Weekly Forecast: March 25-29, 2024 – Post-Eclipse Upgrades

Wee early Monday, the Libra Moon opposes the Aries Sun across the Moon’s nodes: the eclipse. The Moon goes on to conjoin the south node, the point of a yod with the past-exact Venus-Jupiter sextile. We have to detach from what’s holding us back if we want to make a grab for something more. It all must balance.

By that time, Pisces Venus moves into orb of sextile to Taurus Uranus. We move through wanting more to discerning what that more ought to be. It could be ANYthing, something different. It’s a shake up (through Thursday). Why limit yourself when you don’t have to? Maybe what we need, what we want… is a change.

In any case, what we value is the upgrade. Dream big, then experiment with the options. Try them on.

Tuesday’s Libra Moon opposes Chiron in Aries and expands its yod to Venus and Uranus. Chiron is like an arrow loaded in a Venus-Uranus bow in order to shoot the Moon. Experimentation is how we learn what we like. Once we try a few things… they work or not, but do they satisfy? The Moon goes on to oppose Aries Mercury. Do they? Weigh them, feel them, test them. It’s immediately apparent.

On Wednesday, the Scorpio Moon squares Scorpio ruler Pluto in Aquarius. Rise and slay! Intensity can be annoying when you want to flow smoothly under the radar, but it’s easy to put that in your wake as the Moon slips into trine with Pisces Mars. Make tracks, beat feet (fins?), and go where the urge takes you. Do you feel like dancing? Sliding gracefully through the day. You don’t have to worry about taking it too far as the Moon perfects a trine to Saturn overnight. Good ballast makes good boundaries.

Thursday morning, the Scorpio Moon finishes its trine to Pisces Saturn and moves through an opposition to Taurus Jupiter. It then trines Venus and opposes Uranus (in the wake of their exact sextile). All that experimentation? How does it feel NOW? What kind of feedback are you getting as you try on new desires? What do you want more of, and what could you do without? How are you received by others?

Venus moves further from Saturn and closer to Neptune (all in Pisces). We go from extreme to extreme, leveraging the middle in miracle-izing hopes and dreams. But reality can morph sometimes as boundaries dissolve.

On Friday, the Moon continues through the end of Scorpio, trining Pisces-ruler Neptune on the way. Dreams and schemes are perfect for a creative mood, as Aries Mercury paces ahead – working out next moves.

By afternoon, the Moon moves to Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and a feisty sextile to Pluto. The mood benefits from both height and depth, as well as fuel to fire. Manipulate, be manipulated, all in good fun and feeling ALIVE. By nighttime, the Sadge Moon squares Mars in Pisces and the drive falters. The heart is raring to go, but the follow through is soft. How do you push a noodle? I guess you dry it out: heat or time. Or you drag it.

The full moon eclipse takes place at 5 Libra early Monday. How are you feeling?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: March 25-29, 2024 – Post-Eclipse Upgrades”

  1. ive been so tired and sleepless…the lunar eclipse? kept me up all night…Im in Australia so I assume its tonight?

  2. I was soooo lethargic last week!
    It seriously felt like a mental hangover.

    I think it’s the aftermath of a very long period with a lot of stress/anxiety – and then, when the stress goes, you are dealing with the consequences.

    It took me 4 days to come back to myself. Around Friday, last week, I finally felt like my old self. It was darn annoying!

    My NN and SN is around 5 degrees of Cancer/Cap – but moon, Pluto and Saturn is in Libra, but in the later degrees. This weekend has been awesome – lots and lots of stuff getting done, getting rid of and thrown away/passed to recycling.

    It is always such a relief, like an invisible weight you have carried with you, while not knowing it has been weighing you down

    Cleaning out the basement is healthy and needed, and what better time to do it than at a Virgo moon!

    I have had some breakthroughs in regards to my job situation last week as well. It involves a lot of fears, but these can be worked on. I have Jupiter and Uranus on my MC/10th + 12th house. I really hope Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini will provide me with a chance for lift-off.

  3. My libra is 3 degrees in my natal chart and I had a restless, short sleep. Woke up at 3-4am and have felt super tired. Struggled to get out of bed today

    Feels like there’s a weighted blanket on me

  4. I keep waking up at 3am – 4am as well this week. Feel so tired and frazzled. Finally got some down time but finding it hard to relax. Plus Mercury retrograde is already making itself known 🙄 issues with a delivery parcel gone awry!

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