What Does A Man With Venus In Gemini Want?

Venus is the planet that rules what we intrinsically value in relationships as well as how we value ourselves. If you’re in love with someone with Venus in Gemini, it helps if you have two personalities. Or six. He can handle that! He is probably the best hope you have for finding a man who can listen to gossip, because to him, it’s all just “information”.

Gemini wants variety and while this sign is notorious for being fickle, if you are a witty person with lots of interests and someone who loves to talk about them, he will find you fascinating. He’s not looking for a wallflower, he wants a social butterfly!

Some men don’t like chatterbox women, but this is the one guy who can handle it, as long as you keep it light and varied. One of the reasons why Venus in Gemini has a reputation for liking their partners young is because youth brings with it a freshness of viewpoint and isn’t bogged down by baggage. He wants someone who always has a positive way of looking at things, not someone who is full of existential angst.

He may have a female sibling or cousin that he feels particularly close to, so get on her good side!

He prefers to get arguments out in the open with an exchange of issues, and no lingering resentments!

He has a verbal love language. He likes to be told you love him! He also likes light touch, and Gemini rules the fingers, so start there. He likes media, too, so send him those selfies!

19 thoughts on “What Does A Man With Venus In Gemini Want?”

  1. The one I was crazy about …..was crazy about a whole lot of women. 35 years later, still not married and sees a lot of different women!

    1. I always read this about Venus in Gemini (they are cheaters and have many partners) and can never relate. I have Venus in Gemini BUT It’s square Pluto and Pluto is in my 7th. This is probably why.

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    I dated a guy with Venus in Gemini for about 5 years, first reciprocal love but with Neptune Venus opp. I loved him a lot, but I had major angst I couldn’t share with him because we both had a lot of family things going on. The pressure to keep my cool under the stress was too much for me… But a really good natured person, with a great sense of humor. We bantered a lot and he gave me perspective on a bunch of topics. Learned a LOT from him about everything. It’s true he had a cousin whom he was close to. He also grew up with a large group of his (girl) cousins like they were his sisters and liked to hang out with them too. Interesting how Venus works right?

  3. The one I was referring to ….talking about…omg SO FUNNY! Hilarious …and I think I was attracted to his high comedy! He kept me in stitches….but he was also keeping a whole harem of women in stitches.

    Still ….high comedy all the time. So much fun. He was just having too much fun when I was not around hahaha…. that was never going to work. I was just crazy about him though. Leo Sun!!!

  4. This sounds a lot like me, I have Moon in Gemini square Venus in Virgo. I have a verbal and physical love language, but the need for communication and the exchange thoughts and ideas, no matter how mundane, is undeniable.

  5. Ugh im surrounded by dudes.. none of whom are into me. I have sun square jupiter and it hurts my ego. They are very uninterested and kinda treat me like a Meredith or Phyllis in the office

    1. @kri, that’s Bill Gate’s wife, Melinda Gates. Sun Square Jupiter and I think she’s happy with one man lol not wanting to have too many admirers. All you need is one billionare. 😀

      1. Hahahahahahaha mine is conjunct Chiron and also opposite Uranus. Not wild about millionaires. But do go chasing people who dont like me (Venus Mars opposition)

  6. Haha love this topic! I once was in lust with a Venus/Mars conjunct in Gemini. I have Sun/Uranus conjunct in Sagittarius. We LOVED talking. Once he confessed he almost despised people who don’t talk. We could talk for hours on the phone about nothing important as long as it was fun. I was the first one to ever instigate phone sex with him and he was super happy, over the moon. I’m Aqua Mars and I prefer non-intimate sexual encounters. However it was best not to try to talk to him about deep stuff. This is true of every Venus in Gemini men I know of. DO chitchat, DON’T delve deep.

    One Venus in Gemini dude I knew always had better relations with his girlfriends’ sisters than he did with his girlfriends. I would know since I was his girlfriend’s sister. His Venus opposed Neptune. He was super bad with deep stuff and you could sense that he was super sensitive.

  7. My BF have Venus AND Moon in Gemini. That means his NEEDS as well as his desires are aligned. Also, his Venus is trine Pluto and opposite Neptune. Idealization much??!
    We’ve only been dating for three or four months but a LOT of what you write is spot on Diane!

    I have an aquarius asc, a Libra Moon and four planets in Scorpio. Dual personalities? Bring it on….
    I guess that with his Pluto trine Venus he is into “deep” stuff as well as the feelings that runs very deep! That fits with the Scorpio nature of me who is also very afraid of loosing someone.

    Oh, and he is a Taurus 12th house Sun…. My Scorpio sun will probably bring him a bit more out of his shell – natural opposites that we are. But, that Libra Moon and Venus, almost conjunct, trines my libra moon in 8th house so well, as does his Leo Mars. The physical intimacy is deep, secret and hidden – but very potent.

    Not your “avarage” Venus in Gemini guy probably, but a deep one. My moon falls in his 4/5th house and I have my IC in Gemini………. good stuff, eh? Things feel “homely” with him for sure!

  8. I once dated a guy with an 8H Sun/Venus/Mercury stellium in Gemini. Plus his MC Leo Pluto sextiled this stellium. He LOVED (Venus) to endlessly talk (Mercury) about himself (Sun), his work (MC) indepth (Pluto). Also his MC Virgo Moon squared his Gemini Sun – talk about second guessing the minutiae of his work life (plus conversations about his parents’ tempestuous relationship! His mother was a red-headed performer – Leo; father was an airline pilot – Gemini)! Aghhh! Small, light talk was almost nonexistent.

  9. I feel like for all of these we have to kind of playact to fit what they like.
    For some reason venus in gemini men like me a bit when i ramble and i ramble a lot.

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    Dalila R Fernandez

    Dianne, this article is excellent. My immediate reaction is like ‘OMG’ – as if you are reading hearts of the people having Venus in Gemini. Great stuff!

  11. My on-off ex has Venus in Gemini,with Aries Sun, Taurus moon.He is still connected to me but now he has a Pisces girlfriend who is a cheater….in real world (venus in aries ahhh)
    I am an Aquarious..I still love him and he was the first man I feel deeply in love with…
    But I quess i was never enough for him, no matter how many times he came back to try.. he always were this keep our options open!

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