What do Men with Venus in Sagittarius Want?

I had this friend, he was married to a Sadge. Her favorite expression was “think about it, you’ll see that I’m right.” Uttered in absolute confidence. For men with Venus in Sadge, this kind of woman awes them. They don’t mind a know-it-all!

Sagittarius is the third and final Fire sign, it has elevated the word “enthusiasm” to an art. Venus in Sadge’s worst reputation as a grass-is-greener, lyin-cheatin-double-dealin’ Venus is just sooooo short sighted! This Venus’ boundless optimism just simply cannot be contained or dampened, and if you try, well, she’ll FLY.

Did I ever tell you that one of my favorite expressions when I am confronting someone who is telling a fib is “you lying sack of Sadge!” ? Well, it is. And for men with Venus in Sadge, it’s ok, they know you were just exaggerating a little. It’s not really a lie…. Trouble is, that works both ways, sister!

Par for the course with the fire signs, Sadge Venus is known to let money slip through her hands. She can also wildly over-estimate the return on an investment, and be sure that a love affair will be exactly as she commands it. There’s nothing so sad as a Sadge Venus when she finds out that was wrong, but don’t worry, she’ll bounce back! Until she does, however, stay out of her way just in case she decides, while she’s in that very transitory bad mood, to tell you a few truths about yourself.

A man with Venus in Sadge loves to travel. Even armchair travel is ok, as long as you’re dreaming of someplace else, contemplating new experiences and learning about new cultures. Of all the Venus signs, this man is more inclined to fall in love with a foreigner than any others, and have absolutely no trouble communicating!

If you’re looking to snag a Venus in Sadge man and don’t have a foreign accent (or are unwilling to fake one for the next 30 years), you need to have a sunny disposition, a cheerful outlook and an open mind. Hey, that’s easy, right? Sadge is mutable fire, the most dangerous kind of fire there is, sparking off willy-nilly, a kid who lights a match, throws it and runs…. unconcerned about swath of destruction left behind. Exciting, see? If that’s your specific kind of crazy, he’ll go ga-ga.

His love language is the exchange of ideas. Don’t dampen his enthusiasm with logic, learn how to open your eyes wide when he’s in his fantastical land, and tell him he’s A GENIUS!!! Oh, lordy, then invite me to the wedding. It’ll probably be in another country.


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  1. yay! more of your venus series. 🙂 I don’t know any sag venus men, except for one of my husband’s colleagues, and he invited us to his wedding. His first woman who he didn’t marry was of a different culture too, so interesting! he is Germanic/dutch descent and she’s middle eastern/Iranian descent. unfortunately she left him, and without going into too much detail, he’s a wild-card, too. I mean like crazy but also kind-hearted. A rough and tumble kind of guy, loves his drink too! He was in many jobs, from bouncer to a nightclub to construction work, bodyguard, security guard, to working management now in his older age. (he’s very multi-talented and gets into everything concerning work) He never married until recently, and she’s not of a different culture. I think it may have cured him because his first abandoned him, he also has aries moon though. I don’t attract these venuses either. lol

  2. Avatar

    My brother and I both have Venus in Sagittarius. We used to play together as kids, and both like to laugh at the same silliness and jokes. When we meet up, it’s mostly smiles and sharing fun things learned or commenting on how awesome experiences are. You might be messing with Sagittarian folks, Diane heehee, but really we don’t lie! We do tell stories however and may focus on the “fun” parts in relationships. 😉

    As for my brother. Did he marry a foreigner? Umm, not in the traditional sense of the word. From a different culture? Yes. However… In the macro-sense, no, she’s the same as us, and my own Venus doesn’t like driving a wedge by picking that difference out! 😉 Did he choose some one who acts differently than my family’s rule/expectations? Yes. Is she learn-ed? Yes. She’s also an independent Aquarius.

    Both of them like to travel, and be free and different from much of the restrictions of my family, which can get them into trouble hehe. But they would argue that the restrictions are not necessary, so they simply choose not to have the types of relationships that create weight.

    (I sometimes wish I had the same option of freedom! But my life education took me on a different course… Still, I benefited from my restrictions too… But that is a Capricorn Jupiter story for another day.)

  3. Pretty close, with my Venus at 8 Sag I love exploring in every way, and have always taken a lot of risks. Everyday stuff tends to bore me..But with my 27 Cap Sun I am pretty good with money…Most of my girl friends thought I was too far out there, but the one I married was very tolerant.

