What Happens When You’re No Longer Loyal To A Scorpio?

I just had a gal write me about the mutual affinity she has with Scorpios. She’s valued for her “intense loyalty” among other things.  It makes sense. But what happens when you’re friends with a Scorpio who you can no longer loyally support? 

I love my Scorpio friends. LOVE. But two of them, acting in concert, have busted a move against another person who I also know. We could debate all day about the righteousness of the action.  For the sake of argument, let’s say the amputation was justified.  But there is “amputation” and “amputation with malice”.

The latter doesn’t sit well with me but it’s the path they chose. I know if you’ll do something to one person, you’ll do it to me. It scares me.

Et tu, Brute?

I have no plans to act against them. I do plan to stay out of range!

What happens when your loyalty to Scorpio ends?

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  1. I know what you are talking about, I have seen it. I too keep my mouth shut (unless I just have to say something) and then stay out of range. Thankfully not all Scorpio act this way when an ‘amputation’ is involved. I feel that when they operate on that lower level, they are not as evolved as they think they are. But then again, who am I to judge? That’s why just taking note of their actions and filing it away for later is sometimes the best I can do. My loyalty is not necessarily gone, but self preservation is important, and I am Scorpionic myself.

    I think I probably used to deal and react to situations from that lower vibration, but the older I get, the more folly I see for myself in operating from that lower vibration. But Scorpio is deep, man…they draw from unseen wells, so I do get why some chose to act this way.

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    the laughing goat

    I haven’t had the best of luck with Scorpio’s… always want to control me, own me. So there have been a couple of amputations that I have performed. No regrets either – unhealthy for me so ‘BYE FALICIA!’ Life has been much better since. I currently have one friend who is a Scorpio, but she’s a gypsy and has no interest in keeping me under her thumb and I am A-OK with that, and we do well. 😉

  3. I think when your loyalty to Scorpio ends, it’s important to do it in a way they understand: make your decision very clear, cut all ties, and amputate. For Scorpio, if you can’t take the bad malice w their other good traits, you best well get out. So, decisions w scorpios should be clear and final. I’ve found they respect this, and just amputate me right back – no retaliation or ongoing drama.

  4. I’m a Libra with Venus in the 8th house and my MC in Scorpio. I can amputate with the best of them, whether it’s me amputating or a Scorpio I’ve been friends with, I just remove myself from their sphere of influence and go on about my life. Once that decision has been made I adopt a “go in peace and good luck” kind of attitude. No malice, just…go.

  5. Many Scorpios are driven by their ego. You know, they read all this bs saying their sign is this and this and this which basically makes them the shit right (we know many of them aren’t). Their egos sometimes have a desire to dominate social environments. They know many people are in awe of the Scorpio archetype. They want to be respected and they want to rule. If any one person calls them out on any of their bullshit, thier ego gets bruised and it sets them off on a mission to anihillate that person for exposing them. Of course they end up just stinging themselves. That’s just all there really is to it.

  6. I’m a Scorpio who was amputeed by my husband and a long time girlfriend. It was done in malicious way, and of course, both of them are dead to me. Now, four years later, I’m better off with their toxicity out of my life. Their intended union lasted about a minute, and they’ve both moved on to new partners. I’ve moved on and have a big new life. It’s good.

  7. Old family story – Cancer grandmother with Mars in Scorpio disinherited her Scorpio son after he publicly said his mother was dead to him, and after many family fights. He then disowned all of his siblings.
    His nastiness came back to bite him in the arse. Sad really, because when he was being the Eagle he was great to be around.

  8. I dont know, but in your case, Elsa, I hope that they can find it within themselves to understand that everyone has their own path and honor yours and your decisions that you make for yourself.

  9. My sis is Scorpio…if she gets a bee in her bonnet, she stops calling. Period. I left several messages in last few months with no reply…No real issues, she is Christian w capital C and a recent convert to far-right politics. Im neither so I guess that may be the cause.

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    To answer the question: “What happens when you’re no longer loyal to a Scorpio?” What happens is they might turn even more malicious against whoever they maliciously amputated. They might seek more revenge against the person for having “caused” you to be disloyal to them. It means, in a way, the other person won and they can’t accept defeat.

    Or…they will fight like hell (very calculatingly) to win back your loyalty. They will make themselves appear vulnerable, as if they need help, for instance to lure you back. Or seeing that they are quite they are quite good at telling people what they want to hear, they may give you some meaningful advise when you are vulnerable to lure you back. Scorpios can be sneaky but they are not hard to figure out.

