Weekend Love Forecast – Escape Room Shenanigans

saturnFriday night the Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron, then retro Mercury, then the Sun, all in Mars-ruled Aries. In other signs, this might sound like light, fun-filled shenanigans, and even now that’s part of it.

However, with retro Mercury and Chiron in Aries and the mischievous Moon in Gemini, we’ve got trickster energy afoot. It’s the sort of evening that draws you into a time-sensitive puzzle, like a real world escape room. Something you’ve set up in the past comes around to nip at your heels, and only in readdressing the situation (with concrete action and clever on-your-feet problem solving) will you put the path right. But on the plus side: it should still be fun.

Gemini squares Pisces, and the Gem Moon perfects a square to Pisces-ruler Neptune by Saturday morning (building all night). I just had a bit of a flood, but your mileage may vary. Quick to respond is the mood, even when irritated. Quick to forget is the medicine. Be like a goldfish.

Saturday night, the Moon in Cancer quincunxes Pluto in Aquarius; it then goes on to conjoin Vesta and head into square with Venus in Aries. This is quite the MOOD. Geysers and tempers of unexpected importance erupt from outside your personal sphere. Remember to breath: control your breath, and it will settle your tummy. Give up the goal of controlling anything else, at least in the short term. Take care of first things first; and if you can, release your attachment to the outcome in the moment. The mood is not YOU; let it flow through you.

In any case, your mood IS important to you, and passion improves the quality of your attachments. Lean into the purity of that passion and it can spark a primal refinement in your personal outcomes. Neil Gaiman said: “Biting’s excellent. It’s like kissing – only there’s a winner.”

Sunday morning, the Cancer Moon perfects its square to Venus. Take things as they come but prioritize needs over wants… unless you can stay on your feet and take things on the run: boom, boom, boom. One after the other. It’s challenging, but satisfying.

The Moon goes on to trine Pisces Saturn and Mars in the afternoon: You may not notice when things go from frenetic to a smooth and metered flow. Challenge can lead to ease and joy when we persist and carry on.

Sunday night, the Cancer Moon heads into square with the nearly exact retro Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aries, then into sextile with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. While we may struggle internally with the exact configuration of details that delay our perfect mental health, BIG THINGS are on their way. Inklings of the big things mix it up with the why of what we’re holding back. Stay invested, but listen with curiosity.

Do you have any weekend plans? How was your eclipse experience?

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