“Am I A Plutonian?” Let’s Get Some Criteria Goin’ Here…

jack and the beanstalkRaven asks on Are You A Plutonian Character:

“Elsa, is there an easier way for you to determine if I am a Plutonian person? I would really love to know…”

As to  what constitutes a “Plutonian”,  I’d say it’s subjective and exists on a continuum. Some may say that anyone with their Sun in Scorpio is “Plutonian”. I would put the bar much higher.

To me, “Plutonian” means that Pluto or Scorpio energy dominates the chart. I’d be looking for a stellium in Scorpio, a stellium in the 8th house, Pluto aspecting many personal planets, particularly if it’s on an angle..

An astrologer coined a phrase, “Outer Planet Person“. I heard it from, David Pond but I’m not sure he originated it. A person was considered an “OPP” if they had their Sun in a sign ruled by an outer planet, or had an outer planet prominent. “Prominent” was defined

Using that criteria, most people would qualify. This makes the concept meaningless. I feel the same way regarding the term “Plutonian”.

Even if you do meet some enhanced criteria it does not mean you are any good at using the energy. It’s like putting a bunch of kids in the same class with the same teacher. They have access to the same opportunity but some of of them are going to excel while others are going to under-perform.

If a person can stick a small seed (an idea or notion) in you and have it grow like Jack’s Beanstalk, they’re definitely a Plutonian regardless of what their chart says. Pluto = unfathomable power. If you have it but don’t use it then you’re ineffectual. I don’t care how many planets you have in Scorpio.

Anyone else?

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  1. Yes, yes… I asked about Pluto, because I knew I was that underperforming student.

    I learn alot here. I’m grateful. It’s helping be more authentic day by day.

  2. I have stellium in the 8th, and midheaven scorpio. I am a musician who sees music as a form of power that needs to be used consciously. I dont really have the need to power trip people at all. But I do want to have social power….reach a big audience. I dont know if there is more of a powerful way to affect people than through music. Music is more alchemical to me, than just beauty. Anyone else have stellium 8ths? or scorpio midheaven?

    1. I have stellium in the 8th but my midheaven is in sagittarius. I think you’re right when it comes to music, it can really affect an audience. I think music can serve as a source of power for the musician, especially if they’re trying to communicate something meaningful to the world.

    2. Hey P,

      I have a tight Sun-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th house, so I guess it also counts. I do feel a tremendous power over people at times, but only with one person at a time, never a crowd.
      Unfortunately I am not a musician, but music heals me.

  3. It would be hard to judge how Plutonian one is by your standard, although it sounds like a perfectly spiffy standard to me.

    [‘Neptune won’t let me see!’]

    1. Hi Elsa. Sun conjunct Pluto here, well seasoned. Realize this is an old thread but I couldn’t keep myself from jumping out of the shadows to share.

      Being Plutonian my take is: I do not react, I do not act, I IMPACT.

      Thank you.

  4. I believe I appear plutonian to others, maybe, but not too sure if that fits me. I have pluto conjunt uranus in my 4th house with a yod configuration to my moon in the 9th and venus in the 2nd. I have neptune in scorp in the 6th house also with a square to my moon.

  5. Would a Scorpio ASC w/ 12th house Pluto be considered a plutonian “candidate”? I definitely feel it in me, but I know I’m not using it to my full potential. My childhood dream was to work in an insane asylumn.

    1. I am impressed with your comment Shell. Your childhood dream was to work in an asylum.
      A scorpio asc with natal pluto in the 12th.
      What plans do have for a career today?

  6. p., my daughter has a stellium in the 8th, moon in scorpo conj. pluoto on the midheaven. i do consider her Plutonian. She’s young, and I don’t thinks she’s aware of the amount of energy at her disposal yet, but she is wise in how she does direct in from what i’ve seen so far. that makes me happy.

    she’s also extremely creative. music, drawing, writing, design. she just has a lot of that energy about her. too bad i don’t get to see most of what she does. ha! 🙂

  7. I’ve got Pluto trining Venus, squaring Sun and Mercury. But I’ve got all of the outer planets aspecting all of the personal planets, especially Venus, and I don’t know what that means in terms of this discussion. However, it happens every once in a while that I actually notice myself having way too strong of an effect on some people, to the point it even makes me a little uncomfortable. So I tone it down. And it happens quite often that when I meet new people, a lot of them immediately back away from me even though I haven’t done anything weird or mean. At least that I can see. I have always wondered why I sometimes get such a strong response from so many people – I don’t really like it. Perhaps it’s Pluto.

