The 12th House – Astrological Poker Face: Where Are Your Tells?

showing your handIn his book The Gift of Fear, Gavin DeBecker talks about the phrases people use when they’re attempting to manipulate your judgement. They are red flags that should give us pause about a person’s subconscious motivations or even their very conscious intentions. “Trust me,” or “I’m not gonna lie,” spring to mind. It’s redirection, like a magician pushing your attention to his left hand while he uses his right to perform the trick. People who are relying on integrity don’t need to tell you how to feel or push you into a particular judgement. When doing so they are displaying what card players term a “tell,” in an attempt to control others’ perception of their intentions. You can find out more about the poker face in this poker tips website.

A tell comes from the subconscious and would be associated with one’s own subconscious undoing, a 12th house matter. So where do you look to determine where your own tells originate? The 12th house. The sign on the cusp of the 12th house is indicative of the nature and focus of your subconscious. Planets tenanted there also have an effect. Determine the ruler of your twelfth house, in my case, Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. So I look at the placement of my moon, its sign, house position and aspects, to determine where I am likely to trip myself up. My moon is in Capricorn, in the fifth house with both easy and challenging aspects. Ask me about my mother then sit back and listen closely to hear me fall over myself with poorly disguised tells about my emotional state.

The 12th house and its ruler point to the areas where our subconscious issues reside. “I have a GREAT relationship with my mother!” Perhaps, but what I’m really saying is it’s complicated but I want you think that it’s not. That’s the tell. Anything that follows that statement is suspect.

What sign is on your 12th house cusp? Where is its ruler? Do you see it as reflective of your subconscious issues? Do you give “tells”?


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  1. sag on the 12th. jupiter at the first degree of libra, in the last degree of my 9th house.

    so.. every time i tell a story about the world, it’s always a little bit better than reality.. this way i feel better about how little of actually know.

    listening to tales from others makes me depressed.

  2. Aries on 12 house cusp with Jupier in there. I can not hide my expression, I display my tells all over the place. I am no poker face! Then ruler mars is square to Jup, am known to over-reactively mouth off.

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    Cancer in the 12th, Moon/Jupiter conjunct trining Sun and Uranus in Scorpio in the 4th.

    Ask me about home, I’m a hot mess…

  4. Libra on the 12th cusp, ruler Venus in Virgo at the end of the 11th house… recieves LOTS of aspects, most are hard ones! Ive sabotaged many a relationship because of my venus self-worth issues.

    My 12th house is also tenanted by Mercury. I’ve always felt like I could access my subconscious pretty easily… I’ve never actually been able to successfully ‘repress’ anything…

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    My 12th house’s cusp is on leo and its ruler, the sun, is in the 12th. Have hard time figuring how this plays out (guess it is part of the manifestation..). However, frequently people think that I am manipulable and are more than surprised to find out -later on- that behind this malleable and accomodating first layer there is a strong unattained core.. My other leo stuff (mercury conjunct south node) are at the end of the 11th house. As far as neptune is concerned it is located in the 4th house squaring my moon. It is true that I often have to deal with subconscious fears, sometimes turning out to be forewarnings and sometimes just exaggerated worry. My life is full of weird stories and coincidences and I guess that Jung’s telling “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate” has something to do in all that.
    Any insight or sharing of simiral experience would be more than welcome! 🙂

  6. What a great topic! I’ve got Cancer on the 12th, and the Moon in Cancer in the 12th. I don’t give much away at all…people never know what I’m thinking. Hidden 12th house stuff.

  7. This is so interesting. I am reading Liz Greens about the shadow. This seems part of that. The quote mentioned (Jung) that ‘what we repress becomes our fate’. Isn’t 12th house kind of fated (or feels that way) ?

    My 12 house cusp is
    Libra: Venus in 8th
    sq Mars in Pisces
    Neptune in Libra 12th as well

    So hmmmm A victim in love? Sexually I attract users? (this has been true)

    Ok I know that. So what is the hidden part?
    I am not sure I am seeing the ‘tell”?

    I think I put out a confident sexuality(Scorpio rising) and perhaps have a sort of compelling quality (Venus in 8th, Neptune in 12th Libra)
    so draw men in… when in fact I am terrified …(or was.)and for most of my life was unorgasmic/frigid. I am moving through that slowly but surely as I claim my sexual power(Venus in 8th?)and discover sexual pleasure.

    Not sure if this is on track???

  8. p.s. Hmm My Venus/ 8th is in Gemini. My blind spot is the ‘tell’ !! haha thats funny.

    Also I have often attracted triangles… Venus Gemini?

  9. Cusp of 12 is Capricorn. Ruler Saturn is conjunct Venus, in the 9th house, on the MC.

    I’m not sure what my “tell” is.. But I can say that it’s Venus that leads me astray and Saturn that shines its dull grey light on my ideals and brings me back to reality.

    As far as my undoing.. I think it may be an obsessive nature and then possibly a deep-down inferiority complex. I’m needlessly hard on myself. I have a number of people who love and support me unconditionally (all have strong Scorpio) who I know I couldn’t chase away if I tried.

    My mistakes seem to strengthen my relationships with the people that matter. On the other hand, I believe Saturn has helped me dodge a number of bullets (i.e. destructive people and situations). My Capricorn Mars in the 11th is also conjunct a Sagg Neptune.

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    I’m really trying to figure out my 12th house right now, thanks for the help. Pluto has been there for, it feels like, a million years.

    Well, ruler is Sag, with Uranus on the first degree of this cusp.
    My Jupiter is in my second house in Pisces, so I think I can agree that I – hide what I value, or intentionally obscure what is important to me.

    As a child I developed that behavior to protect myself from abuse, but I don’t know as an adult why I still try so fiercely to protect and hide the fact that I care about anything. I’m sure Pluto will promptly inform me.

  11. I have Libra on the cusp and its ruler Venus also in the 12th, but in Scorpio.
    Is what I’m thinking correct..? (blushing) God knows I CAN’T hide whoever I’am sexually attracted to.

  12. hi everyone
    I have Taurus sun ,Aries moon, Aries mercury and Aries venus and also part of fortune in 12th house
    I looked in many sites about its meaning,
    but every site says different things ,some says its a nice placement some bad, and I dont know what to think about it , but I guess it affects me in some bad ways , I hav always been the shy and quiet in public places I guess becuz of social phobia , and actually i always felt like I dont fit in my family, friends and wherever I go , I hate that feeling ,well its like ı want to have many people around ,to be social person but I also want to be alone too ,becuz I cant stand being among people for too long,it affects me bad and my behaviours change .people see that actually there is something hidden in my personality,that I have another side .when it comes to the good, Im considered as talented in singing ,dancing,acting,in my studies too , most of the time I feel invisible and I lack of self confidence ,my friends tell me that Im a normal girl and that there is nothing to be shy from , but I just cant stop feeling bad bout myself..

  13. My 12th House cusp is in Aries, ruler Mars is in Cancer 3rd House with easy aspects, part of a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter and Saturn.

    My moon, however, is in Aries 12th…

    I have a similar situation with Saturn and Neptune in which they “trade positions” according to the sign they rule, Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Capricorn.

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