“Am I A Plutonian?” Let’s Get Some Criteria Goin’ Here…

jack and the beanstalkRaven asks on Are You A Plutonian Character:

“Elsa, is there an easier way for you to determine if I am a Plutonian person? I would really love to know…”

As to  what constitutes a “Plutonian”,  I’d say it’s subjective and exists on a continuum. Some may say that anyone with their Sun in Scorpio is “Plutonian”. I would put the bar much higher.

To me, “Plutonian” means that Pluto or Scorpio energy dominates the chart. I’d be looking for a stellium in Scorpio, a stellium in the 8th house, Pluto aspecting many personal planets, particularly if it’s on an angle..

An astrologer coined a phrase, “Outer Planet Person“. I heard it from, David Pond but I’m not sure he originated it. A person was considered an “OPP” if they had their Sun in a sign ruled by an outer planet, or had an outer planet prominent. “Prominent” was defined

Using that criteria, most people would qualify. This makes the concept meaningless. I feel the same way regarding the term “Plutonian”.

Even if you do meet some enhanced criteria it does not mean you are any good at using the energy. It’s like putting a bunch of kids in the same class with the same teacher. They have access to the same opportunity but some of of them are going to excel while others are going to under-perform.

If a person can stick a small seed (an idea or notion) in you and have it grow like Jack’s Beanstalk, they’re definitely a Plutonian regardless of what their chart says. Pluto = unfathomable power. If you have it but don’t use it then you’re ineffectual. I don’t care how many planets you have in Scorpio.

Anyone else?

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  1. i was told i am but i refused to acknowledge. i’m still looking and searching for the latest fix or update to the plutonian bug to become an IPP (Inner Planet Person)….lol! i know help is on the way. if you happen to find me with the rest of the OPP, i was just helping them…:-D

  2. j,

    i love your post, very inspiring. i wish i was as evolved as you when i was your age. i did worked on my temperamental tendency but it is a working progress. i’m much more calmer now, i guess i learned my lessons and got tired beating myself up.

  3. Great post Elsa!

    @j- Your comment also resonated with me.

    Scorpio AC/Moon/Neptune sextile Pluto in the 10th. Pluto opposite Mars/Mercury/Chiron in Pisces.

  4. Well, I can direct energy, so that means I’m a Plutonian. Never considered myself one before though. I have Mars in the 8th, Pluto trine Venus and MC, Pluto semisquare Moon, Pluto oppose Jup. I tend to stay away from the real Scorpio or Plutonian types.

  5. @Elsa
    Do you count asteroids?
    Because if you count asteroids (Vesta, Ceres, Juno) I have a stellium in my 8th. Otherwise, I just have Pluto on an angle forming the tightest aspect in my chart, aspecting the Sun, Mars and Neptune and with minor aspects to everything except Saturn.

    If a thought gets in my head and stays there I just fixate for what seems like forever.

  6. Shahti, generally speaking, I’d not consider asteroids but again, it’s what people can do with what they’ve got. If you can thread a needle, then you can thread a needle.

    For example, I am not an Aquarius. I have no planets in the sign, nor do I have any planets in the 11th, however I am a pretty good example of of an rebellious eccentric.

    What I am saying is we all have access to this energy, it’s just that some make hay with what they’ve got and others are almost inert in comparison.

    1. I am pretty sure any contact of Uranus(the ruler is Aquarius) with any personal planet (Sun, Moon, Merc,Venus, Mars) or Asc or MC, etc would make someone carry Uranian Energy. Uranus is about freedom, rebellion, humanity. Perhaps, you do have aspects in your personal planet with Uranus, whether it be conjuct, opposite, square, trine or sextile. I know someone whose chart does not have water(Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) and only has Pluto in 8th, yet she is so emotionally sensitive, empath and absorb people’s emotion like sponge even though she is Aqua moon where she supposed to have detached emotion and analyze her emotion on intellectual level. Turn out that she has Aqua moon conjuct Aqua Neptune. It is equal as having Pisces moon or moon in 12th house.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Agree with everything you say. Would you also agree that:
        Anyone who has Uranus and/or Aquarius active in their natal chart, will feel a love that’s not only personal but community-oriented?

