Venus Square Neptune: Getting Good Results Via Hard Aspects In Your Chart

Venus at her mirrorLet’s say you’ve got a problem and let’s say you’ve got the hang of astrology or perhaps you consult an astrologer and they isolate some problem or pathology to a specific aspect in your chart. Now what?

The energy is yours and it’s neutral until directed. You can find a positive way to channel it. This is from 2007…

I have Venus square Neptune which is notorious for problems in relationships. Venus Neptune sees things with rose-colored glasses. While I don’t claim to have solved all the problems that are part and parcel of this aspect, I have found a myriad of ways to channel the energy that hurt no one, especially me!

One of the things I do is tell stories. When my perennial ex-boyfriend of thirty years, Scott surfaced, he questioned my rendering of his sister in one of my stories.

“You didn’t mention this and this,” he said. “There is nothing in there about this.” The bits of information he cited were negative.

“Well, no I didn’t mention that. Why would I? It’s not part of the story. Not part of the story I’m telling anyway! Why would I put your problem with your sister in my story? Hey! Scott wants everyone to know that his sister told a lie when he was ten!” I said, exaggerating.

Neptune gifts to venusI dated a painter for three years. I learned a lot about painting from him.  One of things I learned was that the models don’t look anywhere near as good in real life as they do in the paintings!

The painter, like the photo-shopper, blurs the hard edges. He or she can take an inch off the waist no problem.

I realized this was a Venus Neptune phenomena. Would you like to see the wart on the model? Depends on the painting, right?

Well depending on what story I am telling, there is no need to detail a person’s every flaw just because it exists. I am writing to inspire the reader rather than dissect the subject and becoming aware of this was very helpful in seeing a healthy way my Venus Neptune energy manifests.

If you can discover these type things that occur on their own anyway, it is fairly easy to channel more energy in the healthy direction leaving less available to get you in trouble. As an added benefit, your understanding of astrology will improve and this will bleed out in the best possible way.

Can you identify a positive manifestation of a hard aspect in your chart?

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  1. *thinking*

    That is a very good question, but I really can’t think of anything. It’s something I have to work on. Now, the opposite I could probably tell you (negative manifestations of harmonious aspects) 😛

  2. Mars square Pluto is generally seen as negative but as violent as it is, it’s just violence. There are lots of things in life that ought to be violently uprooted, broken apart and purged: social prejudice, toxins in the body, a messy house full of junk, maladaptive behavioural patterns – there’s no lack of stuff the energy could be directed towards in a good way… One can also seek violence environments that are positive e.g. researching criminals, volunteering for a community that suffers from violence, engaging in combative sport etc.

  3. How about a positive manifestation of a venus saturn square? I have that one AND the venus neptune square…what else to do but learn from my “mistakes” or know my tendencies?

  4. Spot on what I needed to hear today and a verification of the phone call I just completed and a grand exposure of the why I was waiting on an email that didn’t show! and more importantly WHY I had put myself it a situation that I’ve been puzzling out for about 10 years now. WOOO-HOOO! Good job Elsa!! RIGHT ON TIME!! This post tied it all up in a neat little present to explain it to my dense psyche! Lesson taken.

    And I bow to the Grand Mistress of Storytellers! Thank you – Thank You!!!

  5. moonpluto – I wrote a whole series about upside of Venus Saturn recently. for some reason I can’t paste the url but if you search this:

    Astrology and Love: Venus Saturn in Relationship = Delay and Deprivation?

    You will pull up the first one and links at the bottom of each lead to the next.

  6. you know, i’ve believed this concept for a very long time, but haven’t thought of it so much in relation to my chart before.

    i do have 7th house saturn in pisces. in my younger years, i tended to hook up with “fixer-uppers” who often lied and sometimes had addiction issues. i so did all the work in the relationships. you know: true love will conquer all. bwaahhhahaaha! what cluelessness. and this tendency men caused me nothing but pain and frustration. i got me some therapy and a clue and stopped that crap.

    later on, i worked in mental health related stuff for about 10 years, including a stint working in detox. i hadn’t consider it before, but this is another expression of that helping/sacrificing type energy; along with the confusion and illusions, and doing that kind of stuff, essentially you do go fluid, because you become the temporary container for others’ pain, helping them to manage it more or less. so that would seem pretty saturn in pisces to me.

