Black Moon Lilith in Virgo – Reluctant Angel

lilith virgoIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, the pressure you’ve faced through your Lilith placement have made you thorough, practical, and whip-smart. Your wounds have taught you that “almost” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

However your Lilith wounds have manifested (which is shown through the house placement), you found out early on that the best way to stave off the pain was perfection. Maybe you were the “good” child, or maybe the world around you was so chaotic and messy that you felt you were the only person who was willing or able to clean it up. Regardless, you learned that appearing perfect and not making waves was the best way to survive.

But that knowledge came with a price. You had to partition off whole sections of yourself to maintain that angelic image. And because of this, resentment has begun to grow. Why is it, you can’t help but wonder, that everyone is allowed to be flawed but you? Why do other people get to have a dark side while you are stuck polishing your halo? Why have you had to sacrifice your authenticity in service of other people’s convenience?

And speaking of service, life can have you feeling a little like a panicking Cinderella, always cleaning up other people’s messes because they somehow don’t see how bad things are. You see the ways that everything is broken and you try, try, try to fix it all, but things keep falling apart. Or even worse, your attempts to save people from themselves are taken as criticism, leaving people too defensive to accept your aid. It’s like you see a tornado barreling toward the town, but everyone around you is out of their front porch just watching it come. Why can’t they see what you see?

And that’s the other real pain of Black Moon Lilith in Virgo. You do see the writing on the wall, but because no one else does, you have no support. You’re left alone with your worry and anxiety. You feel a little like Cassandra, blessed with prophecy but cursed to never be believed.

To attenuate this pain, the best bet is to bring in principles from Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces. Pisces trusts and transcends. Pisces trusts that, no matter what kind of chaos threatens to befall you and your loved ones, everything is still working out as it should. The worst-case scenario rarely happens, and when it does, people still find a way to go on. Pisces also knows that people often need to learn the hard way, so if they choose not to listen, maybe that’s part of their path in this life. After all, Pisces is less concerned with serving people’s material needs than it is with serving the soul. And sometimes the soul needs to find its own way. Pisces is also a master of wholeness. Pisces is interested in the universal. For this reason, they would never section off parts of their own identity. If everything is one, then what purpose could separation possibly serve? Everything you are is worthy because it is you.

While this is a complex placement and so much more could be written, I’ll close here. Just remember. Your generous service is a beautiful thing, and the world needs more of it. But you can’t truly serve unless you yourself are whole. Own every piece of yourself and trust that things will sometimes work out on their own, and you will truly be unstoppable.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Virgo? What has your experience been like?

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  1. I’m a Capricorn with 10th house BML conj Pluto/Uranus in Virgo opposite 4th house Pisces Chiron. The family Cassandra for sure. It was so painful to watch. I watched everyone I loved hit predictable brick walls throughout my childhood into my teens… I watched until I couldn’t watch no mo. When they all moved out of state….I stayed right here. I lost alot as a result. I lived without close contact with the family I loved. Of course I visited but there was no overcoming the distance I put there. I don’t know if I did the right thing. I know my mother suffered as a result. But there didn’t seem to be a choice.

  2. Thank you for the post it all rings true! Seeing others hitting brick walls. Its devastating, I’m in therapy for the past months. And I want to change my ways. Care less and not to be someones spitting bag. I’m tired and you are right I should look at the opposite sign of Pisces. Doing a lot of meditations to calm my nerves and brain. Pluto beating my moon should help me to come out stronger eventually. I wonder how it works with twins with the same birth chart but still both persons operate very differently from each other . I choose to listen and working so hard to let go. BML sometimes I see her as a curse that’s playing her part in my life. Done with picking up the trash!

  3. Damn. I have BML in Virgo, 29 degrees. This has resonated more than anything has in a while. I have nothing to add!

  4. Almost only counts in horseshoes
    Love it, grew up hearing my Dad say that, love it thank you helps to remember something little

  5. I’m a Virgo with BML in Virgo at 2* opposing my North Node in Pisces at 2* and squaring my MC at Sag 2*. YES! I feel like Cassandra trying to warn family members, etc about dire consequences and omens that I see approaching and many scoff and think they are invincible. I have been trying to warn some lately of aspects that are about to hit them hard and they take it with a grain of salt. Well, we’ve lost one close family member so far this year. I have just lost an Uncle recently too.

    A while back, my husband laughed at my warning and when he had something happen, he returned to me and told me that he remembered my trying to tell him. So, yes, this is accurate for me and I have never put much interest into BML before this.

    1. I had told my husband to be careful of people who are up to no good. That evening at work, he collared a thief that broke into his manager’s car and stole meds. The guy got away and my husband gave chase before the police were called. The thief ended up in the hospital due to taking the meds that were for bones. He nearly died of an od. This happened around October/November of ’20.

  6. I have BML in my Virgo. Virgo also happens to land on my 4th house. And I am blown away. So much makes sense now. What a beautiful description for a hard land. The bill of planets sit in my 12th. I’ve got a lot of life practice. I appreciate you spilling both BLM in Virgo. And of course the other page Onread. The other house placement out of 13 (okay a few more) is Saturn. It also resides in my 4th house of Virgo. I have set myself up for a very interesting ending. I am not sure yet how to handle it, but it will come. I will love, believe, manifest, amd follow through, but not with out pulling BLM and some pieces my way for some sound advise. Saturn, while placed isn’t after me, so to say, but to correct me. I will honor its guard. What a revelation. Blessed be.

  7. I am bml Virgo sag sun Taurus moon asc cancer reading this neatly made me cry ive lived my whole life as trying to be perfect everyone is allowed to falter and make mistakes but somehow no matter what its my fault and should I be human in any way its thrown in my face and used against me forever along with any other human tendencies. im exhausted and confused how no one sees it but me and even if I get someone to see it the moment passes as quickly as it came and im back to being the scapegoat for everyones offenses towards me. everyone has the right to be wrong but i do not. when does it end? why did it start?

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