    My good friend has Pluto in her first house, and when she’s on, watch out. It’s like a switch with her – always there ready to be used, but rarely is she realizing that she’s using it.

  8. Shell, the insane asylum dream is very 12th house, and it would take a strong sort to handle that work, like Pluto. Did you get into powerful behind-the-scenes work in your career? Someone I know with a 12th house Pluto near the ascendant went into a ranking military career, for example. Scorpio asc might make you someone with an apparent image of self-authority, or someone whom others feel can see through others, a penetrating insight. Also, personally very interested in the idea that 12th house planets represent what is hidden from public view, co-existing with the notion that others can see this aspect of you better than you yourself can…the idea of the 12th house as being ‘veiled’. What do you think people notice in you about your Scorpio/Pluto? Do you think that this aspect of your identity is more mysterious to you or to other people?

  9. Elsa, thats funny I think we have alot of chart similarities….I think you are cap rising too. Ever posted your info? curious. 🙂 I think being “intense” and not afraid to “go there” are definite plutonian qualities…plus plutonian would have to be a constantly transforming type, but not necessarily extreme make-over, but more neurotic refinement. Also I am really excited by moments of “crisis” or real “heavy” situations. Mostly because I know it will change me for the better. And so yes, I cant wait for pluto to hit my asc. in a few days!! More power, right? Yes astrology and the knowledge=power you can get over situations/reality is definitely plutonian too. I was also thinking about how really powerful politicians have their midheaven in late degrees of scorpio… (I think Obama, and Putin have this).
    I was wondering how Ascendant in Sag people are dealing with the final days of Pluto’s residency there?

  10. I think Elsa has made a very good point.
    I know plenty of Scorpios and I do not think they are plutonian. I think steliums come in too play
    and 12th house rulership as well as planets in the 12th house aspecting Pluto. Plutonian to me is hidden below the surface. I look at the 12th house as the back of something. EX> you are walking someone is behind you but you can’t see them. There is an oil well in underground in your yard. You don’t know about it. Plutonian.
    You know something is under the ground, you know its there. like when someone is walking behind you. You know its there you just can’t see what it is. That is Pluto by itself. Plutonian.
    Now add other planets and it manifests in a different way. So perhaps there are degrees of plutonian. Negative aspects 2 people come to mind John Gacey, he dressed up like a clown and killed like 30 people and barried them under his house. And hitler..and evryone knows what he did.
    Today I have virgo blinders on and would like to have an example of positive plutonian if anyone could interject on this ?

  11. for me, pluto is an assistant- it resides in my 5th, in an exact trine to my ascendant. it also holds the same degree as my saturn, uranus, and neptune, all in different signs though.

    i don’t consider myself “plutonian” but i can be obsessive about plutonian things. hmmmm…

  12. Reality – a more positive plutonian:

    a friend of mine is a therapist who works at Bellevue in NYC. She did forensics and now works with the severely mentally insane, people who have killed because of delusions, etc. Who knows exactly how much she can accomplish, but she’s got 5 planets and her ascendant in Scorpio. What’s incredible to me is her easy going temperment and great sense of humor, because it covers how deep she constantly goes. She’s a person who I am sure gets things at that deeper, hidden level, and does so instinctually. Therefore she is comfortable around and curious about the types of people she works with in a mental hospital, and provides a service. Hope that makes sense!

  13. I know someone who has Scorpio as their Ascendant with Pluto in the 12th less than 1 degree from the Ascendant. This Pluto is also part of a Grand Water Trine that then turns into a kite (thanks to Pluto). I believe whole heartedly that this person is Plutonian.

  14. Stacey
    Its sounds plutonian by astrology definition.
    But please give an example of what character traits or activities that show glimmer of plutonian ?

