What Happens When Pluto Transits Your 10th House?

Pluto roman godWhen people have a transit coming up, they search for information. They tend to terrify themselves over what they read. This is especially true when it comes to Pluto.

Pluto spends on average, fifteen years transiting a house. Whatever you read may sound like a death sentence or something horribly grueling that you’ll barely be able to endure. In reality, the transit is so slow and so deep, you’re not likely to have conscious awareness of it, day to day or even year to year. I’d go as far as to say it probably takes ten years after Pluto has wrapped up in house to really assimilate the effects.

Case in point, Pluto is currently transiting my 12th house. I recall Pluto’s transit through my 10th. It most definitely ended my career. I took a stunning fall which is devastating for a Capricorn rising.

I was completely identified with my job. I had status because of it. I suffered a complete wipe-out on that front during this transit.

Prior to the transit I had a good answer to the question, “What do you do for a living?” With Pluto in the 10th, I answered that question with a blank stare!

I lived underground throughout my entire 10th house Pluto transit. I went from being prominent, easy to find, listed in the phone book, with a beacon on my head, to being invisible!

How invisible? Well the internet was not what it is now, but it was here. It took someone brainy, who knew how to use resources no less than six years to find me!

I hope people who search and land on on this post don’t think this will happen to them. Something will happen to them but it won’t be this. Their experience will be tailored to their chart. I just want to put real information out here.

This transit did obliterate my 10th house reputation and my career. It also wiped out both parents. It was painful but I did not writhe around about it on a daily basis. I got used to the situation. After awhile, it’s just your life.

What happened when Pluto transited your 10th house?

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  1. Pluto is transiting my 11th now, and also my daughter’s, it’s being quite difficult on the friends subject.
    I had to check for Pluto in my 10th, that was the year I started high school, and finished when my daughter was born. During those years I’ve been studying all the time, and also changed 2 times my degree at college (I wasn’t sure what I wanted my career to be).
    After the transit I worked on my career for about 2 years, but that was all. I never had a career, I only had jobs. Same for now.
    It’s something that I have been thinking about lately, I have such a strong 9th house, and I can define myself with it very well, but I never had a proper career and I don’t think I will ever have one.

  2. When Pluto crossed my MC, I was too young to have a job. I don’t know about my reputation but I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me. People said I was smiling a lot more by the end of the transit. Even acquaintances. This was also related to Uran crossing my ASC though.

    Things didn’t really get cooking though until years later when Pluto passed over my Sag moon. It was a powerful period in my life that still affects me today in a profound way. I would do it all again without hesitation, as I lived it then, without any knowledge of the fruits that would be born of all that hard work. I do not say this of all my challenging transits.

  3. Pluto is just 10 degrees into my 8th House. It won’t be until Jan 2027 when Pluto comes within a 10 degree orb to my 15 Aquarius midheaven – which is quite remarkable since I will turn 65 December 2026, and will be retiring…

  4. I was born with Pluto in my 10th. It’s interesting how you describe that Pluto’s transit is easier understood in retrospect. I am appreciating the results of it making it’s way through my 1st house only now- almost 20 years later. Wouldn’t want to do it again, but deep down glad it did.

  5. Avatar
    Astrologer Mo (Maureen)

    I’m having the Pluto conjunction to Saturn/Capricorn on the cusp of the 6th house, which is somewhat similar in energy as the Pluto transiting 10th house. I also have lost professional prestige and status, but this was my own personal choice. I got a real life, down dirty, inside look at the real politics that run the government. Very Ugly. I choose not to be a part of that anymore, so I LET IT GO, now I am suffering the effects of not being in the social club.

    My Pluto transit to Saturn/Capricorn is now being transformed from a place of power to a place of abuse. Don’t worry, I can take it, I come from a long line of abuse, if fact I have experienced every kind there is. Sexual, Mental, Verbal, and Physical. Out of shear survival, I have learned how to turn it around and have done just that, with a little help from Jupiter. I suspect before the transit is over, that I will retire early and really LET IT GO. Then the answer to the question, What do you do for a living will be “Whatever I Want.”

  6. carrie–we have the same (Pluto in the 10th).

