Saturn Conjunct Neptune In Scorpio – Feeling The Despair Of The Collective

people divided“I am sorry you’re seeing the shadow of people. But there is a huge upside, when you realize some of the things you see people do to others, you know you’ll never do. Their badness makes it easier for you to be good. The other way is not an option and it becomes obvious…”

I wrote that to someone forgiving, when I was relaxed. It taxes me to try to untangle my dyslexia and I am not up for that right now, but I wanted to say this:

With Saturn in Scorpio, we’re all coming to terms with the shadow side of life, one way or the other. People with Neptune in Scorpio may be really disillusioned by what the perceive  They may even feel despair. But what I see here is extremes.

We’re talking about Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn. You’re going to have to pick a side. I remember posting a thread in forum called, “Meet Me In The Middle”.  That was when Saturn was in Libra. I was working for harmony. I wanted people to get along.

We missed our chance to do that, if you look at this in terms of the collective. So now we have these extremes that are well defined. How often to you hear the word “extremists”, hmm? I’m one, he’s one, she’s one and you’re one.

This is my take on it. There are things I am going to do and other things I am not going to do. When I see someone do something I don’t think is right, I am not weakened, I am fortified.

Do you have Neptune in Scorpio? Have you felt the collective despair?

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  1. here at work the only time I can reply here is from blog posts..I cant reply to forum.we use an outdated browser..antique office supplies. I have neptune in scorpio but at 0 degrees..I was born in march of 56. I have really been disillusioned with society as a whole. is the food safe to eat from rest or grocery stores.the whole “for big profit” way we run our country. It seems everything is toxic anymore.

  2. Neptune in Scorpio, conjunct Moon in Scorpio. Yes and yes.
    Have felt despair and seen it in others. I like the idea of feeling fortified by it. It helps me deal with the total and utter isolation I am experiencing right now – as if I am invisible and silent. If it was not for my beloved husband, I am not sure how I would have managed this time. And I’m not even having it that tough compared to others.

      1. KateM I wanted to write something this morning but had no time. Your post popped up and I couldn’t believe your first few lines were exactly as I had them in my head. It was weird to see it….even the “yes and yes”. The only word that would have changed for me is Neptune conjunct Venus in Scorpio… no the moon. Uncany… It’s exactly how I feel right now and has been since the summer of 2013. Although I must add that things have lightened up a bit since the eclipses have taken place… thankfully.

        1. Wildstarz, thanks for posting – hope you see this one! Yes, last summer, wierd. In fact things were slipping away beforehand v slowly, but I would say I had been totally at sea come July. Things have been better since early March this year (actually since Mars went retro strangely) and I can see a new space forming, and ideas on what to fill it with, as well as open to some things I haven’t yet thought of. Glad that you are in a better place, I hope that it continues for you.

          1. Hi KateM…. Yes I’m back. Well I have Saturn heading toward Venus for his second direct hit, then he turns Direct and hits my Asc. so I try to remain hopeful. You know what they say…. the last hit is the hardest. But I do have good ole Jupiter’s help trining Venus right now! Don’t move Jupiter!!…hahah I think acceptance to certain things in life is key and then after that forgiveness. Both very hard for me. It’s something I work on since my 40’s. It’s a realization that things will not always go your way. Life is not flat and we have to live for the experiences. I stamp and shout and cry myself to sleep…then eventually I must concede that this is how it needs to be at the moment! Have a great weekend!

  3. Neptune in scorpio. And saturn is conjunction him right now. 2nd house of money values & worth. I’ve gone from free spending don’t give a damn, to hoarding every penny I can. The only person I buy for is myself & my son. I can’t bear to part with it. So extremist I am. I just refuse to invest in others except us. I’ve been going over all my relationships and just don’t see investing into them when they have given nothing back but grief and backstabbing. So it’s me and him.and our relationship has become closer. He even said when he has children he’ll name the girl after me.I jumped for my investment in someone who is worth my love has been inspiring.and now I’ll invest in me.with uranus in my 6th house conjunct my saturn. I’m ready to make the investment in me. Extreme makeover time. Health, body & mind.

  4. It makes a certain sense that Neptune is coming into conjunction with my natal Chiron in 9th house of higher education. I dropped out of University which was my great wounding as an adolescent and young adult. Now I am hopeful for a return to school in a manner which is serves the collective.

  5. You’ve got it so right! I’ve been feeling disillusioned since Neptune began transiting my seventh house and now with the recent rolling over my IC, natal moon conjunct Neptune, I have gotten to the point of despair. So many people I love and relationships I’ve had have proven disappointing. The despair comes from choosing not to see what was before me but an ideal. Sometimes I love what I know a person could be rather than what they are. That’s how trust gets earned, by a person proving you right over time.

