Vicious Attack: Who Can Forget?

Once upon a time, another astrologer came on the blog and launched a vicious attack on one of the regulars. It was the astrologer’s first post here and a total blood-letting.

I was online at the time, as was the attacker and the attacked so this all happened in real time. I tried to mediate for about 3 minutes before it became obvious these women were both out to kill, at which point, I deleted comments that made up the exchange and blocked the astrologer.

I blocked the astrologer because she was wrong. It is not that her points were wrong, necessarily, it is just wrong to show up with your very sharp knife and start cutting people just because. Would I go to her blog and start stabbing her clients? No.

I was talking about this with someone yesterday and mentioned that while it happened long ago and far away, I have not forgotten it and in fact, I can’t forget it. The issue is resolved as far as it’s just plain ancient history except to this day, I cannot read a word the astrologer writes, even though she is brilliant. It was the cruelty I saw that day that just turned me off forever, sort of like seeing someone beat a dog. If I see you beat a dog, I am going to be permanently nervous around you – I just won’t be able to forget it.

Now the interesting part is that I have a knife of my own and from time to time, I use it.  I don’t know what this gal thought or felt at the time of the attack, or what she thinks and feels now but I can tell you for sure, that when I attack, I don’t want people to forget it.

I want them to remember because with Mars, stooopid in Libra, I hate to fight. I really hate it, it causes me tremendous grief.

Due this, I will avoid it if at all possible but if I am pushed beyond my level of tolerance, I will absolutely drop the bomb to restore the peace. What I will not do is get in a pit and spar with you because I hate fighting, rememeber? I just cant stand “un-pleasantness” for long, especially on the job so I will fight for decorum and once I’m committed, the pendulum swings and that’s all she wrote.

What is your objective when you fight (bored, a cause, etc). What is your fighting style and where is your Mars?

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  1. Home or loved ones. Friends and family, children, or the ability to live true and feel comfortable in my own skin, regardless of what others say. Have also fought to protect web communities I’ve been responsible for. 4th house Mars.

  2. Glad I missed that one – innate horror of knives (former life?) – and glad to hear the sawdust’s absorbed the blood.
    I fight for justice/causes/equity in discussion – to achieve balance in voices heard (Mercury Libra). I use dark truth (things people like to ignore or forget to mention) if necessary to make my points. Women’s rights, kids’ rights, animals and the earth, underdogs. All the Virgo 12th stuff. Mars in Capricorn 4 sextile Venus in Scorpio 2.
    I am polite, well spoken and make points with passion. I guess my pen is my sword. I never underestimate the enemy.

  3. Well it is interesting because someone had me start this thread about blog comments today:

    People mention, they won’t comment unless they have some sense they are not going to be attacked. I just can’t have people sharpening their fangs around here.

    I want this to be a place where vulnerable people feel safe.

    Also lonnnnnnnnng ago, we had a big debate and came to the conclusion that a bunch of bickering or two people bickering back and forth is a real turn off to good people, which it is.

    The fighting people think they are interesting but most people are rolling their eyes. Not just at the people fighting but at the blog owner, apparently powerless to stop it.

    I have really learned you have GOT to defend your blog or you won’t have one.

  4. Leo mars squares the moon in scorpio and sextiles the sun in Libra. This is what happens: I can not *believe* another person would breach *my* ethical standards. I want to show them the error of their ways.

    For example, a couple weeks ago I was brought into an establishment by an ad for something that seemed to be exactly what I wanted. I called them and they said yes, yes, come in and not only do we have that, but if you come in today, we’ll throw in this fancy widget!

    So the next day I came in. They told me they didn’t have the thing I wanted; they had another one that was more expensive and the free fancy widget had disappeared.

    So I said look, this is illegal, you can’t do it. I am looking right into this girl’s eyes, and saying — this is wrong. It’s deceptive advertising. It’s a textbook case of bait and switch. It’s textbook. You can look this exact thing up and you will find out you are breaking the law. You can’t tell someone you have a certain thing for a certain price in order to get them to come into your store and then tell them its not here. You can’t do that.

    The woman does not agree with me. She tells me it’s not deceptive. She tells me there’s nothing wrong with this. She says no one else has ever complained. And I’m saying LOOK. LOOK AT THE LOGIC. I tried to get her to go on the internet to read her ad and then look up the definition of bait and switch. She would not.

    So I went home and reported this establishment every way I could think of. It took *hours*.