        That would show:
        1.) if you have any planets, or Rahu or Ketu in the 11th house, or
        2.) if you have planets in the house where Aquarius is on the cusp


  7. My Daughter has Plutonian energy, she is a Cappy but she has planets in Scorpio and her sun and chiron conj is in the 8th house. She is who she is. And everyone knows it. She comes across as a powerful child.

  8. Thanks Elsa for this post. This and all comments here are very important to me now. The Pluto’s transit are squaring my Natal Pluto, and since this aspect begun I discovered my plutonian personality and the Pluto influence in all my life. I have Marte, Neptuno and true node in 8th with Sagittarius. Sun is at 29 of this house, so we can read sun here (in 8th) or at 9th with Mercury at 0. I have too Pluto (in 6th) squaring Venus, Pluto squaring Saturn, and Venus opposing Saturn. All planets in cardinal signs. So T squares involving Pluto are very common in my life, but I’ve never had this so clear like now. In fact with Sag influence all things are always ok for me, the things are hard but always ok. A happen is always a way to growth. People with a proeminent Scorpio in your charts are constant in my life and I am always helping (like a counselor) people with a very hard personalities or plutonian problems in their lives. Finally now I am discovering the importance of theirs in my life. In fact, they were helping me to find my true way. Their lives and their problems the true counselors and not me.

  9. I can relate to some of that, j, but I finally grew jaded. I haven’t had unshakable confidence since the age of five, but I did have optimism, and I was mature for my age.

  10. From my personal experience I think your criteria are right on. I am a “Pluto aspecting many personal planets” Plutonian. I would also add Pluto on an angle as a criterion. My Pluto sits in a 1st house stellium on my Leo Ascendant, conjunct the Sun, Venus and Mercury, and is the focal point of a t-square to Jupiter in the 10th and Scorpio Mars in the 4th. One of my kids has a Pluto stellium on the Midheaven but with trines to it, very public persona, and intense career. Mine more a mundane personal “transformation,” but both textbook Pluto paths.

    Sitting 2 feet from my desk on a shelf are well-worn copies of: Forrest’s- Book of Pluto, Jeff Green’s-Pluto The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, and Cunningham’s-Healing Pluto Problems. Highly recommend them all!

    On the one hand I would say don’t worry about figuring out if you are Plutonian, PLUTO FINDS YOU!! But one of the most illuminating things I did was to track my life changes as Pluto transited from house to house. A regular meditation practice while Pluto stomped through my Scorpio 4th house (and conjuncting Mars) kept me from murdering someone, I’m sure. And although I once read, “Pluto conjunct your moon doesn’t always mean your mother dies,” …sometimes it does. Pluto finds you.

  11. Well, not sure … the quincthingy to the Asc is a bit on the wide side, the square to the MC very much so, there’s a trine to Mars, humm and a sesqui to the sun and an under 1° opp to BML. A sextile to 8th house Neptune. But I do have Dsc and NN in Scorpio.

    However, if the main criteria is someone else seeding and me growing a stalk from it, well the stalk’s still growing. And trying to feed the planting person.

  12. Avatar

    Well I am not sure which planetary aspect I would give presidence in my chart. I have a huge neptune influence BUT in my chart there is not 1 planet that does not aspect at least 1 other planet.

    I was given so great guidance when I started class last year. My instructor stopped a session I was doing with her … she was concerned for me. She said I had an advanced ability to know what the client needed and do the work but that in the process I was taking on other peoples stuff and for my own well being that had to change. I had to ground and not use my own energy but be the conduit instead, the tool not the scource. My neptune was being used naturally to obsorb and reduce others pain and stress. My Pluto was used spuratically. By learning to ground and encourage the plutotonian process I hold less of people stuff and it actually frees my neptune (intuition/transcendance) to do its work more effectively.

