Mid February 2024 – Erratic Not Tragic

feb 16 2024You’re looking at the chart of February 16th, late in the evening.  Please click to enlarge.

Note the Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction as well as the exact Mercury Uranus square.

The moon is also applying to square Saturn.

Excuse me, but this looks quite eventful to me, especially if planets in your natal chart are impacted.

Please note, the sudden happening is not necessarily negative!  But come on! I don’t think this is nothing.

I am living with a 2 degree Taurus sun, aspected by the Aquarius stellium in the early degrees. His Scorpio moon is aspected by the Aquarius planets at later degrees, as well as the planets in Taurus.

If you think I can feel this quaking, you’re right!

It’s positive that Mars is well aspected here, as is Saturn, for the most part.  Based on these things, I expect the days around this time to be erratic, but not necessarily tragic.

I admit, I may have wishful thinking, but I’m also optimistic by nature and I have laid out my case here.

What do you see in this chart?

13 thoughts on “Mid February 2024 – Erratic Not Tragic”

  1. Aquarius planets…they fall in my 8h…and I finaly got my self and kids a new home, cheeper but way better logistic …transit Saturn on MC, opp my Moon,square my Neptun in 6h… in 2025 tr. Saturn will square natal Saturn in 12h and conj tr. Mercury, Venus, Sun in 10h…what to expect Who knows… I had to be totaly realistic right now, with logic and matematics thinking… It helped. Since Pisces…And sports too…natal Mars in Cap in 8h sextile this Pisces bunch.. Last years taste of Saturn&Pluto before Rx got me thinking and organising a Lot…preparing for what i knew will come …yours post Elsa about keep your shit together and dont leave the boat helped a Lot…as the red line.. keep it as simple as possible, low profile, fight for what you need for living, show your strenght… work hard, rest, know your borderline…know thy friends&allyes…Pisces here speaking with stelium in 10h
    in 3 decade…dealing with Saturn, 50 years old…apply life expiriences I would say…with aqua involved be detached …look from above…dont get too emotional…walk in nature…I may be one of those that think Life should be trusted after all…I like the feeling it is possible to trust. It comforts me. Blessings

      1. Good luck, Elsa on you & your Soldier! Blessings…coudle as much as possible…it helps so much…the release body gets.. just by massage…its healing…take your time… 🙏

  2. Thanks a lot:) it will be very much ok and that is fine as possible…at one time I was thinking of leaving the job. For better salary, but less free time..got children .. searching for advice…got it here…stay on the boat but dont be numb…act when needed… I really like this blog 🙂

    1. That’s great, Ali. Yes, I’ve been applying ‘Stay on the boat’ since Elsa mentioned it (thanks, Elsa). Husband and I have a long awaited bucket list trip coming up shortly, but we both have sudden, serious health issues that are threatening to derail it, and there is so much uncertainty…it feels like living two extremes at the same time. My 8th house Aqua Mars (square 5th house Scorp Venus) and 2nd house Taurus Saturn (opposite 4th house Jupiter) are quaking right now.

  3. Thinking about a Venus Mars conjunction and remembering that during Venus retrograde that they did not ever meet I went on a hunt. This last cycle of Venus Mars, because of each having a retrograde, has been quite long. Their last conjunction was at 0* Aquarius March 6, 2022.
    Anyone have thoughts on this? Happenings from that time completing/changing now?

    1. Venus and Mars nearly reached a conjunction in Leo last summer 2023. They got to nearly 3°orb of a conjunction, however Mars sped off into Virgo, and Venus stationed retrograde, so the connection was missed.

      Once Venus went direct, it started to play catch up with Mars, nearly forming a sextile during late 2023, but missed again.

      So it could be a case of missed connections that reconnect finally, when Venus and Mars finally meet (and are joined by Pluto).

      The fish who got away last summer, may be caught this time! Especially as Pluto rules resurrection and rebirth, things under the surface that rise up. Which is why the Judgement card in Tarot is ruled by Pluto. And is on the 0° point, so whatever resurfaces arises under new energies.

      As it’s always mentioned on this site, beware of the corpses. Zombie fish? 😂

  4. When you play chess – particularly the movement of the knight piece – you have the ability to kinda step in between any n all power struggles, make your move and then gallop away virtually unscathed.
    All the planets now are just outside or around points of contact in my chart.
    It’s happening in such a way that none of these stelliums will hit me at once.
    But they WILL hit me consecutively. As soon as one thing ends the next will either overlap or some immediately after.
    My chart is loaded with Leo, Aquarius and Gemini and anchored by a Taurus Sun.
    Other than the obvious square (and later) oppositions this is all trines n conjunctions. All kinda empowering.
    The Neptune thing has been a bit of annoyance albeit unavoidable yet strangely enlightening squaring up my Venus.
    I just hope my trust steed doesn’t get shot down leaping between all this solidly fixed activity

  5. ugh. This almost exactly aspects my natal Mars in Virgo 12th house square Saturn in Sag 3rd house and so is opposite Mars and square Saturn. Saturn has been bobbling around this aspect for much of this year and it finally! moves on shortly after that conjunction with Venus, Mars and Saturn. I’m counting the days….

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