Virgo – Nourishing Love!

Virgo love
WHY must you keep CARING about me?

Since we’ve covered the Leo love wave, let’s move to the next sign in the zodiac and talk about what it’s like to be loved by Virgo. Virgo love feeds your soul, and when they let you in, this is one sexy sign.

Now, I can already hear some of you saying, “Virgo? You mean the prudes and critics and germaphobes? The anxious schoolmarms? Freaking FELIX UNGER? Just what exactly is sexy about that?” I get it, I get it. Most of us chafe under that kind of scrutiny. I feel itchy just thinking about it. But there’s another side here.

First, Virgos all have secret lives. They just do. Virgos are human, and no human can be as pure as that Virgo ideal. So they split off a part of their life just for the sheer relief of being able to be flawed. Now, this does not mean they are liars! Far from it. In fact, if a Virgo really trusts you, they let you into that secret world, and that’s where the magic happens.

Virgo is an earth sign, and earth signs are physical, tactile, and sensual. Does that sound prudish to you? And think about how detailed and service-oriented they are. Hmm, an earthy, thoughtful, generous lover? Maybe with a hint of a secret dark side? Not so bad!

On top of that, when a Virgo loves you, they will go so far out of their way to make sure your needs are met. Some people interpret that as critical or controlling, but Virgo never means it that way. They genuinely care. It really does matter to them if you’ve been drinking enough water or if you’re going to mess up your taxes and get yourself in trouble. They don’t want to see you in pain! They will never think twice about making you soup and wrapping you in a warm blanket when you’re sick, helping you put in a new flower bed, or being a listening ear for your heartbreak. Virgo SHOWS UP.

Virgo will always do what they can to help their loved ones be the best versions of themselves because they see your potential and believe in you SO HARD. It may feel tedious at times, but think, really think, about what it means. How many people in your life really, truly care about your best interests? And how many of them put their money where their mouth is?

Virgo does.

Have you been loved by a Virgo? What was it like?

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  1. My mom’s a Virgo. (Also has a stellium in the 12th house) Selfless and a giver. But she has been taken advantage of her whole life. I had to step in constantly as an adolescent and young adult to protect her. It’s made me terrified to ever be like her. Luckily I’m not a Virgo and I have absolutely no intention of loving anyone like she does. I see this kind of loving to be a liability, sorry.

    1. You’re definitely right that a negative manifestation of that Virgo love can be overextending, though I would also guess that the 12th house stellium plays into it as well. Virgo serves, and the 12th house has no boundaries or limits, which is one of the ways it contributes to self-undoing.

      I’m sorry you were put in that protector role. That is an awful burden for a young person and I don’t blame you for wanting to avoid that situation now. (((Pitu)))

  2. My mother is a Virgo. I call her everytime I’m sick. I also call her everytime I need a recipe or ideas for dinner. I seriously don’t think I could live without her. I’m a Pisces and she balances me. When I have a crisis she is the first person I call.

    My dad is also a virgo and he is a different breed. He has a grand water trine. I love them both so dearly, I don’t want to imagine life without them.

  3. Midara, I read this with a smile. My Sun and Ascendant are in Virgo.
    My father (who passed away a long time ago) had this position too.
    I loved him so very much! Many people loved him. And he was very intelligent. 🙂
    I think a lot of positive sides of Virgo are described here. Thank you! ; – )

  4. It’s exactly like that. Found out one had a crush, years later I have a crush on him too, but we lacked the timing. Some virgos dislike me instantly but given where it’s in my chart, it’s natural. Once I understood, I let my energy flow and their hate”regenerated” to likeability and even to a cute friendship. Maybe some people think it’s absurd to trust someone who previously didn’t like you, but there are never more honest friends than people who initially disliked you. I have jupiter in 8th house virgo, so secretly I am optimistic with people’s negative emotions towards me and I am optimistic with a plenty of scary things so there;s that. Also have full virgo sign encapsulated in my 8th house. You wouldn’t believe ! haha the dirty jokes that come flowing out of them like a damn river broke. The virgo energy is to me, what scorpio energy is to the rest of the world. 😉

  5. sometimes i wonder if mercury is so brave, like fire is, because earth mercury doesnt seem to be afraid of flaws and will go into the task /problem with sleeves rolled up. when they get angry, omg, virgo can be so cutting and cruel and hurtful cause they know where it hurts. lol i dont know why pisces their opposition loves/is attracted, when pisces is so sensitive and crying all the time (generalization) like two polar oppositions who have this masochistic/sadist thing going on.

