Voice Of Mars: “I Am A Moron And…”

meth head“The girl in there, she was a meth head for sure,” the soldier said after leaving

‘How’d you know?”

“Oh, she was one of those all skinny, she was bony, she had those devices in her face and sores all over her.”


“Yeah, and she was scratching herself and you could see where she’d been scratching and the boss was standing right there looking at her too and I thought can you not see she she is meth head? I am a moron and I can see she’s a meth head.”


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    Yup. Interesting bit that flies under the radar in my state. The prison system is loosing huge amounts of money when meth-heads are incarcerated. One of the standard side effects of long-term use is the loss of teeth. Once in prison the state must pay for that dental care. So do meth long enough, get caught, get the government to pay for a set of dentures or a pile of crowns and don’t you look great.

    Frustrates me as I watch a local non-profit that provides dental services for free/low cost for children struggle to raise funds to keep their clinics open and staffed.

  2. I have a lot of empathy for those locked into addiction…it is a nasty version of life any way you slice it. However I recently learned that my close friend with diabetes has to pay for her insulin and other diabetic supplies (she has been diabetic since she was 7 years old) and my local heroin addicts get NEEDLES FOR FREE.

    Um, excuse me???????????????? It makes me so upset! @#$%$%

  3. they’re really easy to spot… once you know what it is you’re looking at.

    there’s also a certain way they move… it does some severe neurological damage so i guess maybe it effects coordination on some level as well?

    it’s one of the nastiest drug epidemics yet for the debilitating long term effects…

  4. I am bad, because I don’t have an addictive personality. I do know that only an addict can break the addiction. Also, meth is the nastiest drug that I have ever seen. Meth addicts become non functioning very quickly.

  5. anybody ever watched the “faces of meth” documentary? think that’s what it’s called; a cop started collecting booking photos or something of meth heads and the transformation is disturbing as hell. don’t know if that’s where the pic is from but it’s totally representative.

    when i worked in detox, i’d rather have 3 crackheads, a herion addict and a couple of schizophrenic alcoholics than 1 meth head. they were always the worst. between the skin-picking, the agitation and the paranoia. it made me anxious just being in the same room with one of ’em.

  6. JFC.

    The wife of a friend works in a burn unit. Meth cookers are always accidently lighting themselves on fire. 🙁

  7. It is sad, but I can spot them. They eventually get that jerky gait and twitchy movements. I think it stays even after they clean up.

  8. miss

    yes it does.
    knew one who’d cleaned up and started spotting them in the wild by realizing that they moved the way he did. took me awhile to figure out what was reminding me of him, but it was the gait… body language…

  9. Goddess I feel for you. I give you a lot of Kudos for trying to help them.
    I don’t sympathy for addicts.
    Once you spend time with there kids as teenagers and see how hard they have it. There parents squander them of a future. Once they became adults they have no support system the teenagers only have so much time to break the cycle before they become part of the cycle and it is really hard to do that when you have the extra baggage of a parent who is an addict…

  10. I lost my phone in my neighborhood last summer and I went around and knocked on doors seeing if anyone had picked it up. This one house, a woman answered and smiled at me with black teeth rotting right out of her head. A man came up behind her, very emaciated, worse teeth. Then a beautiful little blonde girl (had to be about 3 or 4) wandered up. They were very nice people, seemed very loving toward the child but God, I don’t know a worse drug and the worst part is it brands you for life. It shocked me right down to my boots.

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