  7. Well . . . I have a very strong critical facility (Mars/Mercury in Scorpio, Virgo MC)add in a Sun/Saturn square and the end result goes like this: I do my best to use my ability to discern what’s going, select what I feel will help others see themselves in a more positive light, and use the innate discipline of the Sun/Saturn square to deliver the info in the best way.

    Elsa also uses her Mars/Mercury to lance the wound allowing healing to follow. She is very, very good at it . . . We both could be bitches on wheels if we so choose! 🙂

  8. well, the uranus/mercury opposition means i have these interesting flashes of insight from time to time. add to that two squares to saturn and it takes some effort to figure out how to share them with anyone else, though. i really have no idea how unique some of these ideas are until a couple years later i read some article somewhere and go “huh, they think this is a big thing. i just thought it made sense. obvious, right?” well, apparently not. but there’s few things i can’t learn and innovate in if i want to. i just have to want to. i guess that’s not normal. (to me it is. that’s the problem. most of my family is like that. i guess the saturn effect weighing in?) but it’s a good energy. it just takes time to master.

    kind of like venus opposite pluto. i go for evolution and balance in relationships. rather than falling into self destructive spirals like i used to. i have different expectations and i never expect a relationship to be “soft” – all the good ones are demanding, but it really provokes a great deal of personal development, so i can’t complain. just buck up and do it. i like growing 😉

  9. “_don’t_ want to.”

    it would be so nice to be able to delete comments for typos. or at least edit them. though maybe that’s messy coding?

  10. This time I am doing an experiment /That Jupiter squere Uranus may be?/ Y try to connect with some astro energy. Not in a pagan way, it is in a way as a musician might have a compass or a clock for his or her music. Don-t forget, they are only giant balls of rock or gas. Ok, this time I try to flow with venus energy, yes, that scorpionic venus energy. Everything is fine with venus, mainly when it was in libra, it helps me with my natal double t/squared moon, helps me to deal with anguish with anxiety, gives me a delicious sense of self esteem and vanity. HOWEVER!!!! lately the noises seems to me unbearable, or any thing that disturbs my sacred interior balance. I have a strong venus=libra in my chart, I can recognize that in myself. However I think the doble t.squeared gemini moon allow me to face noises, crisis, troubles, let me to talk about that crisis troubles and so on. It is positive when you learn to deal with that square energy. Anyway I think they atracts lot of troubles, and I am tired of so much troubles,…. for instance that some people thinks this is delusional… don-t you?

  11. “though maybe that’s messy coding?” allowing editing of comments isn’t a built-in feature of the blog software elsa uses. there are plugins that do that, but it doesn’t out of the box. 🙂

  12. Can you identify a positive manifestation of a hard aspect in your chart?

    Ignoring semi-squares, semi-sextiles and such, hrmm. All I really have, I suppose, is Venus/Uranus conj. (really wide and out of sign), Venus oppo Saturn, Sun oppo Moon, and Sun/Neptune, conj. The full moon oppo, doesn’t strike me as deeply negative (like say, Sun oppo Saturn), and Venus/Uranus is way off. Obviously, if Sun/Neptune has any effects, I have no clue what they are. So that leaves Venus oppo Saturn, which sucks big green donkey dicks.

    My answer therefore is no.

    [‘Well… I don’t owe a lot of alimony.’]

  13. My mars/pluto square has always worked well for me, gives me some backbone when i’ve needed it most, kicking in with the survival theme associated with it. Both planets are retro and mutable so maybe this helps it not be so out there. And merc/nept despite giving me clouded thinking on too many an occasion does give me some wonderful flights of fancy from time to time. Neptune land can be a lovely place to visit but i’ve learned staying there too long can make saturn land that much harder to and saturn dont always get on too well 🙁

  14. Although a saturn/mercury conjunction does inhibit the free flow of communication at times, it also increases my mental focus. When thinking, reading, or working mentally, I can block out almost anything that happening around me.

