Weekly Forecast: April 22-26, 2024 – Full Moon in Scorpio

Zac love supremeIn the last few days of Mercury retrograde in Aries, Mercury makes no new aspects. It does, however, hang around near the north node as it stations and turns. Aries sign ruler Mars spends the week drawing closer to Neptune in Pisces.

Unknowns, pursuing the mystery, we’re actively cranking through the data, but the other shoe will take some time to land. The takeaway is clear, though: Keep your mind and senses active. Divine guidance will lead us where we need to go (to find out). Walk and think. Talk and think. Go back over what you’ve got, and do it again in case something stands out.

Monday’s Libra Moon opposes retro Mercury then goes on to oppose Chiron and Libra-ruler Venus as well. Consider relationships. Examine the state of your one-on-one interactions. Elsa once told me of one measure of a valid relationship: “Are you still learning?” Also, between getting what you want and getting what you need… does the ratio balance well enough? Nothing’s perfect at any given moment, but notice if things are out of wack. Who is generally the one that gets their needs met? Who gets their preferences deferred to?

Tuesday morning, the Libra Moon moves to watery Scorpio and into square with sign-ruler Pluto. It then goes on to oppose the Taurus Sun, the full moon. The full moon is EXTRA, extra volcanic, extra transformative. Change is the order of both overtones and undertones, and yet this t-square takes place in all fixed signs: an electric earthquake heralds a flood of emotion. Even when we know, we can still be surprised by the magnitude.

Tuesday’s full moon breaks the tension of necessary metamorphosis. We need this change. Wherever change has been needed but avoided, this shift offers relief. Relief is not always pleasurable, but it can be. It’s needed.

Wednesday’s Scorpio Moon trines Saturn in Pisces, and we slow our roll. We take the time we need to heal. If you can’t do that? You’ll find it happens anyway. Water wins… in time.

On Thursday, the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and Jupiter as Mercury stations direct in Aries. The Scorpio Moon goes on to trine Mars and Neptune. As we’re reminded of the realities of the big changes asserting themselves in our lives, supporting evidence begins to order itself in actionable sequences. Don’t press the matter till it does, however. Allow things to flow organically. There’s time. Have faith.

Thursday evening, the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, from water to fire. The Sadge Moon sextiles Pluto, still hot from the full moon t-square. Passion erupts in meaning and hope.

On Friday, the Sadge Moon burns freely through the day, a great mood to run up the score on new projects. By the nighttime, the Sagittarius Moon heads into trine with newly direct Mercury and square to Saturn, exact overnight. Plan first, proceed with caution. It’s a fabulously social environment, however, so the planning part is exciting!

The full moon takes place at 4 degrees Scorpio on Tuesday. Where does this fall in your chart?

9 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: April 22-26, 2024 – Full Moon in Scorpio”

  1. Not sure where it stands but
    Grew up with Scorpio Dad
    Wild ,unforgiving, a child hiding in the grass crying kinda afraid to be sensitive , my Dad ,My Mama Leo Wild
    Thoughtful.Patience I have learned produces Miracles.Be patient
    Grasshoppers!In thru the nose out thru the mouth.For me I fast, I usually wait to eat till just before dark, makes my life so much more simple easy don’t think about any kind of food. I just marvel at the Day.
    Most days with great calm no headache no nervous no anxious
    Just 1 more storm.⛈️

  2. Full moon is in 10th house. However it squares the Jupiter in Leo (at 3 degrees) so I know there is a change/transformation that is necessary…it is coming ready or not?!

  3. Oooh, I vibe with this week…….

    Tuesday DEFINITELY had the feeling of “we are being guided towards where we need to go” …
    It definitely felt that way. I ran into a stranger who told me something which right felt like “ahhhh, NOW it makes sense. Of course this is the way” as soon as he said it.

    I believe this is one of the ways the universe helps us and guides us: By sending people to us, who will propel us towards our next level in our soul’s journey and act as a leverage/helping hand with their, effort and energy.

    It definitely felt rather NN fateful-ish/Jupiter-Uranus ISH as well as full moon in Scorpio-ish, as I have 4 personal planets in the sign, 9th + 10th.

    14 years ago something similar with profound effect happened in my life, and was had a remarkable effect on my career. I think this conjunction thingy with Jupiter/Uranus was also 14 years ago last time, right?

    Also: Aquarius ASC, it is personal fast-forward development for sure.

    On the day of the event, I sat down to meditate and saw myself in a beautiful shallow/tropical water, a then a dolphin came to me.
    Next thing I saw, it carried me in record speed forward through the water towards… Something, and I dunno what, but I will probably find out. The person I met definitely had a “dolphin-like” energy vibe.

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