Revealing Secrets About Your Progressed Moon

elsa with progressed moon in ariesIf you study astrology long enough, you notice things that are interesting but don’t necessarily show up in books. One of the things I’ve noticed is my appearance changes when my moon progressed to a new sign. It doesn’t make logical sense, however it happens.

That’s a picture of me when my progressed moon was in Aries. I did not set out to get boy hair, which is what I called it. I merely told my Gemini stylist to cut my hair however she liked. She said that long hair was boring, so she cut it.

I also took to wearing men’s watches at that time. I have no earthly idea why. The “Fight Crime” Batman watch you’ve seen recently, is one of them, but I had several. I didn’t see anyone doing this, meaning I wasn’t copying anyone. I just liked these watches and I am odd. I ran around like that for two years.

skirtI didn’t tie this to my progressed moon until my moon progressed into Taurus.  Venus-ruled Taurus and art?

I started dating a painter at that time. He influenced me greatly as this picture illustrates. He had me seeing life as painting… I was part of the landscape, see?  I could add or take away from the scenery.

You can see how dramatically different these perspectives are.  Aries, it was all about me and how I felt. With my progressed moon in Taurus it was about beauty.

You can see the earthiness in that picture…. and my feet! I wear a size 9 shoe, so yeah, they’re big!  But this reminds of a man who once looked at my feet and told me I had a “good grip on the earth” with such big feet!

You won’t believe what happened when my moon progressed into Gemini.  I got a scooter!

Yes, this blog used to be called, ElsaElsa – The Advice Blog.

This pattern has continued. This is coming up now because my progressed moon is about to change signs again.  I also have this, which is amusing: Princess Leia and her progressed moon.

Check out your progressed Chart here.

Have you noticed anything like this in regards to your progressed chart?

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  1. My progressed moon just changed last week to Gemini but I can definitely vouch for tendency towards weight gain and love of food when it was in Taurus.

  2. Progressed moon in pisces. Started with a severe sickness, triple virus or whatever ‘that’ was. Haven’t been so knocked out in years and not yet fully recovered after weeks. The nice thing is, it feels rather calm. This moon is good for my earth dominant chart.

    1. Same! When my progressed moon first entered Pisces I experienced a mysterious illness. I was too scared to get it checked out despite it lasting for months tho. It was the worst I ever felt in my whole life. I have natal 10 degree Pisces sun and 12 degrees Pisces IC. Got myself all worked up that it was the start of the end of my life but I’m starting to feel like this is the beginning of what I’m am suppose to be/came here for/seed of destiny kinda thing. Who knows🤷🏻‍♀️, I have short feet and DO NOT have a good grip on the earth.

      1. ‘It was the worst I ever felt in my whole life.’ Exactly! Hope you’re feeling better now and glad that you’re having intuition about your destiny. It takes time to figure things out through the neptunian blur, right? I have natal neptune conj rising and progressed rising in pisces is gonna come in a few years.🫣🌊

  3. Change should be good, seasons change everyone manages, I guess, I see people with a Christmas wreath still up?

  4. Oooh, I’m going to keep an eye on this! My p.Moon is currently in Libra, and I am wearing a bit of make-up for the first time in years, and my hair is looking unusually pretty! Thinking back, when my p.Moon was in Virgo, I was wearing quite plain, functional clothing, and when in Leo, I took to wearing quite colourful clothes, band t-shirts and the like. This is so interesting!

    1. Sounds good, moon in libra. I went crazy on buying earrings when moon progressed to libra. From one or two staple pairs to fill a box with them. And nice summer dresses. Plus relationship and going out with my friends. Most ‘social’ I’ve been with a natal capricorn moon. Kinda miss it.

      1. Yes, I’ve been investing in a lot of skincare – before, I was basically just using moisturiser. I must stock up on black eyeliner before my Moon moves to Scorpio lol!

        1. Ole, good luck with future progressed moon in scorpio. Mine was hard. And happy shopping and self-caring! Libra moon, wish your turn would come faster again, haha.

  5. I’m not sure if mine is in Sadie or cap . Based on me not being able to stop talking, hair purple, eyebrows immaculate, guess it hasn’t progressed . And no I don’t want to get a jobLOL

  6. Avatar
    Aquarius Lurker

    I wore Aerosole heels to a wedding! They were comfortable as advertised. Progressed moon in Virgo

  7. OMG I went back and looked at when I decided to let the grey grow out. Yep, the moon progressed into Leo a month after I said…. screw it! I’m done with chemicals!!

  8. Progressed Moon moved into Sagittarius in Dec.
    It is opposite my natal Moon in June. Emotions beginning to bubble. It is in the progressed 7h, with Venus progressed in Sagittarius there. By fall they will be conjunct. Peace will settle in by then lol, I just have to get through the next 3 months in one piece! 😄

  9. Hi Elsa,

    We’re progressed Moon twins. My Moon just progressed to zero ♑️ conjunct my natal Chiron. I suppose we’re to get our lunar considerations down to business; your Synastry class ? As I previously commented for seniors, I’m semi retired at 71 working part time weekends only.

    Good luck with your developing enterprise!

  10. My progressed Moon was in Taurus through first 18 months of lockdown. With 6 air planets , it was my saving Grace. I stayed home & made home & garden beautiful. The minute progressed moon shifted to Gemini the phone rang off the wall w long catch-up calls. Now it is halfway through Gemini & I had to put a limit on those – it was wearing me out- but tuned into long intense on-line Astro-summits. My writing assignments amped up & my brain co-operated! Funny aside, I was on a complicated Zoom lecture the morning Mars moved into Cancer after its zippy 7+ months in Gemini. The longer the talk went the more distracted & out of it the presenter & I became…It was like an air sign hangover as we all shifted to Mars in Cancer – great sign for spreading 15 bags of compost in garden it turns out. I also have noticed a change in appearance w Progressed Ascendant – Leo to Virgo to Libra.

  11. love that “good grip on the earth” because you wear a size 9 shoe. I wear a 10 1/2. I am going to use that 😉

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