  11. I might clarify this a bit…

    For me, this is a boundary issue. I will follow a person(s), support them and such, but I will not stay tethered when they decide to go over a cliff.

    It doesn’t need to even be that drastic. I am not going to tell you that you are doing right, when I am pretty sure (not positive) you are doing wrong.

    In a way, it’s a different kind of loyalty. I can be trusted to be honest with a person and that right there is very hard to find.

    1. I hear you thanks for sharing and I agree not just with the malice this towards self but just that energy is sickening to me (literally turns my stomach). Btw your post on immediate short consultation isn’t working it keeps coming up “page not found” I tried it several times over last few days

      1. I’m sorry about that. I was testing that but it was a dumb idea for the reason you’ve experienced.

        Clearly, I can’t be available all the time. Years ago, I had a module I could put up and take down. I am going to do that again. The problem I have is if two people schedule at once, I have a problem.

        I am really sorry! I have not resolved this yet.

  12. For me, as a 4 x Scorpio, I would respect a person who came to me, and quietly and respectfully told me that they understood my actions, but they themselves could not support the action itself, because they cared about that person as well.

    The most honest thing to do or say to perhaps a scorpio would in my eyes be that they intended to keep supporting this person I had amputated and seeing them. And that they would continue to see them, openly admitting that this had made them almost afraid of me.

    If a Scorpio is evolved they should have not too much trouble about accepting this, even being empathic about it, because they know it was their own choice to amputate a person, and that people can have different opinions. In a situation like this, it doesn’t sound like it though.

    I’ve been through this in my family where I, the Scorpio, chose to amputate my connection to my dad, and my sister still chose to see him. As I knew it was for my best not to see him, I accepted her choice, and accepted also that I would have to avoid certain family gatherings because of my choice. I took the full responsibility for my actions and knew that if *I* had a problem with not seeing my family to these events, well… then it was my bluidy job to do some work so that I would be able to participate in those events to see my other family members.

    I DO have Moon in Libra, 9th house. Justice, justice, justice. Fair and square. This approach *might* be because of this placement *cough*
    I can understand someone who aren’t as detached emotionally to their choices…

  13. I am a loyal person. Moon in 8th and Venus in Scorpio. But I have amputated when I feel its too much. Its a line waayyy back because I understand why people do what they do at times. I just emotionally distance myself from them.
    I understand how it could happen, sure. When I feel emotionally betrayed by someone I love, My Virgo has to talk me down off the ledge sometimes as I try to see balance between the action any my response. I know how vulnerable Scorpios can be. The ones I know have just a few trusted friends. Outside of being completely out of control and hurting me, I usually try to position the relationship so they can move on from me if I can. I make it their decision. Mars in Cancer. No sense adding to the hurt all around.
    However, in Elsa’s case, I would tell them I have to back off from the relationship. I understand the reasons and understand their choices, but I cant condone malicious spiteful behavior. I moved on from elementary school with its name calling, bullying, gang ups and petty revenge. I have graduated college and move in the adult world. SO they have to see that they own their actions, not me so I am not obligated to take care of them by supporting them. I will always be friends, I just cant travel in their sphere anymore.

  14. My daughter in law is a Scorpio
    She manipulates my Son & he falls for it
    She hates me, as I see right thro her, she banns me from their house & I don’t get to see my beloved Grandaughters
    It’s horrid & as a Cancerian I get so hurt I just wish my son would see her for what she really is.

  15. I’m scorpio rising, mars, Neptune… I’m not driven by ego. I’m very guarded, have a hard time trusting others and keep my inner circle small/close. If you’re not loyal- I cut ties immediately. That’s not to say I’ll never be your acquaintance… you’ll just never mean the same to me or get close to me. Maybe you don’t care?! My best friend for 40+ years is a scorpio. We trust each other with EVERYTHING. We would never betray each other. Neither of us are the manipulative scorpio.

    I feel for you Tamayra…. not being able to see your beloved grand daughters would be torture.

  16. As a double Scorpio (Sag rising, several planets in Libra all piled up with the Scorpio Sun and Moon), certain loyal people can point out my bad behavior and speak straight with me. However, I only tolerate this from people who have my back – you want to hurt me? I’m not interested in your opinion or advice, and I do not show you my vulnerable spots.

    Self-righteous people should check their motives. And I should follow that advice.

    I explain my methods this way – if you are reasonable with me, I will be reasonable with you. If you draw your sword on me, one of us is going to die here. And (so far) I am still standing.