  15. I have a Scorpio stellium, including my Sun and ASC, also my Pluto in the 12th house along with 5 other planets. I have always personally felt more Neptunian than Plutonian, which I put down to having so many planets in my 12th house. However, I am told by others that I am quite an intense person and will shortly be training to be a bereavement counsellor which is a Plutonian profession, I guess.

  16. Unfortunately, the character traits for this person are negative. He wants to be in control of others. He’s manipulative and a tad on the obsessive side. He’s also intense – nothing is ever done halfway, it’s either all the way, or not at all!

  17. I have four planets in Scorpio (two in the twelfth and two in the first), my ascendant in Scorpio, My Leo Pluto is in the ninth, highest planet in my chart, conjunct Saturn and square my ascendant and three of the planets in Scorpio. I consider myself a Plutonian and am proud of it. I do personal coaching– transformational work of various kinds. I am able to go to the heart of the issue my clients present and transform the energy in a very powerful and grounded way. All of the qualities of Scorpio (even though I have a lot of hard aspects) work very well for me and my clients.

  18. I have two Plutonian daughters. My older one is a Sag, but Pluto is exactly conjunct her Sun. She is very intense and deep, and has been since she was born.

    I remember showing her the Christmas tree the day we bought her home. She was staring very intensely at the Christmas lights. She didn’t blink once. She had this serious, intense look on her face while she took in the colors. She was only a day old!

    Her dreams are also dark and intense. She used to tell her class these stories when she was in preschool. Her teacher said that she’s make an excellent mystery or crime writer. How Pluto is that?

    My younger one is a Scorpio, with a Venus/Pluto conjunction (just like her Ma 😉 ). She’s much more happy-go-lucky and outgoing than her sister. Whether she turns out to be a true Plutonian remains to be seen.

  19. Moon conjuct neptune in scorpio. Pluto in the eighth house, trine the sun. I don’t know if that passes. I know I can create, reboot and revive when I need to, and I know I can just pull miracles out of nowhere sometimes.

    But mostly those aspects have kicked my ass.

      1. Oh! I took her Mercury test and scored something ridiculous, like 10. Yet, I have written here every day for almost twenty years, never mind the emails, phone calls and conversations with neighbors. Something ain’t right about that.

  20. L. thanks. Are you sure the phrase originated with her? I ask because I heard David Pond use it in a workshop years ago and he did not credit her as I recall. He said, “I call them O, P, P’s – Outer Planet People.”

    I’m asking because I would like to give proper credit. Did Cunningham write it in one of her books maybe?

    1. So. All of my outer planets are in top of my chart and ALL are retrograde. All of my inner planets are in the bottom of my chart and NONE are retrograde. Am I an OPP person (plus…?) or just, something else??? I realize that I am responding to a post almost ten years old, but I am really trying to learn more about my puzzling chart!

  21. And just to complete the story… he asked people in the workshop if they were OPP’s and pretty much every hand shot up but mine. I was probably the biggest freak in the room but this was unbeknownst to me. I used to think I was normal see.

    I also did not find out I looked Italian until I was almost 30 and when I did I asked my sister, “For how long? When did I start looking Italian?” I asked. She was aghast and I couldn’t figure why… I didn’t figure out why for at least 5 years, maybe 10.

    These things are facts.

  22. Outer planet person… LOL. Don’t know who might have said it first, not sure it matters, suspect that phrases that get used have been used for decades and more, & don’t think anyone can copywrite a phrase anyway, but the whole thing strikes me funny just by concept. ‘Outer planet person’ because it seems a very fine line (by my own twisted thinking) between ‘outer planet person, ‘out there person’ ‘other worldly person’ and any number other wild ideas come to mind.

    I can see a Loonsounds humor on ‘outer planet people’ versus ‘inner planet people’ but someone else could probably write it funnier.

  23. Oh, hmm. I guess I’m not 100% sure that she was the first, if others have used it too. And I don’t have most of her books so I can’t check earlier writings – I just know on her website she has several e-books specifically about ‘outer planet people,’ and she uses the term a lot. So maybe scratch that as definitive proof.

