Mercury Retrograde: April 1, 2024 – I’m Liking It!

mercury-tiepoloMercury will turn retrograde in Aries in the evening on April Fool’s Day. There is a lot of vague fear out there.  Don’t use this event to gaslight yourself. It’s normal to reflect.

Mercury in Aries love a mental challenge and while you may not like moving in reverse, “retreating” is often a tactical move.  I have Mars conjunct Mercury natally so I really relate to this. I’m currently brainstorming and to be candid, I’ve not had success! Consequently, I’m a bit relieved, I’ll be backing up rather than moving on, without having prevailed!

Mercury’s retrograde motion will also involve it in the April 8th eclipse.  This also pleases me. I take it as extra energy, reinforcements arriving to assist my mental effort.  If a feeling (moon) triggers (Aries) my thinking (Mercury), that’s just fine.  The sun is creative. I’ll add that to team, without hesitation!

I think it will be interesting and fast; like when someone throws a ball at you, “THINK FAST!”

You almost always catch it, right?

Don’t dream up, failure (Saturn in Pisces).

Try planning to win by taking a convoluted path (also Saturn in Pisces) with fun surprises on the way (Jupiter Uranus).


4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: April 1, 2024 – I’m Liking It!”

  1. Sometimes you got to go back to go forward!

    I know a lot of the Mars/Aries/Mercury vibe don’t like it probably… But I’d say “Hey, sign me up!”

    What I don’t like, however, is the backwards motion when in transit. As in, under transportation… Cars, trains, whatever. For some reason, my local train system ALWAYS gets into trouble when Mercury is Rx. They must have a founding chart that is seriously complicated, and probably involve lots of mercury placements/aspects, as well as retrograde motions.

    I know, it is their prerogative after all, it’s trains and Mercury rules transportation. But dang, no other transport system in my country seems equally as f*cked when Mercury Rx comes around….

    Maybe it’s because the public budgets don’t allow space for fixing these issues, and then they just keep getting worse and worse, and every retrograde just makes the issues worse and worse.

    With this one, I expect that electric devices will probably go out because they “burn down” – the heat is too much, so they burn the chips, so to speak.

    Also a good time to check for possible weak spots in electric lines before your house burns down, eh?

  2. That’s the day my husband and I plan on signing up for a marketing class because we’re having a difficult time with our business right now. Even though Mercury will be retrograding will this be a good time for it? We are having to rethink and come up with a new strategy for getting more customers. We started this business last year and still trying to figure things out.

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