Candid, Consistent & Cuts To The Chase

M.E writes:

“This is my second reading in two months with Elsa. Not only is she on point, candid and cuts to the chase, she is very consistent. She is funny too! She can pick up where you left off even if she hadn’t been reminded if concerning the same issue. I had been asking about should I or did she see me staying in my current relationship in the first reading and I got plenty to think about in a half an hour. In this last one hour reading, I got an action plan based on the current transits and my chart and very sage advice, which I intend to take! If you are feeling confused, uncertain or need a solid opinion even that you can work with, get a reading with Elsa. You won’t regret it. I feel clear, confident and hopeful now instead of uncertain, lost and doubtful. The rest is up to me.”

Thanks, M.E.!

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