    Funny about the workshop response. Ah, everyone wants to be an OPP except the people who actually are…

  24. I know I’m Plutonian. And I have a very close relationship (someone I think who would be, in Elsa-speak, my soldier – though he’s not a soldier, but a musician) … who is also. Our energy together is like soul mates. But I think it’s really just that Pluto / spiritual connection. We fear not each others wounds. And bond by them instead. Even if he ends up marrying someone else, he’s still mine. And I’m still his. If not this life time than the next. And we both agree this the case.

    I have first house house Pluto conjunct Mercury plugged into a grand trine. He has a stellium in the 8th with Scorpio rising.

    What P says echoes very closely what he describes, in regards to music. He needs music to search and live out his soul.

    I agree with Elsa that “Plutonian” would just be a way of saying that you have Pluto energy somehow dominating your chart. I have become fascinated by it, and bought a bunch of book on it … why? Because I think it’s so great and powerful? No. Because I want to heal.

    Because I’m tired of being walking wounded. Because I’m tired of having people run away when I speak as my authentic self. Because I’m ready to authenticate “out loud” with out being shot … meaning, I’m ready to stop being alien among everyone else. I talk about death and the spirit world and karma and how meaningless this all may or may not be … as easily as most people have those elevator conversations about “what’s the weather?”. I can find out in about 1 minute if someone believes in god and can get them questioning their religion in about 1 minute more in an alternative elevator conversation. And is that powerful?

    Sure. But power is just like anything else, just like a pencil or a gun or plate. It’s just a tool. And in the words of Ani Difranco, “Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.” But any tool can also be a salve if you hold it right. I think Pluto just packs a bigger punch.

    I also think that bigger is better mentality is short-sighted. Sometimes it is better, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I’ve wished my Uranus qualities were more accessible than my Pluto ones. I feel like I have to go into so many situations in my life with a canon when I just wish I had a stun gun. I detonate relationships I meant to just shake up.

    I respect my Pluto energy. But it hurts. And it’s hard.

  25. I agree with Reality in regards to knowing some Scorpios who aren’t very Plutonian. Of course, I’ve known Scorpios who are the epitome of their sign but I’ve also known people who are very Plutonian and their Sun, Moon and AC are in other signs. I think it all depends on the overall natal chart and how it works together. For me personally I would consider myself Plutonian in some aspects of my life. The Moon is my chart ruler and it’s in the 8th house. I have Mars in the 8th house as well. I have Venus opposition Pluto by less than 1 degree and Scorpio on the cusp of the 5th house. When it comes to love and romantic relationships, I am very Plutonian. In all the other areas of my life, I’m not really Plutonian at all. I have my Sun in Aries and my Moon in Aquarius and in all the areas of my life, except for love and romance, I really identity with those two signs tremendously.

  26. Althera, it’s almost eerie how much your experiences are like mine regarding sharing my authentic self, feeling alien to others, and coming on too strong when I don’t need to do so.

  27. Missed this previously. Stellium in Scorp, first house Pluto– does this mean I can….


    Mwahhhh…(the pixie dust is just a cover..)


  28. Undertaking my “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove” World Tour is a recent decision, so I’m not sure where to begin. But yes, the magic carpets there are very convenient for surveying the lay of the land, so strategically you may be on to something.

    I will keep you posted of my movements, even though this is a public forum. The anti-world-taker-overs don’t believe in astrology, they think we’re too lovey-dovey and new age to do things like this, so they’d never think to check here for information.

    Off to Google maps!!

  29. Great! Best to let them believe that it is still a male dominated world. Little do they know what is really happening. They would never think to look beneath the veil. Can you project your voice so that it sounds like it is coming from a different direction? Poetry, Beauty, Magic and all that is Sacred will win in the end, especially with Gaia on our side.

  30. It’s definitely a continuum. I know some people who have extra Pluto in their charts who don’t seem to use it all that much. I have never identified, but I’ve realized slowly that my Mercury conjunct Pluto and my NN and Uranus in Scorpio produce more ‘Plutonicity’ than I previously realized.

  31. SaDiablo – thank you:) Hugs back.

    Jessica – I have NN and Uranus in Scorpio with that Mercury/Pluto conjunction too!! Hmmm. There is no escape, eh?:)

  32. I have a 1st house Scorpio stellium (Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus) while Pluto is conjunct my Sun and ASC, sextile my Mars, and square my MC.

