Venus! What Do You Value Most In Life?

love heartsVenus is square Neptune at the moment, in aspect to my natal Venus Neptune square and here come the facts of my existence…

“No, this day was not that bad,” I said to the soldier on my way home from the hospital. “Yes, the sky is falling but they wheeled me out of that surgery and I was lying there in the recovery… I felt okay. And I know I am in love with you. I have someone I love and you love me back, so it’s really not so bad. I think finding someone you love is the best thing that can happen to a person in this life.”

“I agree. I think that too,” he said.

“Okay, well this has happened to us so I was just thinking, how bad is this? The world is turning and bad things are happening but the best thing in the world that can happen to a person has happened to me so why should I worry? In the way that matters most to me, I am very well off so I am just going to deal with the rest of this and do my best not to make a stink because I am telling you, people are suffering enough without me tossing a bunch of crap at them just because I am a punk.”

What is the best thing that can happen to a person in this life?

21 thoughts on “Venus! What Do You Value Most In Life?”

  1. connection to the universe. a feeling of being profoundly, vividly alive. meaning. (love is really good for all of that.)

  2. Self-actualization and contentment with what you have, what you’ve accomplished. Living a life of no regrets.

    Says the Aquarian moon. 🙂

  3. Love… and being recognized for who i am (which in my case means being published)

    Venus in Leo/12th
    Saturn in Taurus/9th

  4. I agree with SaDiablo.
    Before the others, we have ourselves to deal with and feeling completely satisfied with who we are and what we’re doing (and done) would be my idea of happiness.
    After that, love would come naturally because that’s what happens when people are ready.

  5. All-comsuming, passionate love – of oneself and of others (Moon in the 5th square Venus in the 8th).

    Money, power, respect (Mars conjunct Jupiter in the 10th square Venus in the 8th).

  6. I like what you said about finding someone you love. I think that’s a wonderful thing. I mean, love, true love (gods, now I’m thinking “Princess Bride”), is a rare thing for me, but it’s so empowering! Like I can do anything, fulfill all my other dreams, because I know someone’s got my back! 😀

  7. Big Huge Unconditional Love for my daughter, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! (Jupiter in Cancer)

    A comfy home, no overdue bills, good food (Venus in Taurus)

    Romance (Moon in Libra) and someone to bang me sightless (Mars in Scorpio)… whoa, too much information, sorry

    Personal freedom and a job that helps others (Aquarius rising)

  8. Freedom from suffering and the attainment of full awareness of the value of all beings.

    Libra sun in the ninth house, heavy stellium in Virgo ( Pluto/Uranus conjunct) on the eighth. Saturn in two.

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