Distorted Reality… Profound Confusion, Eccentricity… Gah

cavern.jpgThe soldier again with his memory… and my profound idiocy. We’re back in the bathtub of course:

“And you don’t remember going to Colossal Cave.”

“No. Now I don’t remember that at all. I mean you’ve told me but I barely, barely remember.”

“Well we went. We were there, P. Me and you, you were wearing your uniform. You know. That mustard-colored waitress uniform of yours?  You had that on.”

“What!” I was flabbergasted. “I went to Colossal Cave in a waitress uniform? Oh my God, what was wrong with me?”

“Nothing! Nothing is  wrong with you, P but yeah you were wearing your uniform and everyone kept saying, hi to you.  Hi, Elsa, Hi Elsa. Hiiiii,Elsa.”

I looked at him queerly.  “What? Why?”

uhura.jpg“Because you were wearing your uniform!  And it had a tag right here,” he said, touching his chest. “The tag said hi, I’m Elsa.” He beamed. “Yep, that’s what your tag on your uniform said so everyone kept saying, hi Elsa, hi Elsa and you didn’t know what  was going on. You couldn’t figure out how everybody knew you,” he said, grinning.

I put my head in my hand as the memory came back. “Oh for crying out tears, what am I doing going to a tourist attraction in a waitress uniform?  Did I have no consciousness at all of how to act? Apparently not.  Just drop her in town from the desert and look what she does, the freak.”

“Ah, P, there was nothing wrong with it. We went out there after work is all. I picked you up from work on the bike. We were trying to hurry and get out there before they closed.  We didn’t know there was anything wrong with it. Is there something wrong with it? There was no PC back then. If there was PC, we didn’t know about it. I don’t think either one of us had any idea how we were supposed to act. We never worried about it. We never worried anything, me and you.”

“No, I guess not,” I said, still trying to imagine myself in the middle of the cave tour group wearing my mustard colored waitress uniform with the buttons popping off because I was getting so fat unbeknownst to me.

kaleidoscopes.jpg“Yeah, we never worried about anything ever. I guess we should have worried more huh, P?”

“I have no idea.”

“Yeah, but anyway they told us no one ever found the gold in that cave so then I got all interested. I wanted to go out there when they were closed and get that gold.  Me and you, P. Let’s go get the gold while nobody’s lookin’.  Just about had you talked into that too.”

I can’t tell you how disorienting it is to hear all this stuff. It’s happy but bizarre. You know those kaleidoscopes you look into? That how it is in my head when he talks.

How well do you remember things? Where is Neptune in your chart?

16 thoughts on “Distorted Reality… Profound Confusion, Eccentricity… Gah”

  1. Neptune in the 12th, and I don’t remember half of anything.

    My brother recently put up a bunch of pictures from a trip we took together in 2004 and I had forgotten all the places we went . . next I saw him I was all “D! Wow! good times! That weekend was such a blast and I’d forgotten” and he reached over and patted me on the head, as he often does, “We were there for a week and a half . .”

    I keep lots o’records because I have a virgo moon and I hate forgetting all the important stuff with my friends and family, and I’ll often be surprised when I go through my photo albums. “Whoa! Hey! Awwwwwwwww . .”

  2. I’ve got Neptune in the 12th like Foxxy, but I’d say I remember loads and loads of details…and things people do not.
    But I relate to what you were writing before about Venus/Neptune because I often remember things in emotion.

    When I forget, I really, I mean really forget. I forgot until I was about 27 that my Uncle lived with us for an entire year. It felt like a blip in time. I also have 3 siblings, and we fill in gaps for each other on the home front. Of course, our parents remember nothing. 😉

  3. Ah! So THAT’S why I’m such a dingbat! Remember Aunt Clara from the old Bewitched? That’s me,and yes I have Neptune in the 12th in Scorpio.

    There are whole years from my childhood that I don’t remember. And I have done a great deal of travel, and remember very little of the places I’ve been, just the things/people I connected to emotionally. Wow – it’s nice to know why, after all these years. I thought I was just a dingbat. Distorted reality – I can relate Elsa. The sort of stories with you and the Soldier – happens to me too all the time – and all this time I just thought it was all the pot I smoked in the days of my misspent youth (smile).

  4. Gosh, that’s weird. I think I have a pretty good memory, especially for visuals, smells, faces, voices and details, but not verbal stuff. And definitely anything with emotional content leaves a lasting mark. Like you Kashmiri I tend to remember and retain the stuff others don’t. I have a hard time forgetting. Neptune in the 6th conjunct Cap Moon on the DC, unaspected Pisces Mercury in the 9th.

  5. I’m in charge of remembering things for my childhood friends. What weddings we were in, what the dresses looked like (I’ve saved there butts a few times with that info). What everyone’s nickname was and why etc. I know what I wore for the first day of elementary school and high school and where the clothes came from.

    The things I’m best at remembering are numbers for some reason. Neptune in the sixth house.

  6. My memory is stupidly good, but no one believes me about it. *lol*

    Neptune in sixth, trined my Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction, sextiling my Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunction.

  7. Funny about memory, looking through the water everythings kinda … watery.

    With more decades memory gets yeh, kalidescopic and watery. Neptune is in Libra in House of philosophy for me. So I’m always open to exploring what makes sense to me and just to make sure I’m checking philosophy out with lots of other people. I love storytelling and listening to good ones. Not so much ‘asking’ but checking how they really live their memory of what happens, how come and with who…mmm.

  8. Neptune/moon 7th Sadge. I remember things uncannily well to the point where it sometimes bothers people …. but I forget shit like where I left my keys 2 minutes ago. Go fig!

  9. Neptune in Sagg in the 5th. I have a pretty good memory, but it doesn’t matter– my Virgo/3rd house Moon trine Taurus/11th house Mercury has had me keeping a detailed journal since I was a child. Who needs memory when you have obsessive journaling!

  10. depends on what it is. i can be spacy for little things (i have neptune square my ascendant) but i’ll remember important things for ever and ever (taurus mercury sqaure saturn….)

  11. I remember some details about things very clearly, and others just leave my brain, never to return. Sometimes I think it has to do with how closely I was paying attention at the time. How can you remember what you never computed in the first place?

    I can’t remember exact quotes people said, but I can remember the sentiment behind the quote. I can remember that you like your coffee with 2 sugars, but I can’t remember that you go bowling on Mondays (or was it Tuesdays). I think I block out scheduling stuff because I’m repulsed by schedules even though they’re necessary.

  12. Ohh Elsa, its soo good to find other people relating to these blips in memories!! Yes, I am one those people who have certain episodes wiped from their memories, its good I have a younger brother with memory as sharp that I often joke that if he tries hard, he would also remember his past lives.. lol.. he keeps reminding me our childhood stories and jokes and it feels good to be touch with a lost part of my life again..
    i have neptune in 12th in Sag. Are there any specific neptune placements which result to such brain fog!?

  13. Avatar

    It’s always nice when someone close to you remembers you in a quirky but positive way you completely forgot about, and when you can do it for that person.

  14. Neptune in opposition to Mercury – both in Mars-ruled signs – so I’m totally delighted to have found this blog post. 🙂

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