Trying For A Baby… With Saturn In Pisces

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It’s common that women stress when they’re actively trying to have a baby. I worked with three woman in this situation over the last week.

Saturn in Pisces is exacerbating the problem on account of the nebulous fears associated with this placement, along with the morphing reality.  It goes like this:

We’re going to have a baby!
We’re never going to have a baby!
We’re having a baby!
We want a baby, so we’re not getting one.
We’re having a baby!
This isn’t going well. Maybe we shouldn’t have a baby…
We’re having a baby!

I think all three women are going to be able to get pregnant and have their babies, but they’re all riding these waves. The waves are normal but if you happen to be a Pisces… well, it’s quite intense right now. Virgo too, because Virgo worries.

Either way, it’s easy to slip on a banana peel and get extremely worried or depressed. And then the woman can start beating herself up. “I didn’t get pregnant because I worried and it messed up my body and I am an awful person and a terrible mother and that’s why, no baby for me!”

If you’re dealing with this, look into Saturn in Pisces.  It’s the reason you feel good then bad then good then bad. You’re not crazy and there are ways to alleviate this!

7 thoughts on “Trying For A Baby… With Saturn In Pisces”

  1. I have Saturn in Pisces in my chart and can relate heavily to feeling good then bad … then good.. then bad. Over and over forever 😆

  2. I have Saturn in Pisces, 29°, 12th house. So much fun!?! I’ll be having my second Saturn return, but I believe I’ve already began experiencing the emotional rollercoaster. I thought I’ve prepared for this, steeling up my emotions, crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s, metally and physically, nope. Saturn went into Pisces and I’m
    different emotionally and mentally. The current world events don’t help either, with having to worry about our money and freedom. Having six planets in water along with venus, mars, and my sun at 29°59’59” cancer doesnt help. All I can do cry till I laugh or laugh till I cry.

    I will be thinking about all my Saturn in Pisces brothers and sisters, over the next few years to remind myself I’m not alone.

  3. Can it be a figurative baby? Like a creative baby…or something hidden in plain sight for 30+ yrs coming to light finally …?

    Well it has…l drew it (a picture) yesterday. Found the translation connected to a rare 200+yr old image, l found in a junk shop in the 1980s, a few weeks ago (l love libraries 12 hse) and then a story about Mythical Female Monsters appears in the news today…

    Is this about Lilith ( some of you will know about her ‘she was made of the same stuff’ as Adam but was thrown out of Eden for being disobedient). Honestly, you can keep Eve–no personality, but she was dutiful and functional.

    l absolutely support women who want babies, l wish the government helped single mums more and as to married women suffering domestic abuse, l wish they were helped more too.

    l never married, no children by choice, l loved sex… sadly, l am not a lesbian…l believe desire for who one desires is a thing–it really is.

    So a little bit of Lilith/Lamia/Yawkwark and Medusa is me.

    And that is what l did with New moon Virgo 21 (6th house)

  4. Put one more to prayer list, my youngest son and his love are starting 8th year
    Of relationship ,ready ready for Baby
    Been trying a year to have baby
    And now found doc and bellied up to
    The shot a day in belly,I am praying
    Their angel ready to come to meet us!
    So hopeful , work in seeing one’s go
    Up and down, but we know the drill
    It’s work in progress, praying for you all
    Remember your prayers are heard and cared about!!

  5. Saturn will be in my Pisces 12th house for a while. My Ascendant is late degree Pisces. I am tired. I have been a pretty peppy woman up till now, But I turned 70 this summer, and a few physical changes and life challenges are showing me I am not as able as I was at 40 or even 50.. From 2020 to now has required the utmost faith, physical, spiritual and emotional strength I have ever had to muster.And some days (weeks,months) I did not do well. It took spiritual study, counseling,a naturopath,astrology,tarot, some magic, vitamins, an acupuncturist and sheer will, to carve out a new place to live in this Universe.. a place with challenges ongoing, related to 2020..that will not be solved.. just managed.I’m doing ok. 2023 brought new boundaries and strength and I feel I am on a path to a “new normal” ( I HATE THAT TERM but it kind of describes my Life now..).. My spiritual studies are deepening, I am spending much more time with creative pursuits..and like you have said elsa, I feel good then bad then good again in fits and starts.. it’s just the way it is for now. It takes more conscious effort to stay centered and productive, so i try to just do the work. And I days I just CAN’T I don’t beat myself up over it! FAITH and a gratitude practice help a lot. (Pisces rising!) My Cancerian Sun and stellium help me feel protected when I am just home,cozy with my spouse and my cats,reading, doing some astrology and tarot,,cooking and napping. Some days I can’t face the “world at large” and so I DON’T. Definitely living in “interesting times”

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