What If One Hemisphere Is Emphasized In Your Natal Chart?

house rulerships

The natal chart can be divided into hemisphere.

  • The  Eastern Hemisphere includes houses 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, and 12, or the left side of your chart.
  • The Western Hemisphere includes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 or the right side of your chart.
  • The Northern Hemisphere includes houses 1 through 6 or the lower half of the chart.
  • The Southern Hemisphere includes houses 7 through 12 or the upper half of the chart.

Natally, the Western hemisphere is emphasized in my chart. If you’ve read my blog for awhile, it’s pretty obvious. I am interested in love and sex and death and psych. I’m also interested in religion, philosophy, art, cooking, interacting with others and I work, constantly.

My current solar return has the Eastern hemisphere emphasized. I’ll tell you, the affect is profound. I am doing almost everything alone. It’s a bit sickening.  It’s akin to being a homebody, who lives in comfortable clothing.  All the sudden, you’re supposed to get out there and “dress for success”!

For example, I don’t usually concern myself with 2nd house matters. Money and self-worth? Puleease! I have a packed 8th house, natally.  But this year, I am keeping it simple. Nothing is a psychodrama.  I am paying attention to my self-esteem of all things. Isn’t that funny?

If you have planets spread all over your chart, that’s fine. But if your chart is more like mine, you’re in for a big shift when something comes up that flips you to the other side.  A solar return will do it. I can tell you this for sure, because I’m living it today.

Do you have one hemisphere emphasized in your chart? How does it work for you?

15 thoughts on “What If One Hemisphere Is Emphasized In Your Natal Chart?”

  1. I only have one public planet, so my Southern hemisphere is chock-a-block. With Cancer rising, a 2nd-house sun, and a stellium in my 4th, “[a] homebody, who lives in comfortable clothing” could pretty much be my subtitle! *lol*

    1. Eff… NORTHERN hemisphere, y’all!!

      That’s the thing that has always tripped me up the most about astrology, the mirror-inversion. I even checked the post — TWICE — to make sure I had the correct section and STILL screwed it up! *lol* May I blame my Merc-Neptune? Pretty please?

  2. I have 8 planets in Southern hemisphere, which is supposed to be public, but I don’t feel that way at all. Maybe because my Moon is isolated in 4th?
    Then again, I wonder what “public” means. I don’t appear on TV (!), but there might be other ways to manifest public things.
    Ha, just realized I was spotted in a video done in the streets last Summer…! Yes, maybe 1 minute of celebrity! But I haven’t looked at it.

    1. I could be wrong (entirely possible), Satsun, but I’ve aways understood “public” as meaning concerned with things outside “the self”: you have partnerships/marriage, sex, education, justice, career, reputation, friends, organizations, etc whereas the “private” houses are all (not saying this in a bad way BUT) “self-centered”: ego, possessions and wealth, communication, family, health, etc.

      They’re all flipped, yanno?
      1st: ME! / 7th: We!
      2nd: MY stuff! / 8th: Our stuff!
      You’re adding more people and putting it out to work in the big world instead of keeping it all inside your noggin. *nodnodnod*

      1. Thanks! I think I understand better! My Sun is in 11th (in Equal), so from that perspective (and not my Moon) I am indeed in the midst of “others”, and so also all the other planets in the top part of the chart.
        Good to read you SaDiablo! How’re you doing???

    2. The ‘Self’ houses and the ‘Other’ houses are based on the chart being viewed from the realm of day and night which sees the Horizon as the asc/dsc axis. The Southern top half are Day houses (12-7 sunrise to sunset) concerned with the outside/outer world which includes/involves others and the Northern bottom half are Night houses (7-1 sunset to sunrise) concerned with the inside/inner world concerning the self. The outside circle of Houses is also seen as the Horizon, from this view the Eastern houses (4-10 midnight to noon) are where the Planets rise to the MC, the highest outer point and the Western houses (10 to 4 noon to midnight are where the planets set to the IC, the most inner point in the chart. Based on astronomy, as above, so below.

      1. Thanks too, WinterMoon.
        So, I take it that planets in daylight are seen by others and those in darkness (private, inner world) are out of sight . Visible/invisible – makes sense!
        My Moon’s point of view is only a part of my chart…

        1. The essence of the north/south hemisphere houses representing the self/others is based on the natural 24 hr travel of the Sun applied to life departments of human experience. We can’t see planets in daylight except the Sun, sometimes the Moon, so if there are are any planets in daylight we can’t see them. We can see planets in the night sky but can’t see anything below the horizon anytime so perhaps that could be some kind of invisibility. No matter what Sign, a Moon in the 4h is accidentally dignified, best expressed environment because the Moon rules the natural 4th house, it’s happy there.

          1. Thank you for for the complementary info.
            My Moon is indeed in 4th by Placidus (maybe on cusp of 5th in Equal? I’m not sure) The placement is OK with me, it’s just the oppositions that are a bit Moon-bashing. But I do have 2 trines & a sextile, so cannot complain.
            I appreciate your highly erudite explanations!

  3. Yes my left or East side has at least two planets in each house from 9-4. Well I am including asteroids as well. If I took out the asteroids, I would have solely planets in 9-2. How does it work for me? I do not like crowds nor being the center of attention. I am private, like one on one, working alone and I have always had self-esteem issues. I feel alive in Nature or in a Cathedrals, like the ones in Europe, soothe my soul. I have Pluto Moon conj. in my 9th /10th, and Uranus in my 9th and I have a jack of all trades checkered work life and went to Private Schools in Switzerland. I had my Saturn return in my 1st. It was hard d but I came out the Otherside just fine. Most transits in on my Eastern side too now with Chiron and Neptune in my 4th (oh Mars too). I feel them here every day.

  4. I have an asymmetrical shaped natal chart. With the planets and major asteroids sprinkled fairly evenly around the chart, I find this pattern provides mutability.

  5. I have the hemisphere from 2 to 9 with a T-square stellium at 5th. Born in Asia and migrated to US. I was a work-at-home artist in Asia. Now I “dress for success” in US…. Migration and travel astrology at work too.

  6. I have Stelliums all over my chart.
    Pluto in 3rd house is the only loner.

    I have stelliums in: 4th house. 9th house. 8th house. 10th house(but no carrier, I’m too scared).

  7. My chart is almost entirely “above” and this is definitely reflected in my life.

    Living in the “outer” world (of “others”) has always been, and continues to be, a challenge for me.

    I do “inner” (and “self”) no sweat.

  8. “Private” means “introvert” in this context. And “public” doesn’t mean “public” in the sense of being a public figure who is on TV. Rather, it means public in the sense of being extraverted. Top hemisphere = extroverted, bottom hemisphere = introverted.

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