    On the positive side, one can transform both their own lives as well as others’ for the greater good through sheer will and emotional strength. A fine example for this would be my job as a special education teacher and the assistance I provide to a very underserved part of society.

    On the negative side, that emotional strength can also lead to emotional power plays in every type of relationship and intense self-analysis and self-hatred that is very difficult to break.

    I like to say that I have already lived several lives because of the transformations that I undergo every few years that set me on a totally new path: I hate to change but know that it is inevitable.

  33. PixieDust – on Pluto in the first – this is a snippet what it says in the Steven Forrest book (“The Book of Pluto”) …

    “The first house is a very sensitive area. A planet there is said to be very strong in the birth chart. While we all have Pluto in our charts, it would be fair to single you out as a markedly “Plutonian” person even from very early in life … Anything in the first house tends to radiate visibly and obviously … people around you often let you symbolize [the Pluto related] part of life for them … they’ll have a tendency to project their discomfort on to you, naming you the “bad” one: you’re “too intense”, “too psychological”, “too sexual,” “too morbid”, whatever … this is part of the wound you carry.”

    It goes on to say that to heal, you must face the dark and then learn to express what is learned to at least one other person. And also, that there is an opportunity to provide leadership, after healing/integration when in situations where others are ready for or can benefit from someone comfortable with Pluto-related matters.

    Thought I’d share since I am studying this in particular. One thing that I find interesting, is that in one of the books I’ve got, the Pluto in the first section is underlined. And in another, it is the section the book flips open to (both bought used). It makes me think I’m not the first Pluto in the first person to go looking for help in healing!:)

  34. Thank you, Althea! That’s very interesting, especially the leadership part. I also have Uranus in the 1st, so I often feel that some of my own personal transformations can and have been helpful to other people when I have shared my experiences, and I don’t mind going out on a limb and having people think I’m weird by recounting them. (The Scorp is Sun, Merc and Neptune) I’m good at getting people to see the benefit of their hardships and to recognize their growth through change. People find me healing; maybe for you, too, it’s that idea that we learn what we need to know by teaching? I would guess that the more you explore healing, the more help you are to others, and the more you heal yourself.

    Emotionally, we can go anywhere, and that is a tremendous advantage when we are so sensitive to our environments. We Pluto types are hard to kill– we just rise up again! Perhaps our example provides hope for others who have less faith in the process.

    Thanks again!

  35. PixieDust – that is very inspirational. I very much like that idea of providing hope.

    I am just beginning to consciously try to integrate this. I don’t think of myself as healing for others, but maybe I will become more so as I do heal myself.

    Thank you!!

  36. I wouldn’t say I’m Plutonian, but it certainly dominates my love life.

    If you use the Equal House system, like Elsa does, it falls in my 5th house.

    I have a Venus/Pluto conjunction, but Venus also aspects Uranus (conjunction) and Neptune (sextile).

    Pluto has kicked my ass through transits, though. I had a Pluto/Moon transit at a very young age. It crossed my DSC when I was a young teen. It squared my Sun/Mars conjunction when I was in college. I certainly felt “Plutonian” when I was young, looking back. There were plenty of times when I felt I was rising from ashes.

  37. hm.
    interesting way of describing it.
    i’ll be thinking about that for awhile now… it’s kind of my main goal as a teacher of 12 year olds… that planting of seeds….

  38. I would definitely say I am “Plutonian”… Scorpio Rising with Pluto conjunct Ascendant. My Gemini Sun, Mercury, and Chiron are all in the eighth house, as well as Venus but it is at 15 degrees Cancer.

    My Sun is in the Scorpio Decante and my Venus and Jupiter are both at the Scorpio Dwads.

    However, despite this and my newly adorned Pluto tattoo on my back I would agree with you Elsa when you say “I’ll go even further and offend even more people by saying that even if you do meet some enhanced criteria it does not mean you are any good at using this energy.”

    That is definitely the truth… I find that I have utilized this energy best when pushing myself mentally, physically and emotionally to my limits. I don’t do anything half-way and when I make a decision I follow through and cannot be stopped.

