Kay’s Filthy Pants: Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon

I am pulling up for reference for Bawdy Astrology.Β  It’s about yin type women (me) who run with yang type women (Kay).

I have run with yang sort of women most of my life. My best friend at ten, was a lesbian who came out in high school and nothing much has changed. I am forever running with some gal in jeans and a t-shirt where I am almost constantly wear skirts.

I definitely like the contrast and it’s not like I don’t like women who are more like me, because I do! I just tend to do very yin things with them. Like talk on the phone in circles for hours at a clip, while lying in bed. There is no initiative! We’re just both waiting for some man to come along and make something happen!

But here’s a bit about another gal I used to run with, Kay. Kay was an Aquarius with and Aquarius rising and a Libra Moon. All positive energy. She was famous for wanting to rebel, (Aquarius) by not shaving her legs. But she couldn’t decide (Libra) so she shaved one and left the other one hairy, and she left it that way for months.

Anyway, we were on an excursion once. We were heading to the mountains for reason non-specific and she had this thing about farms. She was driving, and her pants were filthy.

“Those pants are filthy, Kay,” I said.

“Yeah I know. Well, I know that they’re a little dirty. I don’t think they’re exactly filthy, Elsa, but what if they are? Do you want to know something else about them?”

“Yeah, I do.

“These are man’s pants! How about that?” she said, grinning. “Well they’re my pants now! So they’re woman’s pants but they belonged to a man at one time, and I think they’re fun.”

I laughed. “I think they’re dirty.”

“Of course they’re dirty! I’m supposed to look like I work on a farm,” she explained.

“Oh. Right.”

“I wouldn’t like anyone who doesn’t like animals anyway.”

“Yeah, I know that about you so this is a good way to find out.”

“Uh huh. I think I look pretty good for someone who’s been feeding animals all day. I don’t look as good as you though,” she said with a whistle.

I laughed. “Well I think you do look as good as me, Kay, except my clothes are clean.”

“Clean as a whistle!” she said with a snort.Β  “But you’re not a farmer. I look pretty darned good for a farmer.”

“Yeah, you do. But you haven’t fed animals on a farm since you were six years old.”

“I know that. But I’m hoping to be mistaken by people out there who don’t know that,” she said.

“Okay then,” I said, winking. “If you’re mistaken for a farm-girl, or even a farm-man, I’ll keep quiet about it.”

“Ooooh! I hope that happens.”

Both having Libra, we liked the balance.

Do you spend more time with people who are like you…or opposite you?

16 thoughts on “Kay’s Filthy Pants: Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon”

  1. Ha! That’s cute. I remember when I was about 11 and had short hair but was wearing a skirt, and this younger boy came up and asked me if I was a girl or a boy, so I said ‘Guess!’ and he couldn’t and it REALLY freaked him out because he didn’t stop staring at me the whole time I was in the park. Heehee…

  2. hehe that is so cute. Double aquarius here can relate to your friend lol. Sometimes I am the yang and other times yin. For my friends, I love bitches… haha I don’t know why but I do. (maybe that’s my shadow coming out) Among my friends I am normally the crazy, class clown, type one. I’ve ended up with a lot of lesbian friends too. I get along with girly girls if they have a sense of humour.

  3. I am not sure weather I hang with some one who is like me or opposite of me. More likely than not most all my friends have very many traits like me. Being as my husband is my very best friend and most of my friends even to this day have always been men. If you look at the houses in my natal chart it is predominately yang. I relate to men better than women.

    I agree with Annalisa I don’t categorize people women or men. If a person is difficult to get along with especially if it is on purpose I usually don’t have time ever for that person. Even my adult children when they are being difficult I usually tell them when they can be more reasonable about the subject then we can talk. If people are rude to me they only get just so many chances. People who go out of their way to be rude and there are people who do I have a step son that is exactly this way. Get very little of my time. Time is my most valuable commodity I have and I share it with only those whom I care for.

  4. I love your stories, Elsa. I think for me, as i’ve gotton older, I’ve attracted into my life some very calm, nice and caring women friends. That happens to be what I what in my life right now. It’s a nice feeling. Maybe it’s my 11th house Capricorn moon.

  5. i view myself as a borderline yin/yang kinda gal and tend to hang out with people on either extreme. too emotional, too impulsive, too much of one thing or another (at least it seems to me) but having Saturn in Libra i am constantly learning how to manage my own extremes and keep myself balanced πŸ™‚

  6. The “Why Men Love/Marry Bitches” books say a bitch is a “Babe In Total Control of Herself”. I like that definition. I’m a yin so I like yang gals because they let the yang side of me get out and play without feling wierd.

  7. I had two roommates when I was at University, one was a Yang Sag – she’s had three kids and been a great teacher, wife and mother but is still very Yang and never wears a skirt!

    The other girl was very feminine – I can’t remember her sun sign (she moved to the US after we graduated and we lost touch). She was auburn with freckles and had a model figure – I’d guess Aries or Aries rising on looks, but she was very Libra in most respects, and very into fashion. I remember her taking me to Carnaby St in 1965 to update my ‘look’ – we got velvet hipster trousers at Foale & Tuffin to go with the opossum fur the Arab gave me – a crimson pair and a gold pair – and a few skinny-rib short sweaters … after that trip I looked like a model too! I ordered some lace-up sheepskin knee length boots from Pinet in Bond St, made to measure (they cost Β£14, a fortune in those days, a month’s rent). The Arab said “You look sooooo expensive!!” lol

    I’ve always had women friends of both kinds I guess, but I do like going out with people who are ‘properly dressed’ lol – blame my Virgo – so more like me than unlike.

  8. “Because I showed up to go for coffee in some man’s woman sundress and she was in her jeans. The gap between us was wide, and I think we both like it this way. In whatever case, I feel a little as if I’m on a date.” [from the linked blog entry]

    On thinking it over, this definitely resonates with me for the way I was when I was younger – in my early 20s. The woman I roomed with after university was def like this too! – very yang, and she ‘lived like a man’, always.

  9. 11th house Uranus here as well, I can relate Kashmiri. πŸ™‚ I’d say I tend to be more “yang” and have had more women friends closer to “yang” than “yin.” For years I was very uncomfortable with “yin” energy — in myself and others — now I try to strike a balance. I had to take a risk and allow more yin females into my life, but I feel that I’ve grown for it.

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