    BP from what I remember you don’t have an exact birth time for yourself? It will be hard to calculate your houses without that–

  7. [Elsa]

    Your “case in point” paragraph was the way it was to the letter– prominence pulverized. Back in 1980 I heard a radio interview where some guy was talking to a young professional and said this: “One day you will be in an office and the door will be closed. You will be asked to do something that you know is against your values and principles. What will you do?”

    Well, 14 years later, I was in such a position, [pluto in 10th]. As a corporate consultant, I was asked to go into a major corporation and stir up discord and dissension, to land a lucrative contract for services, to save the company from itself. It took all of 30 seconds to make my choice– I did not let the door hit me in the butt!

    It cost me near 6 figures and a long arduous journey thereafter, which I am still recovering from financially and otherwise. To be blackballed is no picnic, but I know I made the right choice.

    Now, I’m one of the 12th house pluto-ers[cap rise] eager to see pluto in the first.

    Thank you.

  8. Dear Else,

    Trying to seek some answer via a question.

    Did you wish to be invisible, while all along doing your job ?


  9. Hi,
    I have a 1st house natal pluto and pluto currently transiting my 12th house. Could anyone enlighten me as to when it will (finally) move into my 11th house ? I was born 12 July 1968, Ireland at 09:35 hours.
    Thank you

  10. My sincere apologies for spelling mistake in the name. Should read “Elsa”

    As for invisibility, I mean’t during pluto transit.


  11. If I live to experience Pluto in the 10th, I will be over 100 years old.

    The only time I’ve experienced anything like that was an opposition to my MC/10th house cusp through retrograding and a Pluto conjuncting Pluto when I was an infant.

    @ Astrologer Mo
    I’ve had Pluto transiting that house for about 10 years. My sympathies.

  12. Not knowing my birth time, I can’t say for sure that this point in time is my 10th house, but given Pluto’s penchant for completely ripping my life apart, that might be a clue as to what is going on for me right now.

  13. It was good time for me. I finished school and entered University, I finished my studies successfully and then served in the army. The irony is I started my career exactly when Pluto finished transiting my 10th house.

  14. Pluto crossed my MC about the time I graduated from high school. I went from being a very high profile kind of carefree young woman to a wife and mother during the course of the transit — I gave up all my previous endeavors and quit the life I was leading very abruptly. By the time Pluto crossed to the 11th I didn’t even live in the country of my birth anymore and had no contact and no influence anymore on anybody I had known before.

  15. Pluto is just entering my sixth house now, and conjoining my Saturn (like Maureen) in Capricorn, so I will never personally have Pluto transiting the 10th, but there is a definite 10th-house flavour right now. I’m doing things to earn a living but it is just that, a job, not a career, and it will be a while before I’ll have the freedom to go back to my university studies and finish my degree. I suspect though that events will force my hand (such as the job ending in some way).

  16. Pluto currently in the 10th here – two years. I’ve written so much about my job travails, it’s no wonder. It’s quite shocking. I’ve been a successful professional before now. The end of my career was dark and abrupt, too. 15 years! That makes me a little ill. I’ve been able to scrounge jobs here and there, which I’m now grateful for.

  17. Pluto is transiting my 4th house. My progressed Pluto is just entered my 10th. I guess my 4th and 10th houses are in for a huge renovation! I keep the books for our family business…cannot forsee a big change there….yikes! My parents are in their 80’s…my dad not doing too well. It’s hard to see him physically diminishing…shrinking before my eyes.

    We bought land in the mountains five years ago…something has always gotten in the way of us building our cabin. Maybe during this transit?

  18. This transit is coming up for me. It’s currently on my 9th and it’s slowly creeping up to my MC. I’m working on a very gradual career change, though I’m what I say in a satisfying position in my career of 11 years. I’ve always identified myself as such, but I think this is bound to break down sooner or later. The change is already abound as I will be going back to school part time next year in a totally different field from what I’m currently doing.

