & Im sitting there grinning like a fool because you see, youre smiling while youre talking & I just cant help myself. Ive often thought Id love to know you IRL if for no other reason than to just watch you talk & smile. LOL!
    But its ok 🙂 The persona people see online isnt the “real” me either. I earned myself the nickname “Roxinator” by an online group of mommies (I was a host with rather quick banning skills in real time chat) and Im about the biggest cream puff you’d ever want to meet.

  4. yeah. i think the brain likes filling in the holes in experience.
    but at least i know it’s happening, i guess.

    i always look at these things encountered online as akin to focused fragments of someone’s character- it’s far easier to fall into a voice and stay there when you can edit out the rest of your faces when you’re attempting to communicate. but it’s exposure to faces and fuzzinesses and the shifts of a person in real time that actually allow you to see the range of personality. a different sort of depth of experience.

  5. Not aware no but maybe i do (i have enough planets in 7th!). To me you’re a girl from the desert who’s had a 101 experiences, some of them dark, some beautifully enlightening and some both. You had a ton of therapy and i dont know if astrology came before or after but i imagine both have helped make sense (if thats the right word) of your life and others too. This blog is a way of sharing your experience and stories with astrological overtones to help others understand. Some may see you as being guru like and others see you as an alcoholic (i for one dont get that at all), but thats neptune for ya, they’re projections. At the end of the day you’re a human who’s trying to make the best of what life has thrown her way and helps others to make the best of theirs.

  6. Thanks, Z – for the record, I started studying astrology with my sister when we were 8 and 10. Henry got us books…

    Therapy at my Saturn return (Thank God). Weekly for 3 years, best money I ever spent in my life.

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