  6. Neptune in Scorpio. And I totally feel this sort of despair for all things good. Interesting — a couple of days ago, a few of us learned that a former colleague from our old firm, who has literally done no work for four years (we had to do it all and cover all her quite large errors while we worked there) and who lied about her background, and who now has two lawsuits against her for abusing staffers at firms we deal with (they taped her, it’s so bad), is escaping — with a promotion to a top job at a rival firm paying an enormous salary. She used our work (and the success of others in another dept) to get the job. No problem! She is protected by a couple of big guys in this city who trashed us, and others, to protect her — four of the trashed people still can’t find work due to this. I have heard similar tales from a few friends elsewhere whose actual strong backgrounds were questioned and dismissed while weak people are promoted and founder and fail and they have to do the work. I truly have lost faith in work, values, etc.

    1. …and yeah, I already KNOW I would not lie or be lazy etc., bad behavior is not an option to any of us viewing this junk. So….for this “lesson” — fortified? Seeing more nonsense? For those of us who see a lot of this all the time lately (seriously, I think I’ve heard similar tales from probably eleven friends in the last four months alone)…’s not a “cosmic lesson” really, it’s like “welcome to the new world of ickiness.”

      1. VillageGirl, that situation in your firm (and competitors) sounds awful, but it’s good that your colleagues are aware of the injustice. You’re not alone, which might make it a little less “icky.” It’s hard to be the sole person who sees the ugly truth.

  7. I had to think about this and digest it. I have Neptune in Scorpio, 3H. Saturn is right on top of it now. Two things come to mind, though.

    When Scorpio entered Neptune I was hit with some things that hurt me, so I made a while new world for part of my life. It cracked a little during this Saturn transit but I’m ok.

    As far as the whole world, there’s bad and there’s good. I don’t know if it’s any worse than any other time in history. I think we are just more aware of it now because of techology, media. The bad can always remind me of the good and how we’re all pretty much the same inside: we want security, to feel loved, shelter, food, health, etc. So there are those times when it causes you to pause your own anger and passion to be more gentle. And trust me, I have my own bit of passion and anger. Just my thoughts.

  8. I have Neptune in Scorpio at 0′ at the end of my 7th house and my husband has Neptune in Scorpio at 2′ at the end of his 1st house. We have both been going through a lot of despair about people and the world and I believe through this pain we have both become more compassionate and caring and less reactive while beginning to make plans to find a way to retreat from the world even more in the near future……

  9. Natal Neptune/Venus 18′ 5th house Scorpio I am discouraged by the way some people treat each other and the simple lack of respect for others, just as human beings,as people.

  10. “When I see someone do something I don’t think is right, I am not weakened, I am fortified.”

    I wish I could get to a place to feel fortified. Saturn conj. Neptune in 6th right now. I’ve been really focused on all the horrible things people do. And, my daily life feels like drudgery without appreciation or recognition and just generally pointless. Last night I was thinking that I need to shift my focus to something more positive or I will never make it through. I am counting the days until Saturn moves into Sag and my 7th house.

    1. bella_luna, I have Neptune at a fairly early degree of Scorpio. I did not come to this all at once and certainly not immediately. I wandered around for months in a stupor of pain and disbelief. Truly, it’s like being spiritually ill. I felt like I’d caught the depression-flu of the collective for a number of months.

      But after awhile, I came to accept the situation and now it’s exactly like said. People choose to do things. It’s very painful when those people are close to you, but ultimately, it’s their life.

      I’ve seen this happen with my son (14/15 years old). One by one, his friends dumped him for drugs…up until his best friend (since 3rd grade) also joined that party. Think this might have hurt? OUCH.

      But what’s he going to do?

      He doesn’t want to throw his life away, so now he’s sober and lonely. But I think he made a good choice. The only choice, really.

      I feel I’ve made the only choice, really, too. And now I just live with the consequences of my decision. Some of the consequences have been ROUGH. But I’ve got some distance now and my life is improving by the day. My marriage is improving by the day. My business is improving by the day. My family is stronger every day.

      So hey. No regrets. But did I bleed for this? Suffer? You betcha.

      1. I have seen a lot people around me falling into more decadent or extreme forms of behavior, be it drugs, alcohol, sex or whatnot. I don’t know any one who has been with a Moose. At one point you just have to step aside and let them act out. It is always empowering when your taking care of your self, but it can be lonely.

  11. Imagine (Neptune) that you are in a beautiful room with a close up view of the Pacific Ocean. You are with a man who you believe loves you. (Neptune, or in my case Venus square Neptune ) He is sound asleep in the bed and it is 3 am and you have been back and forth to the bathroom with worsening cramps and ultimately very serious (Saturn) bloody diarrhea. You may have been poisoned (Scorpio). After the last bought of chills, sweats and shakes you actual realize it is possible to die on the toilet like Elvis. (Pluto, Scorpio, 8th house). Somehow you find this funny in a gallows humor kind of way (Scorpio) and yet you find yourself with amazing compassion (Neptune in Pisces) and humility (Virgo) for anyone who has expired in this manner. (Pluto, Scorpio, 8th house). You gingerly make your way back to the bed but because you are hunched over your eye level looks out the huge picture window and you see the most gorgeous, illuminated full moon languidly setting over the Pacific Ocean. It is so huge you feel dwarfed by its presence. It leaves a trail of its reflection upon the undulating waters like a cosmic flashlight beam. It is so beautiful and so grand that it imprints itself upon your soul. Under normal circumstances you would have been sleeping. Sometimes it takes extraordinary circumstances to awaken to the magnificence that surrounds you. (Saturn in Scorpio conjunct natal Neptune) p.s. Man amputated. (Pluto, Venus contact)

  12. Sober and lonely. Now if that isn’t it in a nutshell! Tough on a teenage boy but a valuable lesson for him to take into the future. Tomorrow’s foundation is built today. Tough hard choices seem to be the order of the day.

