Weekly Forecast: September 25-29, 2023 – Aries Full Moon

moon-sunMonday morning, Virgo Mercury finishes up its long held trine to retro Jupiter in Taurus. We’re gathering a bounty of details and finding meaning. We’re also making something of all that input. Mercury spends the rest of the week moving through the midpoint of the ongoing sextile of Leo Venus and Libra Mars. Our little miracle machine now has a filter.

Monday’s Aquarius Moon squares retro Jupiter and goes on to sextile retro Chiron. The mood suffers a bit of a disconnect as we get into our head, or as we get lost in the vast terrain of necessity. Keep your eyes on the prize or you’ll miss the chance to pop a formerly missing piece into place. If it doesn’t fit the first time, turn it another way and try again. There’s no need to force it!

The Aqua Moon trines Mars and opposes Venus overnight: fruitful dreams… or if you’re up – a productive moment of fun. In any case, by morning we’re feeling a bit better about ourself.

Tuesday morning, the Aquarius Moon squares retro Uranus then passes through the midpoint of the Neptune-Pluto sextile. Feel free to go full distracted scientist. You never know what you’ll turn up, but there’s plenty to grab – right out of the air. The Moon moves to Pisces in the afternoon, watery and emotional but stabilized in a conjunction to retro Saturn. The morning cooks and experiments, the afternoon “sinks in”.

All week long, Virgo Mercury heads into trine with retro Uranus, exact on Friday. That’s the strongest aspect it makes now, but it also begins an opposition to retro Neptune and a trine to retro Pluto – so a wide or loose kite with earth and water placements. The lead in puts emphasis on experimentation and trying on all kinds of angles in our approach. The overall project is in processing the grand changes taking place for us individually and as a collective.

Some of this change is conscious and specific, but much of it is subconscious or divinely inpspired. All of it is volcanic and all encompassing. Mercury trine Uranus brings something concrete and NEW. A surprise.

On Wednesday, the Pisces Moon sextiles retro Jupiter and opposes Virgo Mercury. The mood ramps up early, a rocket out of the fog. It then highlights the sparkling intricacies of that emerging kite. Our emotional reactions to the facts are something that may have been missing. It’s a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be daunting.

Thursday morning, the Pisces Moon goes on to sextile retro Uranus as well, and to oppose the midpoint of the Venus-Mars sextile. Our feelings not only have great value, but we might be surprised at how well they compliment our progress in getting the ball rolling in love and desire. There’s no more compelling element to pleasure than connection and the ineffable poetry of spirit. Confidence is compelling, and the confidence of water is silent but overwhelming.

Later, the Moon conjoins Neptune and sextiles Pluto – more poetry, depth and breadth. The Moon shifts to Aries and heads into opposition with the Libra Sun, exact overnight. The full moon! This full moon is ruled by Venus and Mars, direct and in sextile while Mercury mediates. Something ends. That something is the extra that keeps us from balance.

That doesn’t mean it is unwanted. But it does mean IT HAS TO GO. It may in fact be warmly cherished. This is no mystery. We’re doing as we must. It’s simple. It should be simple. Still, nothing is simple when it is a part of us. But that’s what we’re doing now; we’re taking the necessary next step.

Friday the Moon moves through Aries. It heads into conjunction with retro Chiron by nighttime. Midday, Venus perfects its long-term square to retro Uranus. It’s an abrupt change and an unsettling reminder that life is all about change. In order to get some things we give up others. How far we’ve come on that is reflected in how well we acclimate to the necessity. It’s okay to have a reaction. It’s even better if we grow through it.

Nature fills a vacuum; we are tasked to create one.

The full moon takes place early Friday at 6 degrees Aries. Where does that hit your chart?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: September 25-29, 2023 – Aries Full Moon”

  1. This moon hits my natal South Node at 8′ Aries in the first house. A lovely trine to a Leo Venus/Mars/Uranus conj. in the 6th. A trine to natal Sag moon at 4′ in the 9th house. Trines are good so I’ll be optimistic.

  2. This Full Moon! Whoa. Aries Moon conjuncts S Node in my 1st H so Libra Sun conjuncts my N Node in 7th. I… have no idea what’s going to happen. I keep reading that “something” ends.

    1. Snap! I also have the same aspects, Full Moon conjunct South node, with Sun conjunct North Node, exact as well. But different houses.

      I’ve already had the endings and beginnings, which I feel are the Eclipse energies drawing in, but not sure what will happen next either! Are there plot twists to come?

  3. This FM is right on my natal moon at 6 Aries, 10th H. Fri morning UK time. Sextile 5 Gem sun. Out for dinner with family Fri evening, job interview Tues. Might need to keep my cool on both occasions! (FM – maybe it stands for fabulous meal for one foul-mouthed, feisty mother?! Hope so!)

  4. Good Luck Margolis. Full moon falls in my 3rd house but will affect 4th house as well. Yes I need to keep cool and not get emotions the better of me!
    I hear you.

  5. full moon hits my venus rx/merc conj (6 and 8deg respectively). in my 12H… I’ve said goodbye to the old already but I guess I must say farewell to the new as well… let’s see how it goes..

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