What Are You Looking For In Life?

I was talking to my lifelong friend, Ben. This was right before I was going to surgery. I told him at one point, “This is our conversation in case die.”  He’s a Scorpio matched with my 8th house.

He told me about a challenge in his life. He seemed stuck for no reason.  “This is your Fixed nature but it doesn’t have to be. You can change this. It’s like you’re telling me your underwear is stuck in your butt. Pull it out!” I said.

He laughed at that and paid me for it later, by sharing his this insight…

“How did I turn out?” I asked. We’ve known each other 35 years or so. “As compared to who and  how I was?”

Ben thought this was a good question. He said he would have to think about it but…

“Off the top of my head? You had a lot of anger and frustration when you were younger.”

I didn’t recall this but I know, Ben, so I listened.  “But the anger was a catalyst for you. When you got mad and frustrated you did good work. You did very good work.”

“Hmm.”  At this point, I could relate.

“Yeah, you were mad and it make you take things into you own hands. Once you did that you did really well. Exceptionally well. Anger was like a catalyst for you. You feed on anger and frustration. Anger doesn’t disable you like it does some people. They get lost in their anger. But these things are your stock in trade.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, you’re not looking for love, Elsa. A lot of people are, but not you. You’re looking for a catalyst. I have to think about this some more…”

“Okay! Well thanks for telling me that. If you think about it and then come back and fill in, I’ll think about forgiving you for not talking to me very much for almost two years.”

He roared.

“Yeah. I read, Elsa’s newsletter so that’s all there is. I’m caught up! This doesn’t cut it, if you’re Elsa,” I explained. “We need to converse.”

What are you looking for in life?


33 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For In Life?”

  1. “He’s a Scorpio matched with my 8th house.” Can you explain what this means? So If we have a sign in a house does it mean we can be compatible through our house signs and not just sun signs?

    1. Yes, there is affinity in this way. Taurus and someone with a packed 2nd house would value possess. Ben and I like to examine things.

      1. It’s that Taurus rules the 2nd house and Scorpio rules the 8th. No matter which sign rules your own natal 2nd house,it could be any of the twelve, IF you have a lot of planets and or asteroids in your 2nd house, you would have an affinity with Taureans. Any packed (with planets/asteroids) house gives you some extra oomph in the qualities of the sign that rules that house. Elsa has a packed 8th, which gives her an affinity with Scorpios, which rules the 8th. (1st ruled by Aries…12 ruled by Pisces).

        1. Oh ok thanks for clarifying!! That helps. For some reason I stuggle with understanding houses. I cant find a chart that tells me what I have in each house. I have looked at my birth chart and I know what sign is in each house but I dont see how there could be more than one sign in each house from the cafeastrology chart.

          1. There will be one sign on the cusp of each house in a chart,there may or may not be a planet or planets in a house.

          2. Over time you’ll get more used to looking at charts and learning the differences between the planetary rulers of the signs and houses. I would recommend reading Robert Hand for good basic foundational astrology. Hope that helps!

      2. i have an affinity to 1st house and 8th house, and 4th. those are my top houses. That’s why i seem to get along in real life with cancer suns/cancer dominant 4th house individuals. i can definitely feel and understand my 1st house too; i understand aries in alot of ways.

  2. My deepest yearning is definitely love. I’m looking for a lot of things though. What drives me is love.

  3. At this point in my life, I’m looking to relax and not work like a dog everyday. I want to have a cottage by the sea and grow herbs and veggies and just have fun.

  4. Haha, this rings so true with me as well.

    I am not looking for love, I am on my hunt for something that can take me in a direction! That might as well be a catalyst to direct my anger and frustration. Man, I can get so frustrated sometimes! Mars in the 3rd house… Get on with it, morons, now will you please remove yourself from my path!? I am on a mission here!

    Sigh. I am pretty thorny sometimes. Or at least a lot of bark. But I rarely bite. If I bite, it’s serious and you should be very concerned because I am about to Scorpio-amputate your ass from my life.

    1. I do think venus has to do with desire.

      And since mine progressed into libra it is so much easier to get the creative juices going to make the desires reality.

  5. Isn’t everyone seeking happiness? I guess the answer delends on where you think happiness is held in life. I dont know what that is for me.

  6. Looking for my presence here on earth to actually MATTER. Surely God didn’t give me my weirdness and creativity just to leave those things on a shelf??

