Is Mercury/Jupiter the funny bone?

I read today that the best sign that you have coupled with the right person is if you laugh often together.  This makes sense.  However, there’s all different kinds of humor; for instance, some people think “bathroom” humor is hilarious and I run like the devil is chasing me when I hear toilet jokes.  My brother’s a Sadge, he is the worst!  I’m a Virgo, so my sense of humor runs towards irony.  Not a fan of sarcasm.  See how difficult it can get?  So many different funny bones.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if there is good synastry between one person’s Mercury and the other’s Jupiter, they share a similar sense of humor.  This is really helpful when hard times hit; a shared sense of humor can lift you up out of potentially depressing situation.  If you’re really lucky, the other person will have the ability to diffuse your anger over situations simply by making you see the light side of things!

Some people bond over their “pain stories”; others bond over their funny stories.  Of the two, the one more likely to go the distance is the couple who laugh together.  When I envision growing older with someone, it always includes the scenario of giggling over inside jokes that no one but he and I understand.  I have Mercury/Pluto!

What makes you laugh?  Do you have the funny bone with your partner?


21 thoughts on “Is Mercury/Jupiter the funny bone?”

  1. When I had t-neptune opposite venus one of the reasons I believed it was such a great relationship is that she laughed at every I said which encouraged me to try and make her laugh even more. Her Jupiter* sat on my sun/moon/venus and my mercury was 11 degs further on. We just seemed to get each other and have a huge amount of fun.

    Except it turned out that she was laughing either out of embarrassment, to cover her anger or because quite simply she didn’t get the joke and didn’t want to admit it. Libra moon, neptune on ascendant.

    Perhaps occasionally she actually did find what I said and did funny but who knows.

    1. That makes sense then if transiting Neptune was opposite your Venus. That was straight deception- to make someone think you find them funny when you don’t – she was just trying to pull the wool over your eyes, consciously or unconsciously. Have to watch out for Neptune oppositions.

      1. Yeah she was desperate to be loved so it was her unconscious people-pleasing thing. Funny thing is I was looking out for the neptune opposition and still didn’t see it. It was another year on, when she was safely tucked into her new relationship that she found the honesty to express what she’d really felt. Never expected someone with 6 planets/points in Aries to struggle with being straight-forward and honest. T-neptune was opposing her jupiter too so she probably had some illusions about me too.

        1. BlueMagoo, while yes, Aries is “supposed” to be straightforward, Aries can also be selfish…. “me,me,me!!!” You fulfilled her needs when she needed them! Libra Moon is never going to be forthright when it can find another way to operate. Her Jupiter on your sun/moon/venus fooled you. I just experienced t-Neptune opposite Venus. BLECH!!!! Oh and by the way, I don’t believe she “laughed out of embarrassment”. My spidey sense tells me that she is just telling you that to offset the guilt she has for being such a witch. She’s not going to admit she was using you— she’s an Aries, remember? Once she had moved on to the next person, all history is just…. history. No unpleasant reminders wanted!!

          1. I like what you said there Diane. I realised I was her transition guy (after her failed marriage) and I didn’t really expect things to go longer than the summer as it was. She was incapable of realising she had needs, let alone expressing them, and I don’t playing the rescuer so eventually I forced her hand and things blew up.

            Anyway all that Aries stuff was being shoved into the shadow so she could play the nice girl. She’ll be finding it about now as Pluto transits her Aries Saturn on Nnode / Libra moon on Snode opposition.

            1. You all seem really judgemental. Aries mercury, hi. I know someone who might say those things about me. Isn’t everyone desperate for love or staying busy to avoid knowing that we’re all in need of such or transferring it to some transpersonal work so we can (hopefully) inspire even MORE love?

              I loved a guy who lit up my world; funny, silly, cantankerous, offensively and fantastically irreverent Venus in Gemini.
              Then a lot of bad things happened, some of them with him. They changed me and nothing was as funny anymore.
              I felt I lost my sense of humor but it wasn’t anyone’s fault. I think he took it all as personal when it wasn’t and I couldn’t explain, I was too tired.
              I think the same of him and it’ll probably never change. I’m too heavy for Venus in Gemini anyway. More bad stuff happened and he was gone by then.
              Point is, I may not have been able to laugh but I felt the same and admired him so much.

              Hope I don’t offend, just seems awfully judges and b/w here sometimes.

  2. I have Jupiter square my moon and I love to say over the top funny things. I have a friend whose Jupiter in Gemini opposes my sag. sun but squares his Pisces moon. The minute we hit the same air space we get silly, inappropriate , and laugh wildly. Most fun ever! I have Mercury and sun in Sagittarius – I have a hard time not saying what comes to mind.

  3. I don’t know. I don’t care that much about laughing all the time- I’m more for the unspoken dialogue, just being so closely on the same wave length that understanding comes naturally- that’s what it takes to go the distance with me. But I will say, if someone can make me laugh when I’m mad, I get over whatever I’m mad about instantly.

    1. A bit of well-placed humour can defuse a situation perfectly. Said in the right way, it still manages to convey both love and empathy. Helps the other person get perspective.

    2. I know, right? I have a tendency to be very withdrawn when I’m mad, and if someone can genuinely make me laugh at the right moment, I’m sunny side up again!

  4. Very cool! I just realized we have an out of sign Jupiter-Mercury conjunction. We can talk for hours and make each other laugh easily. It was probably why we fell in love because we live on each other’s wavelength. (Plus there’s that whole his Juno in the 3rd and my Venus in Gemini understand each other)

  5. I love that graphic! I laughed out loud, while sick. I have mercury conjunct jupiter, trine my partners mercury.

  6. i really enjoy Eddie Murphy type of jokes. lol and he’s pisces mercury. me and my husband lol all the time, and i don’t even remember what type of jokes we do. it’s just so subconscioius all the time.

  7. Terrible bathroom humor. Raised by sarcasm and I have been known to be a little bit more than capable of my own but I really don’t want to be and I am not at ALL comfortable or amused by it in ANY way. Gemini Moon Merc and Sun in Scorpio with my weird Aquarius ascendant makes me see the human body and functions alien and silly….as well as copulation. I have no idea why people like puns. That’s all I’ve got. ???

  8. My Virgo Mercury squares my boyfriend’s Sagittarius Mercury. My Scorpio Jupiter squares his Aquarius Jupiter. I like Ellen DeGenere’s style of humor. Wish we did laugh more. He’s a bit too heavy in sarcastic humor on which I’ve called him out.

  9. Yes! My SO and I play off each other all the time. He gets me laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. And the inside jokes! Mercury’s conjunction + Jupiter/ Mercury conjunction. We talk about everything under the sun. We have a long distance relationship and spend countless hours on the phone. I also dream of us laughing ourselves into our old age. Laughter is good medicine and at this rate we should live to be 100.

  10. Theres a dude at work whose jupiter may hit my mercury. His comments do make me laugh
    My mars conjuncts his uranus neptune conjunction. The synastry aint ideal. I had a crush and wanted him to like me when he emphatically didnt til i looked into it

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