  6. I know a person who ISN’T a Virgo, but has Moon, Mercury and Saturn conjunct (all by 1°) in Virgo in 4th. He is very caring, AND cooks meals and is indeed helpful and supporting in every way.
    So perhaps 3 planets can virgofy a peerson???

    1. It most certainly can! Our sun sign is our basic ego energy, but those other planets exist for a reason! The Moon and Mercury in particular will play a huge role in how someone relates to other people. So what you’ve got on your hands is a very Virgo-flavored Leo or Libra, whichever the case may be. 🙂

  7. May I offer an additional insight into Virgo ?

    Virgo is a steel box full of cotton candy.

    Inversely, Pisces is cotton candy surrounding a steel spike !

    Contrasts such as this enhance our understanding.

    1. I love it! Pisces is the quintessential iron fist in a velvet glove. And I agree – you can gain a lot of insight into a sign by studying it’s opposite.

      1. How is Pisces like that??

        Is it weird that for a really long time I thought the polarity of Aries was Pisces? I still find myself slipping and saying that. I think it makes some sense in a weird way.

    2. This is very insightful and helps me see a way to understand Pisces – my Ma was Pisces and the cotton candy steel spike? Geez would’ e never put it that way but that works! This understanding helps me sort my confusion with a person with lots of Pisces who has seriously vexed me … it’s the cotton. Andy that has clogged my arteries while the spike impaled my trust.

  8. My Venus, Juno, Pallas Athene, Vertex, and Pluto are in the Virgo portion of my 7H. I love fiercely and will move heaven and earth for my beloveds. Your last paragraph kindly describes me. Thank you, Midara, for writing this post.

  9. I was just about to start a topic – is there any good news about a Progressed Virgo ascendant? As I read this blog entry, I realized – this is so true about my loving style now. Feeling much better <3

  10. Avatar
    Southern Cross

    Oh yes. My husband is Virgo. I could underline every word of the above article. And he makes sure I get my taxes right, and fixes my computer!

  11. I have 8 siblings 4 Virgos 2 on the cusp , love love love, detailed strong
    Resilient intent on catching the ball
    And running it to the end zone
    Just so they can do the happy dance
    With you,puts the “tiger in my tank”
    They are not looking for applause
    They are looking for smiles

  12. This makes me feel so sad. I divorced my one Virgo because I was overwhelmed by his care and it felt controlling but that’s because I didn’t understand real love. I have a Virgo Moon and I loved his festidious health habits and orderliness. He cooked, cleaned, made a beautiful garden for us. But he also was harsh with me and when wanting me to look a certain way, it hurt but he felt that should be his payback. It made me feel not good enough. But when I left, all that sort of attention died with our marriage and he will never trust me again. Of course There were other issues I won’t discuss here, but I wish I’d understood this better then.

  13. That’s ok there are more Virgo’s
    I met a 3 year old Pisces one time and saw his timid ness
    And feeling like you like wish I knew
    As my 1st boyfriend a Pisces and did not understand him
    Most importantly I think is to hear
    Yourself,I cannot do this anymore
    And then stuff changes
    Life changes stuff for us
    All the time,when you are part of
    The change feel strong no one listens to you as good as you listen to you
    No backpedaling Dawn u r good enough you are more than good enough; you are f. ing perfect
    We are in an imperfect world
    But you , you are perfect to live?
    I love my sisters but they constantly
    Think I can be fixed, and ya that’s
    A loooong story

    1. Thank you Raerae! It’s true that I berate myself for listening to myself and not feeling/being perfect for him.
      “Life changes stuff for us” and being a part of the change…very wise….thank you.

