What Function Do You Play In Other People’s Lives?

After  thinking about the people I know and how I tap them for opinions I started to wonder what roll(s) I might play for others. I have a feeling if I asked I would be surprised. Because when I told my inner circle,  “I call you for blah blah blah”, they were completely surprised at how I see them.

Scott had no idea I see him as the ultimate compassionate person. He’s not going to write anyone off, ever! “There’s always hope, Elsie.” This is what he says all the time about everyone, every time so when I get in a situation where something falls off the page of everyone I know, I can call Scott and voila! There is still hope!

“You never know what’s going to happen. I have seen some amazing things,” he’ll say.

And I think this is his essence, but when I told him this is how I saw him,  he was oblivious. And the astrology?

Scott has a 12th house Cancer Sun and he is just completely yielding. There is no way to get to a place with him where he will cut you off where “you” means anyone. Scott has limitless compassion for everyone, everywhere, all the time. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt, and don’t forget, there is always, always, always hope so I dial him up when I need some of this elixir.

What are people seeking when they call you? Do you know? Tell us!

22 thoughts on “What Function Do You Play In Other People’s Lives?”

  1. Advice, perspective, and the unvarnished truth. I never thought of this before. I have a Gemini Venus in the 12th, though. I don’t think that corresponds to that. Maybe the Saturn in Taurus in the 11th does?

  2. Knowledge. 12th house Gemini and the North Node is there; plus stelliums in the 3rd, 9th houses.

    “Laura, how do I…”

    “Laura, do you know who… where… why… when…”

    And, I almost always have the answers or know where to obtain them.

  3. 12th house Sagittariun Neptune–people call me because I will help them see something that exists higher than them when they are down or feeling insane

    1st house Capricorn Moon–still others call because I appear a lot more stable than I feel and bang on about how they possess more classiness than they might feel they do!

    3rd house Aries Venus and Mars conjunct–people call me because I am a complete love slave and can’t help telling them how much I adore them.

    jamie, your post made me laugh!

  4. Most people call me for no nonsense advice about relationships: marriage, dating, friendships. I also get the geek calls. You know, when they can’t figure something out and they know I can. Or if I can’t, then I’ll find out for them.

  5. Now and then I get a call for a no-bs reality check when a friend has had enough of their latest drama and are ready for a solid opinion… I often get called for ‘I’m in a funk, come hang out with me’… From my closer friends, I’ll get called when they’re freaking out/scared/worried/anxious/etc… (And I gotta say, it’s a strange thing to hear a Scorp calling in the middle of a panic attack.)

    I’m pretty lucky that I have very few people in my life who would call just because they need something from me. If they do, it’s because they’ve earned the right to beg the favor. Relationships, family, health matters… I get called when people need me, even if they just want me to answer questions. It’s nice. 🙂

  6. some people call me to tell me their problems because they hope I can fix them, this because i’m a psych. student and they think that’s what it’s about.
    my progressed sun is entering aries as we speak and lately i don’t have as much patience for people or feel i can help as i used to: i’ve started to beleive people get the problems they deserve and need so I’m not into giving advice anymore or trying to fix things for them. Some friends that have figured this out about me still call just to talk and let it out. I guess they call because I can listen and I care.

  7. Avatar
    Strawberry Field

    I’m everybody’s Father Confessor and Consummate Ear. I listen. People call me up (or invite me to dinner or whatever) just to pour their guts out. They don’t want (my) advice. Only to dump. Then they feel better and off they go. I know things about people that nobody else knows.

    I won’t rhyme off the astrology of it, as it is complex. But my chart does reflect it.

  8. Jeez, this one makes me think. Let’s see, I can get things done like complicated paperwork, or stuff dealing with gov’t and crappy ass agencies. When someone gets taken advantage of they call me and I try to fix it (although I’m gullible myself and don’t do the same). Saturn in Virgo in the 6th, maybe?

    But I don’t really care for small talk unless it’s with someone I love, then I’ll talk to them about anything at all, except I do most of the calling. Mostly others call for a reason, or to make definite plans. There’s no really ‘just because’ calls.