  13. I have felt despair and loneliness like you wouldn’t believe, but not for the world, for me. Although I must say I feel the despair of the women before me, my great-grandmothers on my mother’s side. It goes to 8 generations. I think that’s enough to take on. Can’t do the rest of the world too.

  14. Great post, Elsa.
    Don’t despair group – I think those w/Neptune in Scorpio are the lucky ones during this Saturn transit since Neptune takes the ‘sting’ out of Scorpio.

  15. Neptune in Scorpio. Born Feb 26, 1959. I am ready to leave this earth whenever The Universe deems it time. Disappointment does not even begin to cover it.

  16. Apologies to the Neptune in Scorpio generation if you think I was light on the Saturn transit–I didn’t realize so many felt despair. Every age around me feels despair – I see people turning on each other so easily – people are so mean today.

  17. My husband has Neptune, Vertex and Moon in Scorpio natally in the 5th house (plus pluto transiting his 7th house where his Saturn, Vesta and Pallus reside in Capricorn and semi-sextile his Mars in Aquarius). Despair & disillusion, oh yeah. He walked when I asked him to get a part time job when I lost mine back in September. I can not believe how angry and mean he became, coming home at 3 am or not at all – who was this person inhabiting the body of the man I knew and loved for the past 15 years?

    My Neptune in Scorpio is natally in 11th and opposite my Taurus sun in 5th. Believe me, this has been the worst anniversary and birthday ever.

    Not as upset about losing the job as it had become toxic with new management and I had started to look elsewhere as I would never treat others the way I was being treated and did not want that to continue. My despair revolves around him leaving, not helping out financially and not working on our marriage to start over or anew. I asked to look at what wasn’t working for us and learn with expert assistance what would work which would empower us both. He tried for a few days only which really hurt. It is as if he swept the slate clean and has left me and our immediate friends of 15 years. I shake my head as to how I was being treated by him and new management and yet did my best to remain calm and compassionate while setting boundaries. It is like what happened to working together, in harmony, for the betterment of all? He had been unemployed for 5 years I had been unemployed for 1 month and he actually said that the clock was ticking, time was awasting and I had better hurry and find a job! (He is triple water = read he wants to be taken care of) He handed me divorce papers 2 days before Valentines. I lost my job and money to support us (now me), then soon after my husband/best friend and our hopes and dreams with him. Despair was putting it mildly.

      1. Harsh, very much so. When he said he was done and wanted a divorce I told him I love him enough to let him go, cant tie him down to work with me to get through and grow from this together. And this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do cos I do NOT want to let go, I DON’T want to give up on us. I have been told he has told people that I kicked him out cos I wanted out of our marriage, that I don’t want to be married to him anymore, which just adds to the hurt.

        I need to move forward with my life with new plans, hopes and dreams. If I only knew what they are… what direction to take. Is there an area on my chart to look for that?

        Thank you for the virtual hug AEterna.

          1. (((Kathleen)))

            Does one look to a Jupiter return chart for this combined with transits and progressions? To look for future life plans, hopes & dreams question.

          2. I have Jupiter in Scorpio in 12! Thanks Elsa. When I become employed again I will make an appointment for a reading.

            Thanks for the virtual hug Roshambo.

  18. Found strength through the Saturn transit to weather ‘world pain’ of 1st house Neptune by facing rife animal cruelty and dog meat trade via supporting animal charities and glad to see Seaworld exposed in ‘Blackfish’ the documentary, as the tragic circus it really is. Seeing brave rescue centre workers stand up to facebook trolls, and signing endless petitions against shark finning, ivory trade, bear bile farms, halal slaughter and torture of Baby Elephants no!! at Ringlings Circus. Once you open the floodgates of compassion and reveal the wicked ways of humans and the angels who try to protect dogs in death row pounds every day, you need Saturn to help you remain intact. Yes I have taken a side, it feels painful but good.

  19. Avatar

    Neptune in Scorpion in the 6th–4 degrees.
    Yes, I feel as though I’ve been slimed, but hey what can I do?
    I continue to bring my ideals to work, but draw lines and boundaries.
    I’m looking for a new job.

  20. Hi currently experiencing this transit with Neptune in Sagittarius. Do the effects lessen once Saturn crosses over Neptune degree? I’d does it remain intense for a bit? Open to insights from anyone.

    Thank you.

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