  19. Wow Pluto has been through my 10th and just finishing. Changed my life during that time I was finishing school and studying for a higher education (my 10th house is Sag). My dad was quite abusive and finally he left, went a year or two of not talking to him but since Pluto is finished in the 10th I have a much better relationship with him. Studied hard ended up working for a very promient graphic design company which I loved and hoped to stay there for a long time and work my way up in position only for Pluto in my 10th to hit my mars/neptune conjucntion and BAM all ideas of career were wiped and I learnt that my heart was failing me and had to undergo major heart surgery. Ended up fighting for my life ( not the first time as I have pluto conjunct my scorp sun the 8th so this wasnt a knew theme for me but god damn it me hard anyways)

    Changed how a viewd what was a career and how much my position and what I did meant to me so after slowly getting my health back into shape and surviving Im studing a music degree, something I love and always wanted to do but never thought I was good enough to do. Realize Im am good enough to study what I dreamt would only be hobby. Pluto in the 10th was hard but no matter pluto is always transformative. Best thing that could have happened to me <3 <3 Bring on pluto in the 11th

  20. I really enjoy the tone of this posting. The idea of Pluto being big, bad, scary, doom — with the elegance gained in hindsight, your story shows how you really just accepted, kept going, didn’t let the capricorn pluto destruction destroy your conception of self.

    most people base self-worth on the answer to the question, what do you do. to not worry about the answer to that question, to allow it to be completely redefined — that is really solid, and courageous. powerful self knowledge

  21. Pluto is transiting my 10th house and I am having problems getting along with my parents. I live with them so it’s making my life a living hell!

    I think I’m being punished by karma for doing bad things in the past.

  22. My mother died two weeks ago while retrograde Pluto is conjunct my MC in the 10th house. I am also planning to resign from my job/career this week.

  23. Hasn’t hit my 10th yet. But I’m just now starting to really get it with the transit to my 7th, which was Sagittarius.

  24. So sorry rowaen.

    I’ts nice to reflect on this, I have juusst enough distance to start to see it. I made a significant house move that changed my life, got a few different jobs that gradually built my reputation. My father passed, finished my education, my relationship ended. In the end I had a role where I had a lot of power and kind of was pluto. That was interesting. After that I felt my reputation was forever defined by that, whether I liked it or not. P transited my sun towards the end. The whole way I did relationships came to an end, it just didn’t work anymore. A lot of family illness. I kept waiting for something truly cataclysmic to happen but it didn’t seem that way. As you say what happened felt normal.

  25. Pluto has finally exited my relationship’s composite 10th house.
    It left with a bang. One final extreme reputation explosion.
    Pluto completely destroyed our relationship’s reputation with others, our career ambitions, work, everything.
    And we feel extremely free like never before!!! We LOVED it. Hello 11th house peers… here we come to wipe you out too.

  26. I was born. My maternal grandmother died. My sister was born. My maternal grandfather died. Family moved into a new house, deal fell through and we moved again. Lots of very life-defining changes.

  27. Elsa, I’ve had Pluto going through my 10th house for a few years now. What you describe is exactly what I’m experiencing. My father committed suicide when Pluto conjuncted my MC. I quit my job because the owner was stealing money from me, thousands before I caught on. I’m in my mid-50s and have had trouble finding work and have given up for now. I’ve been living “underground” since my forced “early retirement.” I feel like I’m a totally different person. I have no contact with people of my past and have no desire to, and in many ways I feel liberated. If I could have a little house in the woods and have my dogs with me, I think I’d be the happiest recluse in the world. I’m sure the Pluto/Uranus square is part of the equation, as Uranus is conjunct my Ascendant.

    1. Suki, almost the same things happen to me. I have my MC in Capricorn, with moon 27° in the same. I have lost my job in early 2006 because I did refuse to have an affair with one of the “big bosses”. After that had different jobs; ups and downs. My mother passed away in 2010 then my beloved dog and this year I have lost almost everything along with it my second beloved dog which did reach 11 years of age. Now, I am trying to start all over from scratch but it does cost an immense inner power or energy. I have like you do Pluto/Uranus square as my AC is Aries. If I could, I would take my belongings and my new doggy and live on an island where I could stay in tune with nature and in peace.