    In my chart Neptune rules my sun and the 10th.

    My sun sextiles my 12th house(neptune) mars in taurus(venus ruled).

    Both mars and sun are inconjunct uranus in libra(venus ruled) in the 5th(sun ruled). Making a yod

    My venus is in aries(mars ruled) in the 11th(uranus ruled)
    Venus is inconjunct my moon in scorpio(pluto ruled) and my Pluto in libra(venus ruled) from the 4th (moon ruled) making another yod

    Pluto squares my Jupiter in 8th(plutos house)

    Pluto opposes my 10th house Merc (my chart ruler)

    Pluto Trines my ASC

    Pluto trines my North Node

    Neptune is conjunct my 7th cusp in sag. Sags ruler (jupiter) is in my 8th house

    Neptune opposes my ASC.

    Neptune opposes my saturn (which is conj my ASC from the 12th)

    Neptune sextiles my Pluto

    Neptune conjuncts my moon

    Neptune trines my merc

    Neptune inconjunct my venus

    All this to say that the ruler of my chart, the ruler of my sun and the ruler of my moon SERIOUSLY NEED each other.

    “I’ve had wonderful opportunities of meeting energy workers and gurus in my early early twenties(jupiter in piscies end of 8th house)who have helped me start the journey of HEALING.”

    With my pluto square pluto wraping up I was blessed this way as well. I am so thankful!

    “that insight can be a burden-sometimes you wish you could be innocent and naive as some people but dont be jaded– UNDERSTAND you are here to EFFECT CHANGE on this hurting mother Earth.”

    All I can say to this is Amen 🙂

  13. Avatar

    Also was thinking that Pluto square Pluto enhanced my ability to work with my Pluto to aid the rest of my chart. I am hoping Neptune square Neptune coming soon will do the same 🙂

  14. i have pluto conjunct my ascendant. i was never diagnosed but i do suspect that i have aspergers syndrome.

    bella, you are right about pluto will find you. i have been surrounded by alot of plutonian people since i was young who tried to control and dominate me but their gas lighting technic had no effect and didn’t bothered me. instead, they got tired or got frustrated, gave up and took a seat.

    i’ve been told many times that “i never get it”. my response, i wasn’t even trying to get it to begin with. i was just busy thinking how i can get to the top with the least amount of time and effort and when i figured it out, i stood up, climbed up. didn’t even bothered to turn my head to check if they are still standing or sitting.

    for me, the most important is the end result and reaching one’s personal record or goal. i would rather have a slow start, reserve my energy while brain storming as opposed to run out of gas that would force me to sit down due to exaustion.

    life is like a race, you run to reach the finish line not race to bring other runners down. if you decide to do the later part, you can be busy STANDING while other passes you by. most common mistake people do, remember “misery loves company”.

  15. Everybody’s got a Pluto signature. It’s generational.

    All I know is that I am not Pluto in Leo (Baby Boomers) or before that Pluto in Cancer (String Savers, the Great Depression people, my parents.)

    All I’ve ever known is that I’m a Pluto in Virgo.(The self help ’70’s people aka the Do It Your Selfers.)
    In my opinion the Pluto in Virgo generation is stuck with picking up after the Pluto in Leo parade…on several levels.

  16. My sun is at 16d Scorpio. Venus and MC at 10d Scorpio. Pluto at 7d Scorpio and Mercury at 24d Scorpio. All in the 10th except Pluto slightly in 9th.

    Am I Plutonian? Of course not. If I was a doctor I’d have the entire neighborhood at my door with every scratch, bump and whimper.

    I’d like to suppress it forever, but that’s impossible in the 10th house, isn’t it?

