Astrology, Creativity And Free Will

I had a young client with an awfully nice chart..

“…Consider yourself a painter’s palette with an array of very beautiful and potentially complimentary colors. You’ve got plenty of material, but how you decide to mix and smear the paint is going to determine what gets created…”

Do you work well with what you’ve got?

21 thoughts on “Astrology, Creativity And Free Will”

  1. I have started to learn Astrology becasue I was looking for many answers of my life, still don’t know 100% of my natal chart.

  2. I think that I do. It was figuring out what was there to work with that was the hardest part for me. Astrology has made that infinitely easier and much more understandable/palatable πŸ˜‰

  3. Working on it. It took me a while to realize even what I was working with. I thought I was one type but it turns out I’m another. Kind of exciting because I’m working on something that is very much in line with who and what I am.

  4. I think this is a really good frame, for a young person in particular. Like your whole life is ahead of you and you have choices!

  5. I totally agree, and have thought many times about what my life would have been like if I’d come across astrology much sooner. I just remind myself, maybe I’d have not been ready for it anyway, lol! I am grateful for it now,

  6. Me too, CeeCee. πŸ˜€ My chart is a veritable cornucopia of contradictions. I do my best to hold it together but I feel like a tightrope walker most days. πŸ˜›

  7. I’m doing what I can to use my aspects well. I’m sure there will be more outlets during Pluto in Aquarius, but I’m doing my best in the meantime.

  8. Had it not been for my discovery of astrology (like the real one, more than sun signs I mean)in my late 20s I think there would be a chance that I’d be very unhappy and lost at this point in my life (at 41.)

    I am living my chart like 80%. Have a vocation where I work with deep stuff, other people’s resources and deal trauma (8th house planets, moon pluto trine, scorpio rising, mars in the 8th.)

    I do feelings and use my intuition and creative imagination (pisces sun, neptune harsh aspects to sun and moon) daily in my personal and work lives. This is coupled with a backing of a good and very thorough training which reflects my sun trine saturn, saturn inconjunct mercury, saturn square jupiter, and saturn in the 9th)

    Communications with people about deep and painful stuff is what I do for a living (moon in the 8th, moon in gemini.)

    I notice I do more my harsh, difficult aspects. It really does help to have harsh aspects as I think one has to do them inevitably to try to release some of the tensions!

    Apart from the above mentioned, I have sun square mars and how my weekly work schedule is designed, there is a lot of mars usage to keep me going (energy, multitasking with my gemini mars and moon.)

    Thanks to seeing how another Leo MC colleague works, I am having more fun doing Leo performances in the training sessions I deliver to various settings (a second profession -> mutable energy through my Gemini, Sagittarius and pisces planets.)

    Trines and sextiles are blessings, yes, but I also notice that they can relate to things we take for granted. I use my mercury and venus trines and sextiles in various aspects of my career and life yet I haven’t been consistent at all with being a writer and writing pieces (gemini planets.)

    Also, I discovered through a few courses, after a long time wondering if I could paint, that I could be a decent oil painting painter if I applied myself (mercury conjunct venus, moon trine venus, moon and sun in aspect to neptune, sun in pisces) yet I have been procrastinating around painting at home since last year!

    Honestly, astrology is one of the best things ever. Harsh aspects are really really annoying yet extremely important!

  9. It doesn’t always go according to plan or prediction, that’s for sure.(Annoyed capricorn sun here) Could it be the uranus conjunct jupiter square sun in my natal throwing curve balls? For my better good of course.

  10. Yes, I’m a Pisces. I always pull all the other 11 signs’ tricks, and my own, to see what things I can use! πŸ™‚

  11. When you have creative talents in lots of areas it can be difficult to choose what will bring the most satisfaction and you never get started. I’ve been a musician for a long time but recently it wasn’t enough so I e started making films and gone back to college. Then the music will fit the visuals and it’s all reignited, exciting and tied up in a neat package. I have structure and 2 years grace to make it work. Hoping money and commissions will come because I’m aligning myself with what I was put here to do. Am watching Jupiter carefully for the first time after always concentrating on Saturn. Looking for the Light is helping me to have faith in the future.

  12. Not using all my potential ad yet. With Sun, Venus in the 12th house, it was difficult to express my needs for as long as I can remember. With moon conjunct Neptune conjunct mercury in Scorpio, there are avenues I need to explore …slowly getting there πŸ™‚

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