  15. Yep…Mars opposed Pluto. Supposedly a signature of violence, but it isn’t for me. What it has given me is a feeling of invincibility in otherwise difficult situations.
    A feeling that I can handle whatever comes my way. In an acute crisis I can hit the ground running, and I know that I have comforted many people who are under a lot of stress through energies that are driven by my Aries Mars.
    Aries Mars can be rash, but it has allowed me to take ‘perfect aim’ in situations that call for a ‘perfect shot’.

  16. also- i can learn things, but _doing_ them is a different story.
    difficulty implementing my ideas. maybe that’s the saturn part of the mess. (but it forces me to do lots of research, which helps me in all sorts of unexpected ways….)

  17. I have a exact Neptune Mars conjunction and while I dont always have a hold of it, im always trying to consciously channel it postively by being involved in music, I take dance classes, play piano and guitar, write and paint and volunteer at community radio, anything that physcially (mars) uses my energy for art and something musical (Neptune). I also have a strong pluto-saturn-sun-venus conjunction which can be described as destructive but it positively gives me stregth, courage and backbone and balances my Neptune-Mars and Pisces ASC.

  18. Moon/Saturn opposition: I had tendencies to depression earlier in my life, though with time and lots of practice working my way out of deep pits, I guess I feel now that i can pitch my emotions pretty much where i want them to be.

  19. Mercury/Neptune opposition among other hard aspects. I guess it makes me really interested in epistemology. That’s good right? Because I want to argue that I have one reality and know it.

  20. Mars/pluto conjunction – I have been told I have an indomitable spirit – not a violent psychopath as is often assumed.

    Sun square moon – I never feel complete but it means I keep pushing to evolve. I will never ever stand still.

  21. Yes, thank you for this post, Elsa!

    I have learned to channel the energy of my Moon Mars in Gemini, Uranus in Sadge opposition in the 3rd/9th houses respectively. Before, when I have been bored or horny, I would get reckless urges and want to flee toward any man in my love life that might pay me attention for two seconds. But now I just watch porn, really make sure I have a *very* engaging book to read, and I have a vigorous yoga practice.

  22. Mars square Moon/Venus and specifically the Nodes. If there’s any truth to our having to shift from the South to the North, then I think that square helps me to put things that I’ve learned, into practice. I have also travelled a bit, and lived in two different countries, thanks to my parents (Mars in the 4th).

    Saturn square Jupiter and Pluto. It could cut down on the energy that’s supposed to be in the opposition – negative energy. I’m not also keen on the square to each planet, though, because it’s harsh and I need stabilizing, not that harshness. I do just fine with a trine or sextile from Saturn, so there was no need to put those squares in there, to my Mercury, as well.

  23. Sun opposite Uranus
    Uranus conjunct ascendant
    Moon/venus inconjunct Uranus

    When I can shift into the right mindset, then it helps me to get past things. I do my best to not settle, and whilst I’m usually a follower of the rules, I’m willing to try something new, if necessary.

  24. I completely believe this but I wish I could find more to do with with a jupiter saturn square. It doesn’t manifest pleasant ways like with paintings or stories, it manifests with ending up in emotional prisons or massive barely explicable debt. You have to do a lot of settling and making do with an aspect like that, and while I guess it’s a good skill to learn it does break you down after a while.

  25. I currently have slow-moving Pluto transiting my natal Saturn, and it’s at zero degrees conjunction. Not sure what to do with this…?

  26. Caroline you are funny and so honest. Your post made me laugh out loud.

    I have lots of squares and oppositions in my chart. Whatever. What I cling to is that my sun is in Sadge. I’m adaptable, bright and don’t take life too seriously. Big picture – I’m happy to be alive, to have healthy kids, great friends, take a trip now and then and enjoy a great glass of wine when I can. I try not to make my life (or chart) too complicated.

  27. Yes, I have mentioned before on these posts that I have a Fixed GS involving Mars/Saturn/Venus/Pluto. In addition to a Water GT Saturn/Jupiter-Uranus-Asc/Mercury. 4H Saturn is the anchor of both. What I have recently learned to do (and this has taken me many, many years) is to hold the fixed energy while allowing the GT energies to flow. I learned to do this by setting up candles to represent the GC which allowed for me to spontaneously external the GC which then in turn opened up the door to a new experience of my chart.