  4. Yep in my history of men, one that liked me had this placement. Prob opposed my sun. Or he didnt get the heavy watery undertow of who i really am.

  5. I have Venus in Sadge right next to my Cap Asc. and yes…foreign man, accent, happy, and life in another land far, far away… bounce back powers are activated!
    I do know a lot… and if you look like you need advice, I will give it to you. Life is too short to hold back- and def too short to give or take bullshit. It is a difficult job to be constantly direct and honest, somebody has to do it… thank goodness I have a fast horse…
    love teaching (a natural Sadge trait) There is no need to argue when it can be talked out and you will see that perhaps I have a good point! 😉
    This is a great post. Thank-you!

  6. anonymoushermit

    I’ll buy Venus in Sagittarius men a horse! They’ll just laugh and realize I’m just being facetious.

  7. My only experience of a Sadge Venus influence involved my ex-husband. He has his 11H (Sagittarius) Mars squaring his 12H (Pisces/Jupiter influenced) Leo Venus. He had a thing for women of different ethnicities.

  8. Haha this look a bit like me – I have Venus, Jupiter and Sun in 9th house, so yeah, bounce back? Love to be right? You got it. And because they’re all in Scorpio (together with mercury) I have a DEEP mind, waiting to solve puzzles, teach others about psychological issues or probe deep in general. I am often right – especially about human beings and their issues.

    I also love the foreign (Hi ther Venus!) – my two latest BF’s were found in the other end of my country. (At least it’s within country borders so no foreign language here, thank god), and I can be a bit crazy sometimes when it comes to money… ahem.

  9. My Dad is a Sag Venus, my Mom is a Sag Mars, both at 0 deg. My Dad is terrible at making travel *happen*. He romanticizes it, but doesn’t take action. My Mom is perfect for him. She drags him everywhere! He is terrible with money. He is always trying (and horribly failing) to learn a new language. For the “foreignness” of his partner, it comes in a different way. Both my parents are New Englanders, but my Dad lived in the same house since he was 12 (he’s 75 now!), and grew up an only child. My Mom has lived all over the country (NY, MA, NM, CA, IL), and grew up the oldest of 8. So even though they are mainly from the same area, my Mom’s family culture is completely foreign to my Dad. My parents met in Mensa where the whole point is to go to lectures and then talk about them, so that fits perfectly. Good post, I agree with it! Except my Dad has NONE of Sag’s gumption. Too much Neptune, not enough Mars/Saturn.

    1. Interesting to see that the Venus Mars conjunction is also good for a long term relationship. Although I presume that there is more to the synastry. Perhaps some Saturn aspects for the long term?
      Sagittarius has gumption? Well, I also have too much Neptune, so it can be.

  10. Where did you go, Diane? ? Been looking forward to seeing the rest of your Venus series and all your wonderful insights.

  11. I’ve been watching the Japanese Netflix series, Terrace house. it’s the first reality show I’ve ever been interested in. I did the character’s placements, and found a lot of Sagittarius venus men and women. lol Especially men. Many of them said they want to experience a new adventure. (which is to live with a co-ed living and experience romance or adventure and see how it goes) I thought …there you go..the adventurous nature/spirit. strangely, many guys are Sagittarius suns, Scorpio, and Capricorn suns with sag venus and there was one who was an Aqua sun with Sagittarius venus too. They all wanted to experience adventure. The one who wanted a deeper commitment was the Cancer moon guy. lol I was watching the Tokyo series.

  12. The guy im talking to has sag Venus and so do I and he’s a Scorpio, and I’m a Capricorn. And I honestly just felt a connection immediately because we both want to learn new things and go new places and share so many things in common it’s really great.

  13. My husband has Venus in Sadge, conjunct Neptune. It may be my favorite thing about him. I’ve always been physically attracted to him, even though hes shorter than me. He can grow a beard like no other. He has piercing green eyes. Stalky build..(Scorp Sun and Asc) He has Uranus in Scorp right on his Asc…another awesome placement.- he has the fast movements that I adore in a man.

    But back to his Sag Venus. He lives for traveling and exploring other cultures. This is something we share and is probably the best part about our relationship. I have Aries Venus in H9 trine Sag Neptune. And Aries Mars close to the 9H cusp trine Sag Ur/Jup.

    If we could we would never stop traveling and exploring.

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