    So it seems like what happens is my Libra policing function gets called to action and I need to prove my point. I absolutely have to make the person see. Not that I was hurt, but that they acted against the harmony of the heavens and natural order and so forth. It’s kind of arrogant I guess but also there’s the Scorpio moon, which will not let it go until the adversary has been schooled. I’m aware of this now and I try not to do it but sometimes even when I’m not fighting I’m waiting for the sword of cosmic justice to put the universe right.

    Lucky for me a Scorpio moon can wait a long time. Or unlucky, possibly.

  5. What a way to put the question about fighting.

    Mars and Saturn are in tight conjunction in the 8th house for me. Pluto creates a stellium next door in the 7th house. I hold my fight in tight check, even though Leo houses all three planets.

    I build up a lot of steam when hurt, see injustice or smell a reason to distrust. My temper is often volcanic when I do go off and it blows people away.

    I temper that with Capricorn Moon and Saturn aspecting. My words are well chosen normally, but almost always come from the depths.

    Ha, am I fighting because I’m bored? That might happen with all that Leo pent-up:P

  6. I know there are people who fight because they are bored.. 🙂 I also know there are people (like my husband) who fight because they love it.

  7. I feel my motive for fighting is out of defense. I have Libra, too, and I don’t like to come in and start cutting people. I have a ‘long fuse’ to use your term, Elsa, but once I get mad, I can get vicious. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to bring that crazy fire a little more under control. I have the Venus in Aries, so if I DO have to fight, I will enjoy it in the sense that I will fight with you ALL DAY if you want. Venus is also sextile Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini so I have been told my words become ‘acidic.’

  8. I don’t fight when I’m bored, and I don’t like it either. I’m usually defending myself or someone else. I don’t get a charge out of it, although I have noticed that a stir of anger – at the very least a “hmph” – will get me out of bed when I’m depressed. I remember my first feeling of hunger one evening, when I’d been in and out of sleep all night and all day, not wanting to be conscious – my lips, mouth and throat were dry. I thought of one thing that made me go “hmph”, felt that hunger pang, shakily got out of bed, started off some spaghetti (we had home-made sauce to go with it), and had a quick shower.

    I’ve been a part of bickering on a board, and I don’t think I’m interesting – I’m often embarrassed that I posted at all – but my temper has become worse over the past couple of years, and I don’t like it. I used to think, “Who needs to hear from me?”

  9. Oh, Mars in Pisces rules my Aries Sun, and squares my Moon, Venus and Nodes. Mercury in Aries, conjunct Chiron/Ceres/Sun and widely square Saturn.

    I had someone tell me that they wanted to get into something heated with me over the phone, instead of via email (to sort things out), because I sounded much more reasonable over the phone – this was after I’d left them a voicemail.

  10. Arguing tends to make me sick as well. 🙁 That’s why I was surprised when that feeling of anger stirred my appetite – I lost my appetite recently, because I was so upset over fighting. I can’t figure out the hunger pangs, other than knowing that anger is a step up from depression (supposedly) – it sends me falling back into it afterwards, though. 🙁

  11. Yeah, it’s by no means pleasant but I have no problem doing it if provoked. This doesn’t really happen much these days luckily. I think I have created a reputation for myself.

  12. My Mars is rx so it doesn’t see the light of day that often. I loathe fighting, absolutely loathe it, it makes me physically ill and I try to avoid it wherever possible.

    However, the one thing that can pull it out is mans inhumanity to his fellow man, and any lack of compassion or understanding of those of different races and creeds.

    I once lived in the east end of London, in a very multi-racial community, the main reason I liked living there. I got back from the market one Sunday morning to find a flyer from the National Front in the letterbox.

    For those who don’t know, the National Front (now renamed The British National Party) are nazi thugs who want anyone who is not white, british, and protestant to be thrown out of Britain. The flyer ranted about blacks, asians, catholics, jews, disabled (yes!)and on and on.

    I was living in a block of council flats (social housing) that was built three sides around a central area, with a balcony on each level that wrapped around the building, off which were all the front doors.

    I took the flyer and a lighter out on to the balcony, and set fire to it in full view of all the other flats. I think I shouted something about keeping their nazi filth away from my home, but I don’t really remember. My (male) Libra flatmate was hiding behind the door whispering ‘You can’t do that, you can’t do that!’

    Just effing watch me pal.

    Mars is in Leo, in the 11th.

  13. I remember when that happened. Ughh

    I don’t like to fight, but I have intentionally pissed people off who I thought was being mean to Elsa. Mars in Taurus.

