Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon Eclipse In Taurus

Jane treesFriday night is perfect for late October spooky times! The active Aries Moon conjoins the north node, pulling us toward the seemingly inevitable future. Its innate connection to Mars draws in the seasonal trifecta of Sun-Mercury-Mars in Scorpio. A late-night square to Pluto seals the deal.

Feel like trotting out after dark to hunt down the source of the itch you just can’t scratch? Unmasking a shadowy figure that throws clues to all the drama of the day and the long line of dramas that preceded?

And I’d have done it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

Late Friday, the Moon moves to Taurus, Venus-ruled and setting off the applying trine of Virgo Venus to retro Uranus in Taurus. The Moon starts out in sextile to retro Saturn before heading toward opposition with the Scorpio Sun. It’s traction for a big mood, and that mood is electric – picking up on change to a charged desire.

Mars perfects its opposition to retro Jupiter on Saturday morning. Catch a clue, catch a runner, catch on to the big picture… Mercury also applying in opposition to Jupiter and conjunction to Mars is set to take it all in. In order to catch, you have to try. Trying is not optional, but the motivation and the skills are there.

Afternoon takes the Moon into exact opposition to the Sun for the full moon eclipse in Taurus. The Sun’s close proximity to the nearly exact Mercury-Mars conjunction mirrors the Moon’s impending conjunction to retro Jupiter. It’s as though invisible hands frame and aim the perfect shot. Perhaps we’re taking out what stands between us and an improved situation. Or perhaps it’s the addition of that material that adds up to a win. We shall see.

Saturday night’s past-full Taurus Moon heads into opposition with Mercury and conjunction to Jupiter as they perfect their own opposition. The Moon then heads into opposition to Mars, all exact overnight: another perfectly lovely spooky night full of Venus-fueled delights and surprises. Does it feel bloody? Perhaps, but in a spine-tingling way that charges the body with a spectacular power from the future. Past into the future, I suppose. Are you the chasing or the chased? That distinction matters here.

Sunday morning, Mercury makes its exact conjunction to Mars, and the Taurus Moon trines Venus. Perhaps a cuddle up, but it won’t be sweet nothings being whispered; it’s pithy, tickly plans for invasion. I guess it’s sweet-ish somethings, because this influence means business.

The Moon then moves to conjoin retro Uranus and sextile retro Neptune by nighttime. It heads into trine with Pluto, exact overnight. Sunday’s Taurus Moon keeps the party going, a powerful mood of a tangible, rising phoenix.

The full moon eclipse takes place at 5 degrees Taurus. Where does that hit your chart? Does it feel frightening or pleasurable, a THRILLER perhaps? Do you have any weekend plans?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon Eclipse In Taurus”

  1. Good morning Satori!
    I love what you’ve captured in words about this magnificent weekend. Just a note, the moon will be 5° Taurus, not Aries. I knew you would want to make the correction. Thank you!

  2. The eclipse lands at the midpoint of my natal Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio/3, squaring my Saturn/12. Fun. Uranus currently conjunct my natal Moon. The eclipse is also taking place on my progressed ascendant/descendant with prigressed Saturn on prig midheaven. Whew.

  3. Well this is a surious weekend but personally I hope my 4° Taurus rising means some type of change entering my life. I’m tired of being single. Oh, one can only dream.

  4. this eclipse hit my sun and Saturn… i really hope it brings new things in my life. i have been stuck in difficult situations this year and I need good things to happen 🙏

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