  28. I feel for you. I was a police officer injured on the job im an auto accident and a few years later when I was about to be promoted to LT I got pushed off on a disability pension
    The real reason was because of my beliefs and to this day have never gotten over the pain
    Just last week I talked about this on my Weekly Live New Age TV Show. It’s been 17 years and feels like yesterday 🙁

  29. First of all Elsa I want to say I am sorry to hear what happened to you during the Pluto transit through your 10th house. (I also want to say before I move on that I was signed up to receive your newsletter but haven’t in some time so I re-subscribed). I want to relate what may be an opposite Pluto in the 10th House experience. I say may be because it transiting through my 10th house now in Capricorn.
    On April 7th 2009 I had an aortic aneurysm and as far as I am told by my doctor and my daughter my aorta ruptured while I was on the operating table so technically I died. Also I had two operations because the doctor (Arie Blitz former of University Hospitals Cleveland) told me he could repair my aorta completely during the first operation because the tissue was like wet toilet paper and he was afraid it would hold the stiches. This second operation happened when due to station retrograde/station direct motion Pluto past back over the 3rd degree of Capricorn again later in December of 2009 and I had the second operation on January 9 2010. I just wrote on another blog where besides the so very obvious and in this case literal death/rebirth scenario symbolic of Plutonian significance there is the delineation of the native seeking to establish him or herself in the public arena and having the power to accomplish such an establishment. I think you are correct in the assessment that most of us are not aware of the Plutonian affects since they happen slowly (but relentlessly) over a long period of time (as much as 30 years in Taurus)however, the more you are into spiritual work of any kind the more sensitive I believe you will be to what is happening to you on a personal level. There is much more I would like to say concerning this transit which will last 16 years and has already encompassed some very major transits and configurations all of which I believe contribute to the transformation which will take place both in personal lives and in the world with the focal point being the United States since when Pluto transits 27 degrees 55 minutes this country will experience it’s first Pluto return. Here are some of the major points of my birth data and you will see how significant that April 7th transit was: I was born, 12/11/51 – 1:15 pm at Cleveland Ohio My Sun sign is Sagittarius, Moon – Gemini, ASC Aries (3 degree 28 min.) M.C. Capricorn (2 degrees) I have a stellium in Libra, (Mars, Saturn and Neptune) an asymmetrical grand-cross in Cardinal signs and two opposing fingers of Yod involving Mercury, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. I use the Equal House System of delineation. Any thoughts you might have regarding my comments would be appreciated. I glad to re-establish contact. James Page

  30. Just came across this topic two years later, but,
    felt the need to share, since I too (hi, Carrie!) was born w. Pluto in the 10th (conjunct the M.C. and
    conjunct Jupiter in the 9th). Pluto is also widely square my Saturn, and widely opposite my Moon (these
    two have done the dance w. Pluto all my life, along w. that Jupiter. But, I digress. What I wanted to share specifically, were several impression of Pluto in the 10th (or coursing through it, via a transit). So, here are my experiences/impressions to ad to the pot/plot!

    1) CAREER–
    I commiserate w. your career misery, Elsa, but, at least you had ‘a career’. I never did. My entire life has been a series of ‘job hopping’ (and not staying for long). Partly, this is Pluto’s ‘shed-many-skins’ syndrome. Partly, this is Pluto’s ‘anti-authority’ motif (you are right-on there!).

    2) DHARMA– Instead of career-in-the-world, my Plutonic obsession has gone underground (really, inside myself). Connected to Jupiter in the 9th too,
    this has meant, for me, a lifelong spiritual search and search for my ‘purpose’ (or, at least, a purposeful life).

    I had a spiritual crisis in late high school, and in early college years, engaged in eastern meditation exploration. It led to about thirteen years of intense (Pluto) immersion in meditation and other transformational (Pluto) yogic practice. Then, this dropped out of my life (in reality–i.e. took root (Pluto) it’s always w. me in my heart, but the OUTER circumstances, people, etc. around this fell away)– through death and ‘dying to experiences’ (Pluto). The dropping away of all this felt (subjectively) like the proverbial ‘fall from grace’, as this spiritual undertaking and transformation I went through, I consider the height of my life (dharma)
    my real ‘career’ in coming here (to Earth).