  14. I hate to fight. But, if there’s no other option for me, I’ll drop a bomb, dust off my hands, and walk away, leaving them lying in their dirt. Don’t mess with my beloved animals or my friends.
    Mars in Libra.

  15. I like debate too. I foster discourse on this blog every day. Matter of fact, with Saturn in Libra it is something to learn to do.

    Saturn in Virgo – learn to think.
    Saturn in Libra – learn to share

  16. Mars in Aries opposite pluto in Libra. I hate fighting and was bullied as a child, even by by own family. I’ve been physically assaulted twice, once by a boyfriend and once by a total stranger. I was always too shocked to fight back and conditioned by my father to cower and disassociate. When I attack (with words. I am a pacifist) it is either in defence of someone who is being bullied or as an attempt of remove someone from my life forever. I don’t hold anything back because at that point there is no chance of reconciliation. If there was I would still be trying to make things work. I have 3 planets in libra and venus conjunct the sun. I noticed that I was born the day before Eric Harris, the Columbine shooter. I don’t like what he did but I sort of understand it.

  17. Mars in 1st house cancer, conjunct merc, Wanna talk about it? LOL! Really though, I can’t stand to fight, though I aced debate in college (who know, right?!). Still, I don’t fool around and I’d appreciate not being fooled with in return. Cancer mars, dixie said it very nicely :o),

  18. A few years ago I told someone, “I don’t want to fight with you. I’m sick of fighting. But the only way I can have a real conversation with you is for one or both of us to end up in tears, so what else can I do?” So I can definitely say I’m guilty fighting for some sense of connection.
    At least I’m aware of it, right? *looks at halo*

    And I can also identify with dropping a hydrogen bomb. If I get to that point, I’m dropping the bomb, salting the earth, and rubbing your face in it so you never, EVER forget it. I don’t want to have to be the hammer more than once if I can possibly avoid it.

    Another Mars in Libra, conjunct Venus and Pluto.

  19. I really hate fighting sooo much that I will walk away from a fight even when I’m totally in the right. But, if someone follows me and keeps Pushing my Buttons, well, they will regret it.

    I have some Libra and if someone just won’t stop (and I do give fair warning) they will experience a part of me even I don’t want to see. I’m talking some serious rage and my words are like a deadly sword. I will cut them to pieces. I avoid this as much as I possibly can and am very careful nowadays about the people in my life.

  20. I do not like fighting, but I am not afraid of it. It doesn’t make me sick or cause pain, it is just such a waste of time mostly. Nothing is ever accomplished out of a heated fight. Especially when people completely lose their tempers and do hurtful things to one another. I just don’t have time for it. Conflict, however, is not fighting and does sometimes serve as a catalyst for positive change.

    But, given a cause, especially where I think someone has been mistreated or in the face of injustice..I will fight from the core. Be that a stranger or a loved one, it’s across the board. I will take a bully out at the knees anyday.
    I can defend myself when necessary , and I’m a “fighter” when it comes to survival. I don’t lie down for long; I don’t quit and rarely do I lose.

    Generally tho, I’m a lover not a fighter 🙂

    Mars in Libra, 8th house opposite Chiron square Jupiter

  21. I think I fight when I am bored, which is not cool, but it’s me. I try to keep it in check, though usually I think I have legitimate cause at the time. Later I often find myself thinking “what was that all about? you don’t really care about xyz!” and I can get really mean, biting words etc, and if I really lose it, even come to shoving. I am not a hitter though, and will use everything in my intellectual and verbal arsenal to avoid a physical fight that comes to blows. *sigh* mars in pisces…

  22. I remember when my husband and I were kids, he’d go fight his best friend, Speedy, bare-knuckled. I would be invited to these fights of course (they drew a crowd) and I was like, er…… NO!

    I did get a steak to throw on his eye or his chest or wherever, when he got home later that night.

    We were livin’ the life back then, big time. 🙂

  23. Another Mars in Cancer here, Rx in H11. I prefer to keep the peace with my friends if humanly possible, and let a whole lot of things go… until I don’t

    I grew up with fighting – my mother the Libra loved to fight and would provoke a fight daily (she had a lot of Aries and Scorp!). So I learned to loathe it early. My poor Libra Dad did his best to avoid… he stood no chance!

