The Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation- Justin Bieber

Right after doing the Courtney Stodden article, I came across something about Justin Bieber. I know I should know about his music, but I have never listened to even one song. He’s just not my generation… I’m listening to the oldies!

But I was curious so I pulled up his chart. Lo and behold, he has the Uranus/Neptune conjunction like Courtney Stoddard- they were both born in 1194. So now I have to ask: why is he so successful and poor Courtney is a hot mess?

For one thing, and it’s a big thing, his Uranus/Neptune conjunction is not making stressful aspects to any personal planets. Where the U/N conjunction SQUARED Courtney’s Venus, they SEXTILE Justine’s. And his Venus is on his Midheaven, ensuring the whole world will know of his special brand of talent.

The Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn is an aspect that can build (Capricorn) magic. Breaking it down, normally Uranus and Neptune would not be friends… Uranus is detached, iconoclastic, smashes boundaries, and Neptune just wants to merge into others, become one with all and attain spiritual bliss. Uranus looks and Neptune and says “are you kidding me???”

But, taking the best of each planet, Uranus can signify a unique appeal to the masses. Neptune brings the glamour. Have you ever seen the Robin Williams You Tube video on how the drunk (Neptune) Scotsman invented (Uranus) golf? Now *there’s* a Uranus/Neptune combination, all by itself. However, in 1994, these planets are answering to Saturn (ruler of Capricorn). They are “hobbled”, if you will, by the limits of Saturn.

Saturn ask us to structure and plan. Where both Neptune and Uranus are not normally “planners”, utilizing this positive part of Saturn, you can take the creative genius inherent in this combination, and build something lasting. Whereas Courtney took the easy way out, using her body for fame, Justin has structured his talent into a fine-tuned machine. The difference is in how this combination is aspected. Venus rules the throat and many talented singers have a well aspected Venus. In Justin’s case, it is in Saturn’s house, bolstering the connection to the Capricornian Uranus/Neptune. They understand each other. They cooperate.

In addition, their Saturns are aspected very differently. It’s important to look at Saturn, because it’s the ruler of that Uranus/Neptune conjunction. In Courtney’s chart, Saturn’s part of a painful t-square, but in the end, if she were to stop fighting what Saturn is asking of her, she stands a good chance of becoming a role model for others! Justin’s Saturn is widely conjunct his Sun and is opposed by Chiron, but is trined by Jupiter. He will most likely not need the painful 2×4 and instead learns his lessons more readily. And, last but certainly not least, his Sun is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

So why does he keep ending up in brawls with neighbors and police? Short answer: Mars/Mercury, 9th house. Ruled by get-outta-my-face Uranus.

Were you born during this conjunction? Tell us!




6 thoughts on “The Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation- Justin Bieber”

  1. I’m part of that group, but I’m a little older than Beiber so I’ve got the Saturn/Uranus/Neptune stellium in the 4th house. I haven’t really figured it out yet honestly.

  2. so interesting! Courtney’s poor venus getting squared by U/N, but I saw that Bieber’s moon (libra) so maybe he has difficulty with personal relationships due to U/N Capricorn. squaring. I see what you mean about Saturn/Uranus/Neptune, making a nice harmonious energy with his venus & sun. Great post, Diane!

  3. You are so interesting in the posts you choose, and I am thinking about how it is that I have not even acknowledged that sooner…..I’m pretty sure that’s why. Because I was so taken aback by my own personal thinking about a subject in a new way. And that is really a bit more difficult for my own mind than I want it to be, but I have a couple of fixed signs (Aquarius ascendant Scorpio Sun in the 10th) that my curiosity filled 5th house Gemini moon can’t always get past. ? I am familiar with the man who married Courtney and I was just like… I am glad that I was in the hospital already when I saw the guy on the tv show that…I’m not even sure what the show was..celebrity marriage counseling or something. I forgot that part. I’m familiar with the man who married her. I was working on a project that crossed our paths when he was working on a film. And I was hired by the then fiancee to do astrology for them. So we’ve met. I had no idea that she was born the same year as MY DAUGHTER who is going to have a birthday tomorrow. And that was not even 5 yet when I was doing his reading. He’s a Gemini 30 years older than Stoddard and Renn. I have a weird way of how I feel like I don’t know what….I dislike Justin bieber and then I have to get my head out of my own butt -he is the same age as the girls, and I have yet to hear his voice or music but I have a relatively strong reaction of being put off by the kid. I have no idea why.

    And looking at Stoddard, I am seeing a few similarities to the chart for a woman who I have been a friend of friend to for years and I am hoping that she is not going to go down the same path. I see so much talent in a couple of areas where the Virgo I know has no formal training and she is just 31 years old but it is catching up with her and she is not even close to being receptive to input from a person who has a vagina even though I am not going to be competing for ANY of the same things she wants. Her mother is in jail for homicide and I can’t stand seeing a little soul think that she’s got her ass and man’s money to get by on in the world. And that is really not….I’m hoping that Courtney is as smart as she seems to be underneath but I really am wanting to make a time machine and go back to her wedding day and smack her mother and double smack Doug and his Gemini face…. What the hell were her parents thinking?

    And that SAID, I love reading your insights, Diane!

  4. Saturn/Neptune/Uranus all in Capricorn in the 9th house… endless spiritual seeking on the material plane… meditation, entheogens, backpacking across the world to work with refugees, studying psychology, studying literature, spending years in the wilderness… trying to find (9th house) a path (capricorn) that is soulful (neptune), radical (uranus), and real (saturn)… lost in heartbreak, numbness, dark moods, nightmarish thoughts, delusions of grandeur, falling down wells and climbing out, learning new languages and forgetting them…

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