  7. Avatar

    to do what I am capable of. convert potential into process.

    growth – 9th house sun

    to be of value/used for higher purpose! – jupiter in pisces, mars aqua

    security – cap moon

    be loved and pampered – libra sun.

    other materialistic things.

  8. Right now? Healing…I am looking for deep, transformative healing. I used to look for the next fun thing to do when I was younger. And love. Now I do look for connection with people. But what I really am looking for now is healing, like shamanic or Yogic healing that is wholistic.

  9. For me, right now, that is freedom in creativity and self-expression. In particular in the areas of work (own buisness – have done this before)family, home and travel. (natal stellium in virgo / Libra fifth house and currently transiting Saturn is conjunct my sun square my jupiter uranus south node in fifth and north node in Aries. Add to this transiting retrograde mars on my Aquarius MC.)For the last eight years I gave a lot of effort to a joint, community project which came to nothing for me. I couldn’t get a compromise on issues in this project that are so important to me. (strong uranus stamp in my chart, he’s been getting shirty with me lately and highly unpredictable!) The wake-up call of late made me realise that personal self-expression in this project will be small, if at all possible. I have decided that I need to do my own thing as I have to be creative and free to express somehting artistic and tangible (natal venus in tenth Aquarius.) I’m simply bursting to try something new, that will bring in fresh ideas and possible income. My selfish Aries moon wants me to run my own show and so with transiting Saturn on my sun and transiting uranus in taurus in zone for a lovely trine to my sun, I’m simply using the cosmic highs to get it all up and running for real. I’ve got my (home)workshop set up and so it’s way to go. . .

  10. Time spent with the people I love. Peace and quiet even though its almost impossible with family coming and going daily. (I love that they are in my home and they are so welcome to be here)

    Time to actually enjoy things without rushing through every motion to get to the next thing I have to scratch off the list.

    Making memories. Not so much for me, but pleasant memories for the people I love so they have something to fall back on when I am no longer here and they go through a rough patch.

    I’m looking to spend time on or in the water. Its the one thing that was constant in my life until I married my husband. Even though he is a Pisces he has no use for boating, swimming, or the like. I need it. So, there I times I go without him to make sure my need is met. I need to swim. I need to sit next to a pool, lake, river or the ocean. I need it to feel myself as much as I need any other thing.

    I look for time to spend feeling the warm sun on my skin. I need that as much as I need the water.

    I am no longer looking for all the big harry bullshit….jobs and rushing and making new friends and finding the best this or shopping for the best that. I am not looking to set the world on fire anymore with a business or a big idea.

    The only thing I don’t have access to that I am really wanting and needing in my life now is the ability to grow my own food. I watched my grandmothers and mother do it for years. I have a green thumb and a lot of knowledge but NO SPACE….so I am looking for a way to do that with minimal space. I don’t think we will move just so I can take on a giant piece of property at my age….(the house is big enough) So, I need to find a way to container garden or something like it so I can grow my own clean veggies.

    1. There is a woman who is empty nesting. She sold her too big for just her house and moved to an apartment. The apartment has a balcony with one of those metal railings. She has pole beans in a pot in the corner that are started to grow along the railing, a pot of lettuce, a pot of dill, a container of peas that look like they might scale the railing, and carrots. It’s not all she will need to eat, but I think it’s about the growing for her.

      Good luck with your quest.

  11. I am out wandering around today stopping at some of my favorite venues. The prairie plant place is under new ownership. He had scads of new plants I did not know. I will forever be looking for new plants to grow and experiment with. Forever looking for new gardening/yardening techniques. It’s my deal.

    And then there is keeping my eyes open for new ways to prepare the vegetables that I grow. I hunt recipes for ideas.

    I am always always looking for more personal growth and change, a deeper relationship with the universal energy grid. Ergo astrology. I can’t really look for it, more like be open to it when the opportunity presents itself.

    Oh and I am always looking for, or open to, working together with equals, the group process of figuring it out together and doing it together, with all voices included.

    And I seek out stimulating conversation.

  12. I want to be one with the Truth… capital T…that rhymes with Me and that stands for MORE hhaha

    First house Sag moon trine ninth house uranus. Sun/Venus/Mars sextile 12th house Neptune.
    Can you tell moon is transiting my first house lol

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