  17. I have pluto aspects to my asc, sun, mars, and venus and also have uranus at 29 scorpio. I don’t know if that qualifies me but I feel fairly plutonian and have been mistaken for a scorpio before. I am very sensitive to power dynamics in everyday situations and am very critical of authority and misuses of power.

  18. @autumn- You will never magnetize more than you can handle. We are still confined by natural law. But, as you increase your magnetism (maintain your health in adulthood), life will offer you continuous opportunity to face this ability. You may as well find a healthy way to use it.

    In my experience as a scorpio stellium caregiver, it is possible to heal every scratch, bump and whimper that appears at my door. Sadly, most people are rather attached to their problems and are not interested in the transformation their bodies are signaling them to make, so they just show up with another bump, etc. a week later.

    Please don’t suppress it. There is so much transformation work to be done and I don’t want to do it alone. People are needing more hand holding than ever these days. And besides, there isn’t anything more satisfying… that can be done in the public sphere at least.

    1. THIS is the best answer I have ever seen BRAVO. I too have a stellium in scorpio venus ,mercury, and pluto as well as my sun. Being a plutonian is a big responsibility it was always meant to be used to help people lost in the darkness. Being able to feel the energy around you and seeing how you can move it to help those around you is what I think being a plutonian is all about.

  19. As far as criteria goes when it comes to Plutonian energy, I think that it is dangerous if it is not channeled properly. Marie Curie had a stellium in scorpio. She died of exposure to radiation, after making huge transformative contributions to physics and medicine with the discovery and research of radium and polonium.

    Where sagg would potentially get away with having some energy and not using it…. scorpio does not get away with anything, lest one is willing to live in a formidable hell.

    Using the classroom analogy: If there were a classroom of students full of potential plutonian ability, it would only take one of them to get the hang of it before the rest would be secretly copying their notes because none of them want to live in the world they are trying to survive in without some skill set to work with. Their eyes are already looking skyward and the power to propel them to the top is at a rolling boil in a capped pressure cooker. It’s actually painful for the individual to not figure it out.

    The real issue of this potential not being realized is that modern culture is distracting from what is really important. Our most sacred acts have been exploited. Boundaries and structures of all institutions (social, financial, etc.) are in the throws of being redefined. There is no human authority worthy of being followed. That safe human classroom doesn’t exist. But natural law does prevail and there won’t be opportunity for those with plutonian ability to misuse their power and get very far without personal consequences… crashing and burning, rising from the ashes, over and over, until the constant personal transformations become exhausting and doing the right thing becomes the only real choice.

    The beanpole ultimately must be used to pull everyone else up, too, not to try to touch the sun.

  20. I’m so glad to read an objective post on Plutonian people (as opposed to Chirotic Journal’s Pluto-bashing description of a few days ago).
    My understanding is that what makes a difference in terms of how we behave in this world is not the astrological content of our chart as much as our level of consciousness. You can take 2 identical Plutonian charts, for instance, and have 1 saint and 1 a psychopath. We all have the free will to use our planetary positions for our own benefit and advancement or to put it to use for the greater good.
    Another point I wanted to make is that a strong Pluto can make you a victim rather than a bully if you don’t naturally accept this power or know how to reign it in.
    I have a stellium in the 7th house with Black Moon Lilith, Uranus, Mars all in Leo followed by North Node, Pluto and Moon in Virgo. It ain’t no walk in the park.
    I’ve turned 50 this year and feel like a major turnaround is taking place, but I attribute it to my coming Chiron return which heals all the wounds of the 7th house and enables me to connect to my personal power and Pluto, at last. This of course is not for the sake of domination or control, but rather the opposite: to learn to let go and find the wisdom of detachment with love.

  21. i think someone with a strong scorpio/pluto signature in their chart will be terrorized by energy until and IF they learn how to manipulate it.

    1. I think I can relate to this. And while I feel I’m learning to work with it, it seems my learning is totally random. Suggestions welcome.