    4) Conoco, I also commiserate w. you re: being in
    ‘a living hell’ (re: living w. parents) and that you feel you’re being karmically punished. Whether or not you were being serious about that last thought, I do want to say, that, my relationship w. my mother (who is 95, still alive and I am living in the same house w. her) has been a life-long conflicted one (to say the least…’living hell’ would be more fitting). And, yes, I too have taken it to the extreme (Pluto) and asked myself: did I torture/kill/enslave my mother in a past life and am I currently paying for it? O.k., I have worked on myself much and have gotten through much, and believe it or not, we do talk. But, there IS truth in saying that there is REAL conflict and it has to do w. that infamous ‘power struggling’ (Pluto) (variations I have experienced have been: feelings of total disempowerment, fighting for power, feeling powerless, recovering/taking back my power, feeling gradually empowered. All of this, courtesy of Mom (so, I should thank her). Yet, this has colored my world and interactions with authority figures, and detesting anyone trying to ‘put me under their thumb’.

    That is how I would put my Plutonic desire to transform the world (starting w. a reboot of the ‘power-players’ of course– the mega-corporations, banks, governments who are mucking up the world for the masses. But, my reboot has more to do w. a desire for people to transform from within and then do the world’s work from that standpoint– i.e. from the inside out (from individuals to global manifestation). On a more material level though, it is true, I really DO love to recycle and repurpose and reconnect things to people and places, that could love and use them too.

    So, this is what resulted in my pondering of the topic you raised, Elsa. And thanks for doing so….

    1. I have resonated with your comment.Transiting Pluto has just entered my 10th house. I have never had a career, have just job hopped all my life. I have issues with authority, so much so that i really do need my own business, am contemplating a gardening business. My mother passed away over twenty years ago. Interestingly, this morning my daughter is highly critical about everything i am. So i guess my role as a mother is coming under deep scrutiny.

    2. I feel like you could be my twin.
      I have Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in 10 th house. My mother is deceased but we had a torturous relationship in her final years when we were forced to live together due to personal circumstances in each life. I too think of my life as a peeled onion. I am a writer with severe writer’s block. I lived in a spiritual community for 7 years when I fell out with powers that be over the direction of economics. As Virgo I sought balance with spiritual needing economic footing. They were interested in fleecing. My life has been a search for my purpose. I am still looking. It’s what my Guru used to say: “Not this, not that.” I wish you well.

  31. I’d say the 8th and 12th house are the most feared houses. 10th would definitely make it next in line.

  32. My name is James Page. Birthday is December 11th 1951 1:15 pm Cleveland, Ohio. Pluto is transiting through my 10th house now. I am 62, Sun/Sagittarius, Moon/Gemini, ASC/Aries, M.C. Capricorn. Stellium in Libra (Mars, Saturn and Neptune) an asymmetrical grand-cross in cardinal signs and two fingers of Yod. Sometime during late March, early April of 2009 Pluto entered my tenth house by transit forming a square with my natal ASC(3degrees Aries) and my natal Jupiter (4degrees Aries). I won’t go into the details at this time (and there are pertinent astrological details I think and still are as I write this) but I experienced an aortic aneurysm and my aorta ruptured while I was on the operating table so technically that means I died. I had too have two operations, an ascending dissection in April and a descending dissection that next January 2010 when Pluto had stationed direct by across the 3rd and 4th degrees of Aries after it’s obligatory retrograde period during 2009. I have to go but I did want to say that I realized last year something about both Saturn and Pluto transits in particular which I had not realized before. In order to experience any benefits from either of them the following have to be learned and or expressed: diligence, patience, honesty, hard work (not drudgery or slavery) and responsibility. These principles seemed to be key to deriving positive results form both Pluto and Saturn transits. I also noticed that Pluto was in Capricorn in the United States chart. (I used the one with Gemini rising, Marc E. Jones Mundane Astrology). Pluto will not be leaving Capricorn until 2024. I will be 73 and assuming I make it that far my life willdefinitely have changed if not actually transformed. I am quite interested to see how since according to most delineations I have read I will seek to establish myself in the public and have the power to achieve that goal. This is truly going to be and interesting experience. (may write more on my facebook page. We are friends) Gotta go. Great Day! Ashe!

  33. I never understood the relevance of Pluto in my natal chart until it transited an angular house – the 7th – so I would suggest, particularly with pluto, look at both the house its in natally and the one its transiting to understand whats happening.

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