What Are Early, Mid Or Late Degrees Of A Sign?

Hi Elsa,

You talk about having planets the early, mid- and late degrees of the signs. Can you explain what the ranges are for early, mid- and late?

Thanks from New York

Good question!

There are 360 degrees in a circle / 360 degrees a chart.
There are twelve signs.
360 divided by 12 = 30. There are thirty degrees in each sign.

Roughly speaking, the first ten degrees of a sign would be “early”, the second ten degrees, “mid” and the last then degree, “late”.

Now check the graphic. Venus (green) is at zero degrees, Virgo. Early.

The Sun and Moon (purple and orange) are at 27 degrees, Virgo. Late.

Mars and Mercury (red and yellow) are at 9 and 12 degrees, Virgo. I would call these planet “mid” or “early-mid” since they interact with each other.

But you get the general idea. Let’s say an event or a transit, takes place at 25 degrees of a sign. It is going to affect that degree and the degrees nearby, in both directions.  The size of the orb, depends on the event. But in general, think about five degrees in either direction.

In this case, the event would impact the “late” degrees of a sign – 20-29 degrees.

To better understand, think of being stung by a bee. There is a point where the bees stings you, but the swelling goes out in all directions.

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2 thoughts on “What Are Early, Mid Or Late Degrees Of A Sign?”

  1. Is this where Decans come into play, for not only a quick reference to a planets placement within a sign but also adding historical and biblical characteristics? I understand that in the old testament and other older religious texts, perhaps the zohar, the kabbalah or the torah, decans are too mentioned.

    1. No, I see I wasn’t very clear here. I’m sorry.

      This person asked the question in regards to when I state in my newsletter or in blog posts that people with planets at the early degrees of certain signs will be most directly impacted.

      If there is a square at 14 degrees of a Cardinal sign, someone with a planet at 16 degrees of a Cardinal sign is more likely to be impacted then someone with a planet at 0 degrees of a Cardinal sign.

      I hope this clears this up a little. Again, I apologize.

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