  22. Stellium in the 8th House, and Moon in exact conjunction to Pluto trining the stellium. I believe that probably makes me “Plutonian” – LOL

  23. I did the colorscope on the astrodienst and it said my chart is primary neptune and second strongest planet is pluto. I only pluto in third house (leo) and dont understand where this pluto comes from. also, I am pisces sun,moon and merc and midheaven..I’m so not powerful.

  24. I have Pluto conjunct my late Libra ascendant and Sun (Pluto on the 12th house side, the Sun in the 1st house) plus a Scorpio stellium (Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Uranus) in the 1st house. I am, indeed, Plutonian forevermore.

    I do agree with many of the earlier posters who say one will be bullied, manipulated, or paralyzed by this energy until you know how to manage it positively. It’s rather like being Harry Potter and honing one’s natural skills at Hogwarts (and it’s no coincidence that Jo Rowling is also very Plutonian).

  25. Let me tell you something about Plutonian people… they won’t tell you much of anything. They’re certainly highly unlikely to go on a public forum and spill their guts about their lives and about their methods.

    1. IT is not so much that we wont tell you it is more that we know whether you are receptive to what we are willing to share with you and I can tell you things I scarcely believe myself. As far as methods there none it is either there or it is not it is part of your very fiber it is as natural as breathing and to be honest it sometimes more a curse than blessing for every ten people you try to help 9 will feel threatened and one will be receptive and appreciate the hand up but that one person makes it worth doing

  26. Pluto on my AC, conjuncts Uranus and my moon, trines Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and sextile Neptune. That’s pinging lots of stuff. As far as being secretive, absolutely, even about mundane things, even just for the hell of it. Not sure but that might be a mixture of Pluto and the Virgo (secret or double lives) stellium in my 1H (Pluto’s in Virgo). I like it. I like to walk around like the quiet boss sometimes, shooting “don’t mess with me” vibes. ;D

  27. I’ve got Pluto in the 8th house along with Uranus. It’s also one of the points of a kite formation. I’d say I have *some* awareness of Plutonian “power” but would love to see an in depth article on the subject.

    1. I know a really gifted shamanic witch who has Pluto and Uranus in the 8th. She can travel psychically to peoples’ hells and retrieve lost soul parts for them. She can also remove psychic attachments and intrusions from a person’s energy body, and do exorcisms (with the caveat that the earth-based spiritual paths that we follow don’t approach these things in a dualistic “Christian” fashion). In exchange for being able to bring such a deep level of healing and wholeness to people, she has undergone many traumatic “deaths,” both of the ego, and literally, when she was in a terrible car accident a few years ago. Pluto/Uranus 8th grants access to incredible power, but my friend has paid, and continues to pay, a high personal price in exchange for the ability to access that kind of power.

      1. @cypress, i know this is old but this makes me wonder what kind of price they pay to go into the depths of hell and retrieve lost souls? It’s not like they want to have that gift. I don’t think personally that people just all of a sudden say ‘hey i’m gonna embrace this gift and use it for good” it’s not that easy.

  28. Hi Elsa, fan of your site!
    Born with Mars/Uranus Conjunct with Pluto in 1st House Virgo, Pluto also Trines MidHeaven/Sun both in Taurus.

  29. i have always been a healer working with deeply abused pilates, a teacher a shaker up of the status quo. pluto in first house square my moon in taurus mars in fourth square my rising( leo) lots of t squares

  30. my chart says probably. but i spent a few too many years getting gaslighted by a 12th house scorpio stellium who had delusions of plutonium (and no spine for struggle) to have a good perspective on it. i like the concept of being able to completely recreate oneself. that i can do. and having an instinct towards survival and seeing into the centers of things.
    but i get regularly perplexed that things that are obvious to me aren’t to other people. so, i really don’t know. i don’t know what that is.