    I love to debate but I hate it when people attack the speaker and not the argument. I’ve left several boards and forums for that reason, inc one I really love which is a big part of my life. Just one relative newcomer… but he attacks everything I post, so I had my say, told them why I was going, and left. That’s an unmoderated weblist and usually people like him just take the hint and leave… this one is too thick skinned!

    I’ve also left all my horseracing boards because the owners or moderators just refuse to stop in-fighting and viciousness before it gets way out of hand. People (and sadly most of those have been women) who start vendettas in forums just keep upping the ante if you let them, so you may as well be like Elsa and ban them straight off!

    As a child with a handicap I learned to fight though – I learned early and well, and if you attack me you will know I can fight back! – verbally of course. Merc in Cap can be seriously lethal

  24. I kick-box, box in general, and enjoy martial arts very much. Love the rush. Leo-Mars/8th. You wouldn’t know these things about me if you met me.

    Would I go out of my way to pick a fight with someone? No.

    However, you’d best believe I’ll defend myself.

  25. I carry about my business and if necessary I will fight. I don’t pick fights, I grew with physical abuse and it repulses me. I remember a gal who wanted me to fight in HS and I said “no thank you.” She sneered “Why are you scared?” I said “Yep. You’ll kick my ass. You want to beat someone up whose ass you can kick, fine. Do it and get it over with. Kick my ass. Hurry up, too I have to be somewhere.”

    And then she walked away. Say what? Just me, being a Mars in Aries dumbass as usual!

    I’ve given people the scare, not by being threatening. Just by being ME (opposes Pluto/10th). Some nasty lady let a stray dog into my yard because she was “caring” and “a good person.” I objected so I got told to “suck it c*nt” and “f*ck off.” I said to her, “Now, would a nice person call me those names because I don’t want a dog chasing a cat up a tree? In MY YARD?” I kept repeating myself–get out get out get out–and she was losing her mind. I walked toward her and she started screaming like a banshee to not touch her.

    I swear to god, I only shut my gate behind her. That Mars-Pluto looks scary, eh!

  26. *grew up with

    Also–my Mars is part of a Grand Trine (with Saturn and Neptune). I ground myself before pulling a disappear act first. Pluto is my last resort, for obvious reasons.

  27. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Cap Mars conj. Sun in 5th, trine Virgo Saturn/Moon in the 1st. I feel like the easiest way to boil this down is I fight for the right to be me. Nothing gets me up in arms quicker than some denial of my being, whether you’re trying to tell me I’m someone I’m not, I have thoughts or feelings I know I don’t, or simply tell me my reality does not exist (you have the right to your reality, just don’t make me live in it, as I have mine).

    When I fight, I’m an assassin. Maximum effect (not necessarily damage, just effect), minimal effort. Strategy of a general.

  28. Conflict is a necessary and unavoidable thing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad and when it Is bad it doesn’t necessarily have to get mean.

    Unfortunately, especially on the internet, this is something that tends to happen. Sort of combining that anonymity and potential rage of driving a car combined with the fact that you know the other person will actually hear you when you start screaming. A deadly combination to be sure.

    I think another thing that is necessary, though unfortunately avoidable, is forgiveness. Definitely don’t forget what happened during those events; that would be a terrible shame. However, is it really worth feeling that tension, to this day, towards this person who you admit is brilliant, while also admitting you carry your own knife? Every one of us has been terribly cruel at some point and it’s damn likely the regret that person has potentially felt has long since paid for that event.

    Not a hot clue where my Mars is right now.
    Thanks for your time.

  29. I wait a loooong time before acting out, but when I do its epic. I wan to make sure you never make me have to do that again, I too hate fighting. Don’t bring negativity into my area, or I will make you feel as fucked up as you made me feel. Probably worse, hey, you started it =P

    Mars scorpio (10th) sextile venus cap. Mars square jupiter aqua.

  30. l don’t fight with people l don’t know well or l am not close to, l avoid this at all costs and will just leave and say nothing at the time…l find it a waste of time. If people are very close to me l will fight for whatever needs to be resolved.
    how? just set myself on fire 😉 this makes me laugh..but l guess l fire up and can get physical too if the other person remains cold…l don’t like people telling me to calm down, it makes me more angry…l need to release the tension or l will go shaking badly if l try to hold it in.
    l can shout someone through the window l guess, push them around.. l’m fine with the person doing the same to me it calms me down..when it’s all out and if l don’t get stuck in it (that sometimes happends with the moon opposing mercury) l will calm down and relax.
    Mars in Aries gets me going.

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