  17. So the opposite of loyalty is betrayal. I’ve known and loved Scorpios all my long life (I’m one too) and in my experience we are more concerned with betrayal if we’ve trusted and embraced another in our soul circle. If the other seeks to part ways and has the maturity (courage?) to speak up privately and honestly (as Anette describes), permanent amputation may not be required. Seriously, why destroy a relationship over small beans – if they are in fact, small. So are you dealing with a scorpion, an eagle or a Phoenix? If you’re close enough, you’ll know. Make your move accordingly. Just remember that a Scorpio takes a loooong time to recover from the pain of betrayal. Burning bridges is our specialty.

  18. In my experience, Scorpios do tend to be vindictive..With no water in my chart, I tend to be clinical when I decide to amputate…

  19. If I knew that the person was capable of “amputation with malice”, I don’t think I would be a good friend with the person in the first place. If this behaviour came as a surprise and was not something characteristic of the person, I would tell the person what I think (and then move out of range). But I would talk, I always talk. It would be: „OK, but why, why?“
    I’m a Libra Sun, Virgo rising, but with Moon and Mercury in Scorpio.

    1. Three planets in Scorpio, with Pluto 1* from my Sun, I warn people who try to get too close to me that I do not keep friendships for long because something always happens to cut the ties. Either I move away or I just crawl under my rock.

      The last person I amputated had an obsession with me and she just smothered me by wanting to be with me every day and did things to really get on my nerves like dress like me and shove me off of my bed. She was an Aries Sun with Cancer Rising and NOPE! I could not deal with that, so, good bye.

      I had warned her but she didn’t heed it.

  20. I have a Scorpio sister, and I have mars,moon,mercury, and Neptune virtually all conjunction within 4degrees in Scorpio. She used to try to abandon me in deep water, on deserted islands while out boating as a kid, lose me while on the way to the 7-11, etc. Nonetheless, I was deeply devoted to her and admired and looked up to her and helped her whenever I could. I used to take my daughter to see her on weekends, and when I divorced, she and her husband both signed a letter saying I was “vengeful” or something ridiculous and untrue, but I was gobsmacked to find out she would actually act against me in my hour of need, especially after detailing the drop dead drunk daily antic of my husband at the time. It was SO painful for me. It led to me losing custody, losing income I needed to pay rent, left me living in my car, and almost getting raped by a potential landlord. I then HAD to live with her for 6 months, which was humiliating, when I had a perfectly good life, home, and job, and a plan to protect my daughter and she just stepped in and really backstabbed me- never once discussing anything with me to my face. I said in court that my ex could never help her with her homework, and she would become an alcoholic just like him, which did happen. I moved overseas partially because I don’t want to socialize with someone like that- even if I love her- any more. I just do not understand people who do not believe in me.

    1. Susan I’m so sorry
      Your Sisters behaviour Sounds very cruel.
      I wonder why, if we believe we create our own reality, do we draw these people to us.
      What can the lessons be ?
      I am often perplexed by this question.
      The easy answer is It makes us stronger.
      Or It teaches us to practice forgiveness & compassion.
      But I find myself in short supply of both these qualities when around such cruel people 🙁

      1. It must be a lesson on how to deal specifically with betrayal- because I could never trust any of them to not sleep with my boyfriend, not take my things, not talk crap about me to my boyfriend’s mom, etc. And whenever I did forgive them and keep the relationship, I was ALWAYS repaid with 10x the pain the next time. It has made me incredibly tough and self reliant, and also extremely honorable in the outside world because I didn’t want to be like them.

        1. @Susan how can I put this softly. ..The lesson is to stop being a doormat! Practice having a self esteem get rid of them and stop having a victim mentality! I would have been cut all those people out of my life family or not! If it keeps happening it’s now your fault because you keep on allowing it period. I’m a scorpio if your wondering.

          1. I think the Neptune in my Scorpio stellium in the third house made me blind to their evil communications, feelings, and actions towards me. Do you remember the old horror story where the angelic girl was lost out in the rain and ended up on the stairs in the house with the evil woman that hated her? You could see the evil woman with the look on he face and her hands reaching to strangle her, but the trust and goodness of the child (and some angelic presence) melted her intention, and then they were immediately found by people searching for the child. It was kind of like that. My Scorpio Dad did protect me until I was 10, until he was run off. He used to tell me to turn the other cheek and to forgive them.
            It is very difficult when almost every fiber of your being is wrapped up with identifying with them. When I began earning 350k per year, I realized that it wasn’t my lack of accomplishment that they hated, and that they were really not any smarter than I was, and after 10 years of that I moved overseas and lost their numbers. It really is a “life lesson ” level of learning.

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