  31. I feel Plutonian, indeed! It’s actually one aspect of my chart I can truly feel/understand. Even though Pluto is placed 10th (position wise) and 3rd (aspect wise) ranking 7th overall but only 8.6% of my chart (I can’t believe it’s so low). Mind you – I’m not using anything beyond Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Neptune/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Chiron/NN. Here is why and I feel it VERY much. I have two grand trines that include Pluto at the apex (Pluto/Mars/Venus & Pluto/Mars/Neptune), Pluto conjuncts my NN less than 2 degrees. Pluto opposes my Moon (exactly) and SN by less than 2 degrees. I even have my Sun Quintile Pluto. My IC is Scorpio with Uranus in Scorpio conjuncting it from the 3rd house (which is ALSO the house my Pluto is in). Aside from my NN – it’s THE only thing in Libra. I think this Walter D. Pullen underestimates Pluto’s power within my chart. Pluto is truly an amazing force. The bodyguard, confidant and right-hand-woman of my essence, for sure.

  32. Pluto on an angle… I have lived with that “subterranean,” Plutonian sense of pressure and doom my whole life (I’m in my early 50’s now). I have Pluto/4th closely conjunct the IC, which also means Pluto is square my AC and DC, and opposite my MC. My Pluto also sextiles Neptune, conjuncts Uranus, biquintiles my 8th house Saturn closely conjunct South Node, opposes Jupiter and Chiron on my MC, semi-squares my Mars, and quincunxes my Sun.

    I also have Saturn making aspects to Chiron and all of my outer planets.

    Unquestionably I’m an Outer Planet Person, though my inner planets are challenged, as well: Moon and Venus in Scorpio (the Pluto/Scorpio connection, of course), and Mars in Cancer. The only ostensibly “happy” thing in my chart, at first glance, is sun in Libra; and come to find out, she has Black Moon Lilith right next door (1 degree orb).

    A sun sign alone tells so little about a person’s astrological story.

  33. I have a tight conjunction of Mercury Neptune and Venus in Scorpio in the fifth house. Mercury and Venus are the lords of my 12 house
    Mercury is in mutual reception w Pluto in Virgo, which i believe to be one of my most powerful gifts. The gift of discernment.
    I spent some time in the underworld,gangs,drugs prison,violence etc. before I had my awakening and near death experience in a foreign country 83/84

  34. Being Plutonian isn’t some treat, some fantastical personality of magic and allure.
    It’s knowing that you live a life of misery and pain all in the name of transformation and enlightenment

    Being Plutonian is knowing what it is to walk side by side with the darkest version of death, and learning to not fear … to not hide and run but rather embrace and contain.
    It’s the lesson of how to balance the duality of the world; darkness/light female/masculine etc

    Being Plutonian means your whole life is set as never ending tests in order to become a warrior.

    Do you think it’s fun to know exactly what a person is feeling and thinking before they even glance your direction?
    It’s not. It’s intrusive.
    And having to bear others pain guilt shame anger …

    Having everyone either hate you with disgust for absolutely no reason or become absolutely obsessive about you.
    It’s knowing the magnitude of your psychic and manipulative power but having restraint to not put it to use

    It’s Having to understand what being lonely is
    It’s not physical. It’s not about family and friends … it’s that little crack, that dark space you can physically feel within your soul.
    It’s knowing no matter what, in this life, your only mission is to create rifts and shifts and transform yourself and others. It’s not about being loved, it’s not about belonging

    No astrological or Meyers bring typing or any other boxed descriptions can fit a Plutonian into a space of belonging

    They just don’t

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      Wow… I can relate to so much of this. Natal Pluto 7H and Transit Pluto 12H on top of my Sun and has been for what seems like for-ev-er.

