Astrology and Children: The Child With Pluto Conjunct Ascendant by Leni Sibilio

Check out The Child With Pluto Conjunct Ascendant by Leni Sibilio:

Leni writes:

“Very often, as parents, we don’t understand our children’s’ behaviour, especially if it is an “unexpected” or disruptive behaviour. As soon as we have a chart’s reading, Pluto conjunct Ascendant, can help us to learn how to use this powerful effect in our life, and our children. Unless we learn how to use this type of energy responsibly, it could create deep problems.

I think one of the most “intriguing” astrological charts is the one which shows Pluto close to the Ascendant. This aspect can leave parents quite upset forcing changes which are totally new and unplanned. When this happens, the child born with this planet in the rising sign is a force to be reckoned with, both in the environment and in our personal life. With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, your child will show an unusually intense approach to life….”

My daughter has Pluto conjunct her ascendant in Scorpio. I’d say she’s got this down.

Read the rest here:

The Child With Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

Any Pluto ascendant types around here? How do you feel this aspect manifested, particularly when you were a child?

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  1. Thanks for a fantastic link. My sister has Pluto conjunct her ASC as well as Sun and Moon in the 8th House. She was so sensitive my parents couldn’t even make a funny face or she’d burst into tears. However as a teenager and now adult she is extremely tough. One way this has played out, however, is that when she becomes stressed it becomes ‘internalized’ and her physical body will begin to ‘eat’ itself. Weight loss, blood loss, you name it. She always bounces back.

    Currently Pluto is sitting right on my ASC and the results are a little intense…*snickers all around*

  2. my son has a pluto/ascendant trine.
    he definitely is developing the brooding, has the death defying bit down (he’s a little mountain goat and always wants to take more risks than i’m willing to let him even though i let him do more than i would like because he carries it well) and has this mind boggling intensity and capacity to get people (especially random strangers) to do what he asks them to. i’ve already had to have a lot of talks with him about respecting other people and using his abilities responsibly. (we have a lot of talks about what constitutes a “hero” and a “bad guy.”) he’s only 4.

  3. My younger stepdaughter had Pluto in Libra conjunct her ASC . . . She totally manipulates her mom but ran into a brick wall attempting to pull that s**t with me (Mars/Mercury/ASC in Scorpio) . . . 🙂 She didn’t get anywhere with her very Aries dad whose Mars in Scorpio is in the 8th House either. Guess whose house she choose to live in after the divorce?! **grin**

    BTW, we get along very well now that she’s almost 30 yrs. And “Reformer” is exactly what she is – she’s going into politics to see if she can change the Health Care system in our state. It’s a phenomena to watch!

  4. my son is always crazy keyed into my emotional state. sometime better than i am. which the article addresses. honestly, i thought maybe all little kids do that, but i’m only a parent to one so i don’t have much room for comparison.

  5. My asc 11 virgo and pluto 25 virgo. My parents were peaceful and groovy boomers. I was a little warrior. And yes, I read their minds and “worked” them as a child.

  6. i have pluto in 1st, same sign, but not conjunct.

    no real “childhood” for me. people sometimes talk around me about how they miss the innocence and naive understanding they had when they were kids. i didn’t have that, was pretty much born old. even being a comedic gemini, i never flitted about. i’ve always been very steady, personally responsible, hyper-serious, and sensitive/deep… people my age have tended to hate (yes, hate) me for that, since i was “supposed” to be fun and superficial and stupid like they were.

    i have four planets in my first house, plus mars conjunct my ascendant, so i’m pretty sure this is heavily modified…

  7. Hmm.. I think I feel this way. I was always a very intense person, even when I was younger. I could be laughing and giggling one second, but would flare up any challenge or goings-on that I didn’t agree with the next. I always expected the best for myself and that I would push myself to the extreme to achieve that, and I could not/can’t understand people who don’t feel the same. Astrology has been interesting for me because it has shown me aspects of my personality that I wasn’t aware of before. This being one of the major aspects that I feel I can identify with. It seems pretty spot-on.

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