  9. People call me for empathy which I do know how to give. And when I can CONTROL the urge to tell them exactly what I ‘see’ from an intuitive point of view– then they feel better. When I tell them too much they get freaked out. I know stuff I shouldn’t. (Is that the Neptune in Scorpio in 12th house? Scorpio is also my ascendant– Cancer moon and true node in 8th house?) My astrological abilities are rank amateur.

    But I have few friends. It’s difficult for me to make and keep friends but I have many many aquaintances. I don’t like talking on the phone, I LIKE being alone most of the time. People feel rejected and who can blame them? But I’m always there, ten years since the last time we spoke? I don’t care, I’m interested.

  10. I think it’s different for each person who talks to me. I think they access different parts of me. I have one friend who seems to get the whole me, though.

    well, and when they need someone to hide the bodies…

  11. satori said

    “well, and when they need someone to hide the bodies…”

    LOL!! That’s my sister! And thank god she’s there. There’s no one more valuable than the one one who hides the bodies and doesn’t squeal 😀

  12. People used to tell my mom all kinds of things, like when she was a teller at a bank too even, kind of like a bartender. They called her “the grave” because she never tells people’s secrets. I tell my mom most everything. People think she is wise but as the proverb goes “there is no king in the king’s own kingdom” or something like that. So I don’t always follow my mom’s advice. Nobody calls me for anything. People can turn to me for advice on academics and people in my college because I collect and store information in my head and usually give unsolicited advice to newcomers and people I know. I like giving advice about college and these types of things that I know (like being able to give directions in the place I live amazes me). I love to help out when I can. I try to be compassionate but sometimes I don’t do giving advice right. But I think people think I’m compassionate. Or maybe they don’t ask me advice because they don’t want to ask someone who has more problems than they do.

  13. People call me to unload. I am pretty crappy at telling them where they are going wrong and how they’ve created their own situations (an example being a friend who is seeing a married man). I tend to listen and empathise as much as I can. Maybe gently encourage them to see beyond this and look for a better life. But I probably do them a disservice by not trying harder to “give it to them straight”. I just feel bad for them because they are MY friends first and foremost, their behaviour is secondary to the fact that they are MY friends….

    I am also the fun girl – call me for a night out and I never want to stop partying! I like to organise fun things and try to get people to join in the fun if they can be persuaded.

    I am a Leo Sun, Venus and Moon. I have Mars and Mercury in Cancer so maybe that’s why I say the right things to soothe my tortured friends?

    I have often needed their help while I spill my guts too. I don’t mean to sound like I have my life under control because I certainly don’t!

  14. People call me up to tell me their troubles, or to ask how to find or do something. That last part is probably because of my Virgo sun.

  15. This is the marker I use to determine who my real friends are. I’ve got sun conjunt saturn and the people who know and love me get to feel the weight of this aspect more than the commoners. My best friends call me for avice and always end the conversation with “thanks, you’re so sensible.” or “thanks you really help ground me, you’re like an anchor to reality.” or some shit like that. Every other person in the world thinks I’m bat-shit crazy. I don’t really know what this is about. I think its Chrion so close to the MC. But yeah, if someone tells me that I make a lot of sense I think “hell yeah, there goes someone who knows whats what.” yeah that sounds egotistical, but its not just Saturn, it SUN-Saturn.

  16. I am the one they call when the going gets tough. I guess you can say I am both empathic and compassionate. When people need a boost, I’m always called upon. I know how to make others feel good 🙂

    … and usually this is with regards to deeper issues.

    Aries sun in 12th 🙂

  17. Empathy and Comfort – Because I can “relate” and ensure them they are not crazy or alone in their struggles. 12H Sun Cap

    Mischief and Escape- Nothing that’s not law-abiding but they want to get into something unusual, outside of their everyday. Impromptu weekend trips, playing hookie… Uranus 11H Sag

    Comedy – Dry Capricorn wit, I suppose

    Secrets – I assume Merc Retro in 12H has something to do with it. I can keep others secrets but can’t tell my own.

  18. I get a lot of people who want advice. I don’t know why, mostly it’s relationship stuff and I keep telling my friends I am NOT the person to ask. I guess I seem to have a worldly air or something. Also I’m the “fun” friend. Everyone calls me when they need a drinking buddy. Overall though, I’m the landfill. You need to bitch? I’m your girl. I think its because a lot of the time I do really care. Other people’s stories are so much more interesting than my own.

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