How Do You Meet Your Destiny?

kcb roundersHave you seen the movie, “Rounders”? It’s about professional poker players.  I’m interested in card playing, at least I was at one time.  But what grabbed me watching the movie was the story that an old Jewish man in the movie told.

The man said he was to be rabbi.  This is what was expected of him in his family. He wanted to comply but it didn’t happen because it just wasn’t his destiny.  He was to be a law professor.

When I was young (15 years old), I dated a pianist. He was a child prodigy. I dated him on and off for more than 17 years. I asked him once, “How do you know I could not have played the piano?”

He laughed, but it was a serious question. I was from the desert. There were no pianos in my world. He was born to privilege.  I didn’t see how we could know if I could play the piano or not since I’d never collided with one. He said if I was meant to play piano, I’d have collided with one!

“Are you sure?” I asked. I was a teenager.

He said he was sure and I accepted this. I am full of faith if nothing else.

At the time, I thought this meant that he was special and I was…plain? Unlucky? Not to be distinguished? I was a person who had no boat to sail!

Fine. I went on when my life. I failed to marry my (current) husband when I was a teenager. We got back together more than twenty years later…this time we married.

We were destined to be married, we’re both sure of this.  You can’t experience something like this and think that a thing like “destiny” is a crock.

Looking around today, I have to conclude that I was destined to be an astrologer. I seems impossible this be the case. Or improbable.

I was the little girl who skipped second grade to start third grade when I was six years old. I was covered in bruises and belt welts – I’m going to be a what?  Who would ever think something like that?

One reason a person might resist the idea that their destiny is fixed is that they don’t like their destiny! Even if you do like your destiny, how do you feel about it ten or twenty years later?  Still like it? Maybe not.

It does seem important that you fulfill your destiny though, whatever it may be.   And if you can’t accept your destiny, you’ll probably be unhappy.

I don’t want to be unhappy. It’s a waste of time but I also know that unhappy people tend to make others unhappy and I don’t any part of that.

What is your destiny? Are you aligned with your destiny, right now, today? What do you think of all this?

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  1. Well, transiting Neptune is wandering back and forth over my MC at 9 Pisces and Chiron at 7 Pisces; it’s also trining my 5th house Neptune in Scorpio. I figured out lately that I need to stop wandering around in the fog (Neptune/Pisces/MC) and start digging deep (Scorpio) instead. It was good advice to myself. I know where I’m heading now! I think… 😉

  2. Home and family, and the worth/value of those, are a strong theme and transformational catalyst in my chart, so I’ve “come home,” so to speak, to work (Moon/Venus 6th house Scorpio) and play. I’m formally training in astrology now, as well as for another stay-at-home profession. Digging deep (Scorpio) into peoples’ natal charts. I see myself being a lot more reclusive as an astrologer than you are, Elsa. Heh heh.

  3. I wanted to be a doctor. I had almost enough aptitude, no money, and an abusive family (abused by both parents and a stepmother). I also had the Vedic Moon Ashwini, sign of the Divine Physician, shared with Ben Carson, who did become an almost divine physician. I failed out of medical school at the end of my first year. Interestingly, I had the same scores as my black female peer, but she was permitted to stay at our school, and I was not, because I am white. I am not angry at her; she was a decent person who went into primary care, and today she is a fine physician. Instead, I became the Restless Wandering Horse, the other side of Ashwini. You can see this as well in Ben Carson, who did the ultimate in medicine, and then went on to politics because he was restless, even though he is not as well suited to a Presidential campaign. In Jyotish, each of the Moon signs carries two or three archetypes – if you don’t make the one society values the most, you will live out the other one or two in some way.

  4. Since I could talk, I sang. Did theatre, went to college, toured, but personally, could not take the rejection. Fell into a real job, married, kids, divorce. I still sing. If I am weed eating or gardening, just taking a walk, I’m in concert all by myself. n BTM, neighbors threatened to sell tickets. Venus/Neptune conjunct 5th house, Cancer rising

  5. I understand destiny best through relationship. People whom are in your life and keep popping up kind of thing. My husband and I knew this immediately about each other but it was mostly through the intensity of the connection that it was so apparent. It scared us both and we did not admit it to each other until many many years later. In the early years it was not easy it is deep and intense core of your soul kind thing. It was not some fairy tail Price Charming kiss and lived happily ever after. It is a permiated bonded at the soul connection. What I learned is don’t fight Destiny as Destiny always wins and while our love story has a happy ever after now it would have been even sweeter if recognizing Desitiny hadn’t terrified us both so. LOL

  6. I don’t know what my destiny is exactly. When I ask God about it he tells me to take care of my son. That’s the only message I’ve gotten so far. I think in the future I will be some kind of healer. I am trying to learn things right now that I think can help people. I know that I need to raise my son and work on myself first though.

  7. I have Saturn crossing my Moon and North Node in Sagittarius and I am definitely feeling my destiny at work. Its exciting! I am many things and I am nothing. I feel the call to step up to the plate and fulfill my deep desire to serve. Its happening via several things… one of them astrology. Like you I never in a million years expected that one. I have no desire to be in the public spotlight, despite my Jupiter conjunct Pluto on Leo MC. I am just happy to help people. Its all a bit of a mystery to me but that’s half the fun!

  8. I knew at twelve years of age I wouldn’t marry or have children as I wanted my freedom from the west side of Cincinnati, OH. I pursued education and career as well as lived in several cities through the country. I am sixty years old now and am very glad that I lived the life I did. Destiny caught up with me at fifty-seven when I met a widower and all around great guy. We married in 2014. I am truly fortunate as a women to have lived the life I wanted and to live with a man I was finally ready for.

