Voice Of Venus In Leo: Cheap People In All Their Guises

“Well I know why you don’t want to be around them even if you don’t,” I told the soldier regarding some people he knows. “They obviously like you tremendously. They want to be friends but they can’t manage it. I know why and it’s not because you’re anti-social.”

“You don’t think so?”

“No, hell no. You’d be friends with them but they’re just so cheap. They’re cheap and they’re greedy so you don’t want to know them but no one can figure it out. You can’t and they can’t.”

“Why not?”

“They can’t figure it out because they don’t know they’re cheap. Actually they do know but they think they hide it when actually it’s the first thing you see at least you do if you’re someone like me. To me their cheapness is glaring. It’s overpowering.”

“How so?”

“Well they both keep extending themselves but not really. For example they keep giving you junk,” I said with a snort. “What the hell is that? If you’re going to give someone something then give them something! But no! What they do is say, hey. We have this piece of junk. It’s a worthless piece of junk no one in their right mind would want and then they give it to you like it’s some kind of offering. Have you noticed this? How much junk have they given you and to no end? They given you junk three or four times and it’s had no effect. They don’t even have the sense to raise the ante so there is another reason to not like them – stupidity!”

He laughed. “You really think they’re that cheap?”

“Yes. They are totally cheap. And being not cheap is not something you can buy. It’s something you are that has nothing to do with money. They’re cheap in all ways for example how about the way they pick your brain? They are constantly picking your brains but they’ll be damned if they acknowledge you. Hell no. They have to think they are better than you. They have to maintain their superiority even though it doesn’t exist. Anyway, they have no idea of this, I’m sure”

I waited for him to say something but he was waiting for me to finish so I did.

“They have no idea they are transparent, I mean. They think they’ve got all the bases covered by giving you junk. I guess they think they are smarter than you though I have no idea how they could. But anyway, there is my explanation. They’re cheap as hell so no wonder we’re not running over there to spend time with them, why would we?”

“Why would we, P?” he said grinning wide.

“No reason. It’s bad enough you have to spend as much time with as you do. We don’t go over there because they’re greedy and we’re not. Both of us give, readily. People may not like what we offer but we give everything we have, it’s just the way we are. But anyway, I’m just telling you this because I really don’t think it’s you and you probably do think it’s you. I think you’d love to have some people to spend time with it just you don’t these people and if you’re wondering why, that’s it. They just want to suck. They just want to feed off you all they can and and it’s repulsive.”


“I think so and they have each other for validation so don’t expect growth anytime soon. As far as I am concerned they can pretty much be counted out. We’re not going to hang around people stupid enough to think we’re stupid are we?”

He snorted.

“Sorry, but I’m bored just thinking about it and anyway, it doesn’t matter. They are over there thinking they’re getting one over on you. It’s like stealing a dollar from a man who’d give you a million and whatever. Stupid is stupid, it’s common enough. This is not a new story, it’s an old one that bores.”

Know anyone like this?

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9 thoughts on “Voice Of Venus In Leo: Cheap People In All Their Guises”

  1. God I hate cheap people. And many times it just ties in to situations that become so ungracious. Eww. I would rather pay an entire bill for something than deal with cheapos.

    I don’t know if it is actually true, but I feel that economic cheapness often equates to emotional cheapness. And also, true generosity is not just monetary, and everyone has something to give. You truly can find something worth giving if you use your brain and heart. That’s why I don’t give anyone an “out”, and why I completely agree with you, Elsa.

  2. Fools Gold and not Real Gold. I love the banter you and Soldier shared today. That is the real stuff. Your story has been like FLOSS for my spiritual teeth. I’ve been chewing on the tough stuff of holding on to relationships/old friendships that keep catching in my teeth. Like chicken that I love eating in the evening, I think it’s lovely but late at night I feel something…caught in my back molars cramping my mouth.

    My life challenges old friends to be genuine. Being professionally expert counselors doesn’t = genuine gold. I’ve watched rich friends weasel out of promises when the price of staying true got too high. They sought the ‘reasonable/sensible solution” and consistently reflect CHEAP. When my needs become so different and my lifestyle polar to their accummulation, cheap friends aren’t able to give because they don’t get how tight they’ve really become.

    THANKS Elsa and Soldier FOR THE GOLDEN FLOSS… I’m taking this to my teeth.

  3. My hubby’s BF is… not cheap in this sense, but a penny-pincher. He’s so tight he squeaks. For example, he’s happy to let us drive him around and never offers gas money, but we’re supposed to offer him gas money (whether or not he accepts).
    It wouldn’t be so irritating, except that he “forgets” what he owes us while remembering what we owe him and it’s so clear to me that he’s manipulating my hubby and neither of them see it (friend professes innocence/ignorance if called out). Although, to be fair, after years of me pointing it out hubby’s started seeing it on his own.
    He buys frivolous gifts for his girlfriend then complains about being broke while we’re living hand-to-mouth and doing without TP. Oh, and BF let slip a few months ago that he’s got about a grand in savings. *fume*

    Okay, he’s cheap. Damned Libra wanted to be fair, though. 😉

  4. OMG my memory! It took me a more than a few seconds to remember who I was talking about when I wrote this. ::smiles:: But then I did and yes, this was exactly right.

  5. I always heard that Venus in Cancer can be cheap. I never realized it until i started dating a Venus in Cancer guy. holy smokers. Cheapest man I’ve ever met. No gifts, ever. Always tried to get out of paying for food. His friends all gave him grief for it too. He was very generous and loving otherwise though, so we all loved him, but the money thing drove me crazy and was a big part of our break up. I’ll always take special care in sussing out a Venus in Cancer next time.

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