  28. I’m starting to realise what value there is in my Venus Pluto Jupiter T square. So instead of wasting the energy unconsciously in insane love affairs like I used to, I’m working on channelling it into useful, hopefully rewarding work.

  29. My mars Jupiter Neptune t-square routinely sabotages my work ethic, but it’s surprisingly positive in terms of helping me deal with anger. It’s easy for me to see the big picture behind the things that upset me and let go.

  30. Huh…it’s been awhile since I’ve read up on my natal aspects, but I like to reread and reinterpret from time to time. I thought my most troubling aspect was Mars square Ascendant, but I think I use it quite positively, because I have so much Libra. It’s what keeps me from being a pushover or compromising too much. It’s not like I use it to go guns blazing on people; it just gives the drive, the extra push I need to make sure I’m not getting walked all over. It probably helps that it’s in Aquarius too.

    Also, Sun/Moon opp can be a real bugaboo, but I think the positive side of this aspect is that it allows me to see both sides of an issue quite frequently. It gives me another layer of understanding tricky situations, I think.

  31. I have Venus conj Saturn in Aquarius in the 12th square Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th. Pluto conj Uranus in Virgo in the 7th. I have been pondering how I can use these energies to have a happy relationship in the future. All I can come up with so far is to date someone older (than one year) than me, someone who owns his own company, or an astronaut or astrologer. I have already ignored so many things about the first two, in the spirit of being a mature and understanding adult, that I am afraid I will ignore nothing this time around, when/if it happens. Ya got me.

  32. I met a single father who wanted to be friends when there was no overt flirting after our first date.. and due the limitations ended up alone in his bed with the most sex I’ve had yet. Saturn in cancer in the 9th squares mars in libra in my 12th in my chart. I went to visit and be his friend since I had vacation time. Stayed for 4 days.

    Also I finally took advice from my mom about my love life.

  33. Sun oppposite moon, I don’t have to pick only one to be, I am both. I am also better served to learn how to be both in a balanced manner,

  34. mercury and uranus are obstinate about running in opposite directions. when they agree on something it’s often ahead of its time.
    at least, over the years, i’ve seen a lot of my ideas come to fruition. i would like to be more involved in making that happen, though!

  35. I have Saturn in Capricorn square my core stellium (Sun, Mars, Merc, NN) in Libra. I’m pretty sure that’s the hardest aspect in my chart. I will give some thought as to how to make that work ~for~ me instead of against me… Suggestions welcome… (Yes, I am taking Elsa’s workshop!)

  36. I have Venus square Neptune natally (sole aspect to my Venus, unsupported by other helpful plants..)
    The exaltation in moments of « love » (so-called) can lead me to creative highs, almost manic.
    I wish I had that drive the rest of the time!
    But for the Sun, Saturn & Pluto opposition to my Moon, I haven’t yet found (nor looked for) a constructive use.
    Hhhmmm, esp the Pluto-Moon bit, I think will check out the EE archives for more info.

  37. This is an oddly-opposite awareness on my part: Natally, I have Neptune trine both Pluto(which conjuncts Saturn and Mars and Venus(which conjuncts Jupiter in a wide orb); and rather then allow that trine to glide me into optimism or fait on a more regular basis I recognize how I sabotage or slide into negativity, at the most inopportune times.

    With Venus in retrograde for the next few months, it’s a very good time for me to recalibrate my resources and “husband optimism” and “cultivate faith” rather then gorge on picking at scabs or sucking on poisonous apples.


  38. If ever there was an imperfect person, it’s me.

    Trying to decide which aspect is worst or needs immediate help or maybe it’s all perspective and I need to see the positives

    Mars opposite Pluto- I believe this gives me the strength to stand up for myself but sometimes I fear I might go to far

    Saturn and venus square moon , not sure about the usefulness of these

    Venus conjunct uranus, saturn and neptune with neptune having the closest orb. Well it certainly makes for an interesting love life but I feel they control me instead of me controlling them. I mean how do I explain the fact that I’m a romantic who is serious about love and monogamy but also perpetually terrified when things get serious??

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