What If It’s Your Responsibility?

beautiful burdenWith all this action in Capricorn, I’m running into certain themes in my life as well as the lives of friends, family or clients. Sometimes, it’s your responsibility to do something.  Today’s newsletter as related. People no longer feel motivated to go get something. They have things brought to them by Amazon or Hello Fresh or the USPS. I’m not judging this. It’s just an observation of something I’ve seen change in the course of my lifetime.

In a similar vein, there are some things a person may not want to do.  I’ll be the guinea pig. I wanted to be creative person. I did not want to work on the back of this site. It turned out, tough luck! I had to learn. There was no other way. The site has my name on it. Of course it’s my responsibility to keep up, unless of course, I want it to come down!

I think this stellium in Capricorn is showing people what their job is or rather, the job they should focus on. I’m seeing this all around me. Having a lot of Capricorn in my cart, I willingly carry a burden that I can see has my name on it.  But what I find is many people can’t see their own name on anything! I laughed when I wrote that because it’s funny.

I was funny too, all those years I waited for someone to come defend me on my own website. satori (Capricorn moon) was the one who informed me, I was very strong and people probably felt I could defend myself!  Well, hell!

I did not want to be strong.  I wanted to be a Venus in Leo child!  But you can see the stark truth in this.  Are you my mommy? You’re not.

Maybe you can’t see the stark truth. Maybe you have not seen the stark truth in so long, you forgot such a thing exists. I really don’t know! But I do know, you’re to grow and thrive, if when you’re faced with something to do, you do it, rather than call someone to do it for you.

To never go out of your way for anyone or anything is really bad policy. You may not realize it in the moment, but eventually you do find out.

Who can relate?

16 thoughts on “What If It’s Your Responsibility?”

  1. Interesting read Elsa!
    You do have a point with people doing (or atleast trying to) the things the family/society expects you to.

    Recently my bf (Gem sun/leo moon) nagged about the fact that he doesnt feel cared for even though he works like a dog everyday taking care of other peoples'(read his family/parents) needs.

    He has a selfish streak in him, this is probably the first time i m watching him do things for others.
    I feel there is a lesson behind every situation we face. Taking rightful responsibility in his case, no more hiding!

  2. I relate to wanting to live a creative life. It’s a lot easier said, than done. I had talent in a certain area, but didn’t have the know how, ego, or contacts, to propel me into where I wanted to go. I ended up conforming to a mundane, practical life path. In my mid 30’s I had a wake up call, and realised I had to take the reigns, get educated, and be responsible for my own success. The career path I’m on now, is not creative but it is practical. The journey has been long and painful at times, but what I’m building will be rock solid. I now work with Saturn, not against him.

  3. The “just doing” is so empowering as you wiz thru the act and your mind backpedals to where “did I think this too hard for me?” And boop your done it was too much thinking and you get thinking your sad it happened so quick; I believe we all have a magic wand and we are amazing for what we do,Boop! In a baby blink
    Power “on” my fellow wizards

  4. Regarding having things delivered: My Sadge moon hates it. I mean I love seeing my delivery people, but when I need something, I want there to be A TRIP involved to go get it. I hated living in NYC because literally everything I could ever want was right outside my door. That was no fun for me. Now I live in the woods and I’m much happier here, and I generally prefer to stock up on stuff at home and avoid going to town unnecessarily. I guess my life is like a trip in itself at this point. Adventures can be had on actual trails and rivers. I do take advantage of delivery stuff (mostly Amazon) since there are so few stores within reasonable distance. But there are certain things that I refuse to have delivered, because I want to support local businesses, and it just feels wrong to have some FedEx person hauling 40 lb bags of dog food for me when I’m perfectly able to pick it up at the local hardware (my favorite store). A lot of services don’t deliver to my area anyway – like I can’t get groceries or most Costco stuff delivered to my house. Boop boop boop LOL @RaeRae

  5. Right now a relative of ours is dealing with addiction. We all just found out. It’s devastating to his mother. The problem is that he doesn’t want to take responsibility, and his wife says he “needs our support,” as in, don’t hold him accountable. I think “what if it’s your responsibility?” might be a good question to ask him. No one is going to save him but himself.