  14. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Spot on! Virgos are so dependable as friends but living with a critic (of themself as much as others!) 24 hours is just too much for this romantic Gemini. Analyzing everything to death just sucks the air out of the room but you do learn a lot and do become a better person. I keep defaulting towards Libras instead.

    1. A gemini with a Virgo??? Nononono…my dad was a Gemini and I adored him but no way would I want a Gemini myself. I love Geminis…my favorite air sign…but if you think Virgos have sharp tongues…hrumph!!! Get a Gemini mad. Theres nothing worse than a pissed off air sign.

      1. my father in law is a virgo with virgo venus scorpio mars, he’s been married to a gemini woman for decades. he’s actually the one more frightening lol ;p she’s puff puff sweetness compared (maybe because she has cancer and taurus placements) he loves her alot, more than i believe than his capricorn 1st wife with aqua placements. the only thing is that she can be hurtful without realizing, (oblivious) but never malicious; always good intentions.

        1. Avatar
          Hildegardes Girl

          You are right. It depends on the moon and Venus as well. Your stepmom sounds lovely
          I do know a number of Geminis that simply have no filters on their mouths and hurt alot of people. If the get angry …well…that cold detached energy can cause alot of friendships and relationships to end. Its not the watery or fiery delivery that damages as much as the dead cold and seemingly deliberate delivery that chills friendships and relationship out.

  15. I find myself thinking about the 6th house tonight and I think its motto is “make yourself useful.” Also “with every task that must be done, there is an element of fun.” I wonder why I have a certain yen to be useful and helpful that I don’t use (12th house Mars). I think it’s that I’m a naturally private and selfish person who doesn’t naturally care or is in its own bubble. I don’t find myself naturally empathizing or giving people what they need. It’s important to develop the habit of helping others in small ways.. when you fail to do it in larger ways. I don’t care a sod for relationship stuff, someone helping/criticizing or perfecting you in relationships is annoying and intrusive. My Virgo friends break my heart with their endless quest for self perfection.. it’s like looking for a complete “white” color in nature, which I’m told doesn’t happen. I don’t know how to overrun that endless inner critic. Capricorn/Scorpio energy is easier. At least Capricorn takes a break when they’ve proven themselves.

    Maybe you can do a post on the 6th house? It’s a weird one. Maybe every house has its weirdness (such as the fascination some 12th house people I know have with nunneries..) It’s such a “do shit at work” house. I really believe that fixing your partner is an indicator that you have to externalize that energy at work.

    My Neptune transit is just bubbling along. I find myself asking “what’s the point.”

  16. With this Neptune transit, can’t stop listening to Fiona Apple’s song “Every Single Night” and she’s a Virgo (shrug.)

    Virgos seem only interested to talk to me if they think I’m “teachable” or need something. When I don’t take what they give, well, they leave.

    1. Avatar
      Hildegardes Girl

      True. We are more inclined to relate to people who are open to looking at themselves. Scorpios are the same way.
      Our quest for self perfection can lead to aquiring the knowledge to do so. It muddles us that someone doesnt want to be the best version of themselves if the results can make them and the people who care for them happier and more at peace.
      Theres a reason perhaps why its the most populated sign in the wotld.

  17. I’m a gemini sun and reading through the comments, just the thought that a gemini and a virgo can be happily married makes me feel weirdly comforted even if marriage is not a goal for me. I have a soft spot for virgos (not for all of them of course), but some really bust their behind for others and take care of things and some people take them for granted or they are oblivious to that. I am not. Humor, punctuation and quirks are also included benefits. And they really have a wild side too but they are very on the low about it. I’m intrigued and I like the feeling. I guess my vesta, psyche and jupiter being in virgo are affecting how I feel about the sign. Also, this is my 3rd comment on this matter, wow.

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