Ascendant – Your Energy When You Enter A Room

elsa in phoenixI was visiting my friend Stevie in the desert this weekend. Her mother-in-law called to say she was going to stop by. Stevie loves her mother-in-law who by all accounts is a formidable woman. I’d heard stories over the years so I was anxious to meet her.

“Wait’ll you see her,” Stevie said happily.  “She comes in the room and WHOOSH!” Stevie’s mother-in-law was Sagittarius with her Moon, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio conjunct she ascendant.

I asked, Stevie what it was like when I came into a room. I surely wouldn’t know. Too much Neptune.

“You?” she said, gaily. “You’re the wind,” she said, waving her arms around. ” When you come in, all these musical notes swirl around…”

She was waving her arms like crazy and I stared. Did she mean chaos? But then I realized she was describing Venus Neptune. Music! As I began processing that, she switched gears.

“But the main thing is your poker face,” she said.

“My what?” I know I have a poker face but I don’t play cards with Stevie. I don’t play cards, period, anymore.

“Oh yeah. You the best poker face in the world.”

“I don’t get it,” I said. ” What do you mean?”

“It’s your smile! You’ve always got that smile! No matter what, you smile and there’s no telling what you’re thinking. What is she thinking behind that smile? There’s  no way to tell.”

“I see and you’re right. If I hated someone I would still smile at them. I have Jupiter rising. It doesn’t matter how I feel, all I have is this grin,” I said. “No off button.”

What’s it like when you come into the room?

56 thoughts on “Ascendant – Your Energy When You Enter A Room”

  1. My friend told me that I’m the kind of person that everybody looks at when I walk into a room. Asc trine Venus maybe? I think my quietness makes people uncomfortable though. I’ve also been told I have poise. I think I’m very unapproachable. People like to look at me but I’m not very inviting.

  2. I depends. I always need to soak in the energy of the room and until I recognize my role then I FEEL like I’m using all my Virgo energy. In actuality, I think I do emit some quiet strong energy. I know this because there are some rare times when I feel like people are walking right through me. That’s when I know my presence is almost invisible.

  3. minding my own business, parental, sociable in a mature way, friendly and detached
    Cap ASC, ( Neptune, Uranus on ASC), Saturn in Aquarius in 1st house aspecting Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. People see me as very balanced

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