  6. There is a clearer person reality for myself and those I know. And I hate to be getting on Jupiter lately because I do like the disposition, the gratitude, the growth, the joy. It’s the crazy beliefyism aspect that is troubling to me. These insane deep state pedophilia people. It’s off the rails. What kind of projection is that? So while personally people seem for the most part, excusing parents tearing their hair out dealing with their children during covid, to be thriving, there is this non factual beliefyism looming out there. Are we headed to the death of science and reasoning based on the proofs that support hypothesis? Is that Pluto moving to Aquarius?

    1. A heavy morning, my apologies. The beliefyists are most likely not looking for their own truth, perhaps hiding from it? That must be the protection aspect of Jupiter. Hiding in beliefs. Words and actions are rarely filtered through the beliefs. Ergo, I don’t buy it.

      1. So all this crap being broadcasted everywhere, I was thinking that people actually believe what they are touting. All this insanity, do the broadcasters actually believe this stuff they are saying? Can’t be. It is insane. I do think it comes from belief on some level. I am thinking what I am hearing is a want to win. What is the belief that I have to win? Why do I have to beat somebody else? If I don’t win, I will die? If it doesn’t happen this way or that way I won’t be acceptable. If I am unacceptable, I could be in danger. I am thinking it all boils down to survival, that basic animal instinct. (Disclaimer; I am natal Saturn in Scorpio). Life and death. And making fools of anyone who buys into the fear that is being propogated. Being played. That’s what I was feeling that the voices are trying to play me. One of the things that stuck in my head is Bannon saying that he wanted the masses to be visceral. I only understand that now. Make the masses believe that their survival is at stake. Play the death card.

        I do experience it in my personal life as well. And have had to learn how to defend myself. Why do I defend myself? Survival again. The death of me. That’s the reality. I don’t think about it but I got stuck in some old Virgo analyzing habit of mine. Too much craziess, had to sort.

        So we are here focussing on creating under the leo sun. Getting lost in the beauty of life. Making it happen, experiencing our energy manifesting, experiencing life. Saving death for another day. That’s much better.

        1. The final chapter. My astrological spin. As Mercury (head) leaves its conj with natal Uranus (reactionary) and square to tranisiting uranus, it moves toward square with natal Saturn (responsibility). Taking responsibility for my head. Rebalancing my head (natal mercury in libra). As with getting the tires balanced, my head had to be balanced to continue the smooth ride. Natal chiron opp natal uranus and trines natal mercury. As mythological chiron, I got caught in the crossfire. The pigtails were pointing to my head, I just didn’t get it. Oink Oink. Sigh. Ahhhh. While this may seem nuts (hey uranus is involved here), it works for me.

  7. This post has been percolating in me for days. To be responsible means so many different things. And that meaning changes, in my experience, over time. Being responsible for myself, now that I don’t own a house anymore, or a mortgage but do have a home that most wouldn’t define as such, I have a responsibility to know what ‘a home means’ to a family (of two) who are not young and have redefined normal many times. I am responsible for finding ways to interact in a society that is quick to judge but not open to conversations that would change laws long outmoded and based on systemic discrimination.
    What if it is my responsibility to find ways to survive and document “odd-ball” solutions that work, hopeful these solutions are picked up on the way to recovering a more humane alternative to an “economy.”
    We’re getting ‘the boot’ from our camp of a year and half. This question fires me up in time for the Leo New Moon which will shine lights on ‘deeply creative’ solutions. YO!

    1. I ‘hear’ everything you said, Moki. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for doing the hard work that needs to be done. I am sending you supportive vibes from my little corner of the planet. May your contribution succeed in effecting much needed change, starting with your little corner of the world. Thank you for having recognized and accepted that responsibility. I am rooting for you, and my shoulder is to the wheel with you. xoxo

    2. Avatar

      Your comment is lighting a fire in me—a good one. Sending the strongest inner-light ever to you to survive this thing.

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