    However, I feel that this Plutonian energy I have has also manifested in my life by allowing to change and transform many many times at such a young age, and I am still transforming and changing.

    Unfortunately the one issue I have with the Plutonian energy is finding someone who understands me on a romantic and spiritual level. I have friends who are similar but I have yet to find a partner who can “handle” my energy or even match it… maybe one day but as for now I will do my best to be content with what I have.

  39. i believe i carry that energy with me. i have to work hard not to scare people away or become too dark… & i definitely haven’t used the energy as well as i could, yet. my (few) close friends have all let me know at some point that i changed their lives, but i can’t pinpoint how exactly i’ve done it. so one thing i want to work on is my intention and objectivity. until getting more involved in my chart reading i didn’t realize i had *any* plutonian energy and was always puzzled when people (especially adults who treated me with an odd amount of respect and reserve) commented on how “calm, clear, and mature” i was. what? i felt like a burgeoning thunderstorm at every second. also it was always a puzzle to me as to why i seemed to intimidate without trying… kind of a lonely feeling to scare people without trying or knowing why. until i came to recognize this, i had a bit of a vendetta against scorpios. we would end up in power struggles, biting each other’s head off and eventually keeping our distance to save the annoyance. i finally recognized that i loathed it because it was in ME. i then, by fate, became friends (blurred definition) with a plethora of scorpios within the space of few months who pretty much changed my life, and now i get it. so let’s see…

    pluto in scorpio in the 4th house, scorpio in the fifth house, and moon square pluto. working most of it out, going through another emotional transformation as of late, this time to solve the problem my venus in cancer in the 12th house causes. total overhaul to make this one happen.

  40. You know you’re plutonian when after you’ve said something, everyone around you is suddenly completely silent and you sense their discomfort, but you are not the slightest bit uncomfortable for what you’ve just said.

    – Pluto conjunct Mercury in the 1st

  41. “Anyone who can stick a small seed in you (an idea or notion) and have it grow like Jack’s Beanstalk is definitely a Plutonian regardless of what their chart says.”

    Oh how this statement resonates with me!

    As someone born with Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house(yes-childhood trauma & survival)square Ascendant,opposite 10th house Mercury,trine 11th house Moon,I have a profound understanding of plutonian energy

    With Natal Pluto in the fourth house,I was basically thrust into the underworld upon entering this world.As a child,I couldn’t understand why all the other kids were so carefree.All I knew was that I had to survive somehow…but how?
    As pluto in the 4th suggests-home was a place to fear.Mother was a cold and abusive figure and her energy dominated the household.My childhood was fraught with emotional and physical abuse–if I was sick I would get beaten by my mother. Dear Pluto is EXTREME.

    Enter my teenage years-Marijuana and alcohol abuse,physical fights with mother,cops and all that good stuff

    WOW was I rebellious in HS.I challenged all my teachers(pluto square ascendant?)I just needed to speak my truth(pluto opposite merc?).I couldn’t understand why my classmates didn’t challenge the system.I probably got suspended more times than any student in history-but for some reason they wouldn’t kick me out. My teachers couldn’t understand why I skipped class yet would come on test days and ace the tests.
    Boy was I manipulative!When I was arguing with a teacher, I knew how to speak “on their level”(acutely aware of the powerful use of language).I was always engaged in a power struggle with an authority figure and as a teen I loved it.

    Dealing with Pluto in the 4th as a teen was challenging.I was ALWAYS high-it helped suppress “that feeling” of being “intensely aware”.I would have convos with my peers and I realized something was off.I was always penetrating a situation or person to the bone-and they weren’t.That type of perception is crippling as a teen.To my closest friends I was somewhat of a counsel–to the rest of the student body I was a BADASS.
    I didn’t date in HS at all.Guys found me attractive but I despised the attention(pluto square leo ascendant?)I felt completely misunderstood–I had many “friends” but I couldn’t connect with anyone on an intimate level.I also wouldn’t allow anyone to connect with me on that level.I was always suppressing any emotion that would surface.I recall a male friend once saying “It’s like you don’t let anyone get close to you”–those words describe my teenage years.

