Voice Of Mars: What Do To When Your Brother Steals Your Girlfriend

Mars (violence, competition, Men) in aspect in Mercury (cars and siblings) boldly wrought. This is the soldier talking…

Yeah, my brother liked to mess with my women. He did it once and then he did it again so I ran over him,” he said.

“With a car? You ran over your brother with a car?’

“Yeah. It was a Volkswagen but yeah. I ran right over his ass in that thing.”

“How’d that go over?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know how it went over. He hasn’t messed with any of my women since but if he ever decides to I’m sure he knows I’ll run over him again.”

“Yeah?” I chuckled because I couldn’t help myself.

“Yeah. Except this time I’ll back up,” he said. “Make sure I get him.”

“You’d do that? You’re going to run over your brother a second time?”

“Hell yes, I’d do that. He’s my brother and I love him. But he’s going to be my dead brother who I love if he ever messes with a woman of mine again and this is just the way it is. How would you like it if someone did that to you?”

“Wouldn’t like it.”

“Well there you go. But this was a long time ago, P. We were teenagers when this happened. He hasn’t pulled anything since and I don’t think he will but he might.”

“He might?”

“Well yeah, he might. It’s in his nature. But if he does I’ll be getting in my truck goin’ after him and I don’t think anyone will be surprised, least of all him.”

I opened my eyes wide. “Okay, so it’s all above board then. He knows what to expect?”

“Hell yes, he knows. He knows how pissed I was. It’s hard to ignore when there’s a car sitting on top of you.”

I laughed till I cried.

2 thoughts on “Voice Of Mars: What Do To When Your Brother Steals Your Girlfriend”

  1. Well, fact is his brother was screwing his girlfriends. “He got away with it once. I let him get away but when he did it again, I really got pissed…”

    I think you might have to know the back story to see how funny this is. It’s a quirky family… I’ll just leave it at that. But man did I LMAO. Better than fiction, you know?

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