  9. I thought I knew, then I was unsure, then I became sure that I still don’t know. I don’t know yet, I’m trying to be happy till collide with mine. Or may be I already have collided yet I don’t know! Like Elsa dint know 24 to 0 years before her marriage that she’s going to marry the same guy. No one really knows the destiny until it is experienced.

  10. I think I was meant to suffer and to remain unfulfilled. Otherwise, it seems as if something else would have happened along the way. But I could be mistaken.

    1. I disagree. There are lessons there. I haven’t received hardly anything I have dreamed of but very recently I learned that fulfillment starts with me knowing and loving myself. I’m apprehensive because it’s more work, more labor but I feel better. Hugs.

  11. Elsa ~ how did you and your husband not marry first time around? I’m sure that you both learned valuable lessons in the meanwhile, but what prevented full blossoming then? Am thinking there may be a lesson in there for the rest of us.

    1. There isn’t an easy answer to this but I will try.

      Primarily, stubbornness on his part. Ignorance on mine.

      Plus, there were some severe extenuating circumstances on my end, which he was not aware of, because I did not tell him!

      But also, we didn’t know what we had. We both thought we could substitute partners and have what we had with each other. It was quite stupid.

      I try to help people avoid this mistake. Sometimes I’m successful.

      1. hi Elsa, can i ask how your moons relate in synastry? I thought i had something similar with someone such was (and always will be i guess) the pull, but we have opposing moons…

    1. Super interesting, Karma is tightly conjoined my Natal Scorp Sun and South Mode. Destiny in my otherwise empty 2nd House of personal value in Pisces. Thanks for the tip, Jayne. Maybe a missing puzzle pieces:)

  12. I am not sure how we know if we are fulfilling our destiny. I plugged in those asteroids though and got Destiny in my 9th at 3 degrees Virgo and Karma in my Fourth in “Pisces at 26 degrees. The former Sabian Symbol 3º 00Virgo: Two guardian angels bringing protection.
    Divine guarantee to man of supply of all his needs. Divine help when human efforts fail. Unconscious sense of strength.”
    I do feel not only protected but also I move on divine guidance to help others. 26 :45 degrees Pisces Sabina Symbol says 26º Pisces: A new moon reveals that it’s time for people to go ahead with their different projects.
    Polyphony of values as man lives at various levels of consciousness. Inner call to realization. Transmutation of meaning.

    27º Pisces: A harvest moon illuminates the sky.
    The power of creative visualization. by which great Dreamers transcend outer reality. Complete dominance of circumstances.

    I put both 26 and 27 degrees as some astrologers move it up to the next degrees if the minutes are above 10 or up. I can say Karmic wise I am drawn to Spiritual transmutation – and also have lots of creative impulses from Art to music to writing. My father was a musician, Artist and a Pisces! And I have always felt close to him and as if we had been through other lives together.

  13. I don’t think I ever even came close to by “destiny” but have had a rewarding and very stable life. Every chance to “break away” was matched by an even better offer to get back into the rat race and another relationship. South Node in Aries/North in Libra over the 1st/7th house axis.

  14. I am closer to grasping things now that I have shed a lot of the societal expectations of me. It’s still difficult. My destiny involves serving others in many creative ways. Life’s struggles have crippled me, I’d rather be a hermit in my safe space focusing on my immediate family and close relationships. My heart is still truing to find a method that balances both. I am extremely compassionate. It’s just that the fear of being completely drained by additional obligations and responsibilities looms over my head as I would take being of service to others very seriously.

  15. Since I commented on this thread a few years ago I am even more sure of who I am and where I am going. Its been a long time coming (I’m 63)A late bloomer hehe.

    In evolutionary astrology the Nodes – as well as the Pluto Polarity point (opposite point to Pluto) help define the direction your soul wants to go.

    My PPP is in 4th house- Ive spent a lot of my life at home as a mom, as a student and then later due to health issues. No career in sight. With Pluto Jupiter conjunct MC you’d think Id be ruling the world!! But Saturn square to Pluto/Jupiter MC had other ideas. Working out my karma through my body (Saturn in 1st house)

    While at home – I made art and studied astrology as hobbies. And guess what – those are what I now do.

    Life works in strange ways!! 🙂

  16. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    When I was young I read about far away lands. The etymology of place names, how people dressed, what their folklore stories were and how they viewed their place in the human collective, God…and the environment they interacted with.
    What are their hero stories
    I read classical literature to learn timeless life lessons and liked old books on a long lost things like extinct Native American tribes and other lost voices from the past.
    I have a very keen interest in old arts and sciences, and I study astrology, herbology and am interested in learning falconry, stain glassmaking, reading the history of a forested landscape, wildcrafting, antique seeds, antique cuisine, antique and extinct animal and plant breeds.

    Libra Mercury in my 1st house. North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius in 5th.
    WIth my Aquarian Saturn Return coming up this March, I hope to find my tribe. Probably several tribes (Gemini Midheaven) lol!

    I only wish it translated into something of a life work for me and earning a living instead of only hobbies. My Leo North Node craves it.
    TO me, it certainly would be preferable to losing a third of your life to something that just pays the bills…

  17. I think I have fulfilled mine partially. I’m really not sure. What I thought was my destiny most of my life turned out not to be. Neptune is exactly conjunct my south node and square my sun and moon. My destiny is not clear to me. Where I’m going? No clue? But I can see some patterns in my life that brought me here.

  18. I guess you could look at the North Node in your chart to see if you are living it. North Node is where you are going, South Node is where you came from.

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