    2. WOW!!!
      so funny that they think it is without a heavy cost. So many times people say how did you do that and I always reply it no big deal but they don’t know the pain the heavy toll it takes on you . is it sad that people talk about it as if was some kind of gift or method . we were born into this and paid the price and continue to pay. there is no way to describe it to someone who doesn’t fell it. I wish was some mystical power like others describe wouldn’t that be cool

  35. I consider myself not Plutonian. My 8th house is empty, Pluto doesn’t form any close aspects to anything. I only have Scorpio DSC with Pluto and Jupiter in the 7th in Scorpio.

    My Scorpio North Node makes me even more alien to Plutonian energy.

    I think I’m more Mercurial/Saturnine.

  36. Do you want to know see a Plutonian in action? Just watch Meredith’s life on Grey’s Anatomy for awhile. Now THERE’S an education in the world of Scorpio.

  37. I am sun/pluto conj mc and four planets in scorpio. I dont really know what to say about manipulating energy. I just try to purify myself and be as conscious as i can of my motives.

  38. Elsa, I percieve you as quite plutonian. You have a depth of insight and perception that is pretty rare as I see it.

    I’m a Neptunian Plutonian. Majorly. I don’t really understand how these two energies combine and what kind of qualities the two together produce but I am it, whatever it is.

    However, here on the forum, people probably mostly sense my Jupiter /Uranus square mercury, since I have a bad tendency to provoke and call out stuff.

  39. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Pluto at 2′ Virgo smack on the Descendant! I certainly attract and admire personally powerful, in control types but with a Pisces Asc, Gemini Sun and a 4’Sag Moon I eventually find it all too much and plan my escape. I have learned at least to defend my interests and set firm boundaries in close one-on-one relationships and contracts!

  40. Avatar

    I wonder if being a Plutonian person is free will for some people. For those who are made to do it that is probably free will expressed in the past!

    An example might be if people are exposed to things, if a mega political change happens and everyone became aware of say… mass paedophilia in the corridors of government. Everyone would then become a little more Plutonian.

  41. Virgo Pluto in the first sextile Mars, Moon, Mercury, Neptune Scorpio in a tight stellium involving only the 6th, 8th and 10th degrees. Huge Plutonian energy and then my Uranus CJ ASC comes in like a wrecking ball. My life is a power struggle! When I don’t win, I never forget the lesson.
    When I was 10, my mom forced me to go to ”family counseling” to try to force me to call my stepdad “dad”. I didn’t even feel it necessary to enunciate the futility of this. I was told I had to go but wouldn’t have to speak. I never spoke a word despite all their cajoling and threats until they gave up on that front. She got me back by turning her back on me when I needed help accepting a 4 year scholarship, and then backing my ex for child custody. I recently emailed her that when she dies she will dry up and blow away but I will continue on perfectly well without her, and she will have to face God for her actions. Whew! Must be Pluto!

  42. Avatar

    I am still learning but I have these placements.
    Sun Square Pluto
    Uranus Conjunct Pluto
    Saturn Opposition Pluto
    Jupiter trine Pluto
    Moon trine Pluto
    Neptune Sextile Pluto

    Pluto & Uranus in 4th House
    South Node in Capricorn in 4th House
    Lilith in Sagittarius in 8th House
    8th House in Sagittarius at 22 Deg (Military deg)
    Pallas, Lust, Ceres, Vertex, Nunki, Salacia, Vega, Lesath ALL in Sagittarius in the 8th House
    Galactic Centre in Sagittarius in 8th House

    I think that makes me Plutonian. I had a very very hard life. I have been homeless, beaten, mentally abused by my father, and I can out stare anyone, a trait I got from my father, but mostly I am a nice calm person until I get provoked. I do not drink or smoke or take drugs as is told in some of the articles I read. I do however suffer with daily headaches & migraines. I like being alone but I also like going out. I am in my 50’s. I am hoping that things will get a bit easier as I get older. I am VERY GOOD
    AT RESEARCHING anything! I am an Artist/ Graphic Designer. Thanks Elsa. I love your blog!

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