    Enter adulthood.
    The year I turned 18 my life changed. Not so much externally-but more so my inner world.It really happened overnight-once day I stopped smoking weed and was transferred into an independent study program to complete my remaining HS credits.I became very focused and also VERY quiet.I no longer was interested in challenging anyone and realized my perception was not appreciated by teachers or my peers-I kept my insights to myself.
    I also grew VERY CALM(Taurus Sun).I had poise people my age didn’t-the way I spoke changed.Everyone noticed.For the first time in my life I felt “in control”and in good way.I was aware and focused.In college I was focused(didn’t party) and excelled but developed a fear of speaking in public(again pluto-mercury), I would communicate through essays instead.Also, I couldn’t relate to my peers-I was 20 years old but could only relate to adults. I felt alienated more than ever.I still wasn’t dating and was still suppressing feelings. But I was “in control” and that’s all that mattered or so I thought.
    When I entered the workplace post college I CAME ALIVE.I loved to work(mars in cap 6th, Sun in 10th).I noticed ways of IMPROVING things(pluto!)but I kept quiet because I didn’t want to be noticed.

    I’ve had wonderful opportunities of meeting energy workers and gurus in my early early twenties(jupiter in piscies end of 8th house)who have helped me start the journey of HEALING.

    At 23 I was offered a position to manage and help build a business(sun, merc,north node Aries 10th house)and I was enthralled.The Business became MY LIFE;nothing else existed.
    I was in a position where I had to speak my thoughts and I no longer did so in a threatening manner-I now owned pluto-mercury.For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel alienated and my perception didn’t feel crippling.My opinion was actually respected.I felt like I BELONGED with these ADULTS in the business world.For the first time in my life I was truly ALIVE & HAPPY.

    I was finally using that PLUTO power constructively,that is, in the business world.I was just INTENSELY focused on building and building this business.

    I had unshakable confidence-nothing rattled me.Adults couldn’t understand where this confidence and poise came from, and why at 22 I came across as if I was past 30..but how could they? Pluto in the 4th ensures you never experience “being a child”.

    Once you put in the work PLUTO AWARDS you with a CORE SECURITY and WISDOM that cannot be touched.What bothers most people won’t ever bother you-after all..you’ve survived the worst-everything pales and will pale in comparison. You are a soldier.That type of confidence is threatening to people and this is why Plutonians struggle in the social sphere-people pick up on that INTENSE CONFIDENCE and cannot fathom why you should be so confident and so they CHALLENGE YOU in their own personal way. It’s important NOT TO ENGAGE in EGO BATTLES-this is not what PLUTO is about.
    I see unevolved Scorpios misuse the power of PLUTO in the workplace all the time-to control, manipulate, and have leverage over people, no matter the cost.Pluto will not allow you to get away with this-you WILL self-destruct this way.Pluto is not a PERSONAL planet as we all know and therefore it’s energy is not meant to be used to bid OUR WILL, it is meant to TRANSFORM what is stagnant and decaying in our global compass.

    SO HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN EVOLVED Plutonian? I am 25 and so far this is my personal understanding of Plutonian energy…

    You understand and just KNOW a persons psyche instantly, yet you don’t use that knowledge to manipulate or control them. You ACCEPT that they are on their own personal path and leave it at that.You DO NOT try to CHANGE them but they will probably be changed by meeting you anyway.

    You KNOW your words are powerful and influential and you don’t use them to manipulate people but to INSPIRE and EMPOWER them.

    You let go of CONTROL and ALLOW yourself to be vulnerable.You WILL get hurt but you KNOW you will be alright.

    You don’t FEAR because there is NOTHING to fear.

    You take risks and you Know you MAY fail but you also KNOW you WILL eventually SUCCEED.

    You SEE LIFE and opportunities for growth EVERYWHERE.

    Dear PLutonians,

    You Are STRONG and yes that insight can be a burden-sometimes you wish you could be innocent and naive as some people but dont be jaded– UNDERSTAND you are here to EFFECT CHANGE on this hurting mother Earth.You give hope to people where hope is lost.You are the flicker of LIGHT-the burning FLAME.That’s a big task..I know.But with Pluto on your side..you have the amazing ability to MANIFEST your VISION.

    Don’t forget to have fun on your challenging journey-Earth is a beautiful place to be.

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