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  1. My daughter, she has the Sun in her 8th house. Her father died recently, and I’m making sure she survives and thrives.

    I thank god everyday that I have a lot of Sag to get her through the day.

  2. (((((sunny + Elsa))))) it’s people like you that keep the rest of us afloat.

    amazing strength, beautiful spirit.
    your transparency (jupiter?) in relaying stories of what you’ve been through (are going through) will shed light and hope on others’ dark times.

    i think we will all be the “survivor” at some point- so it would be silly for anyone to dismiss this and think:

    “nah- that’s not me. that’s not my life. my plane didn’t crash.”

    maybe not. maybe not yet. but none of us will get through this life without encountering death and feeling loss.

    my 12th h pisces (sacrifice) says it’d rather be the victim than the survivor, but we don’t always get that lucky.

    powerful post, Elsa- and good video!

  3. I guess then I am the survivor in the family I have 8th house stellium, my mom passed away when i was 20 but I also am bound (really really bound) to my father in the sense my mom passed down her responsibility of being the glue of the family smack down right on my shoulders – as an aries, relationships are not fun for me — I hate it, but it’s my job I have to be it … so i don’t get to go away and stay away and thrive

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    I resonated greatly. My daughter died when I was 19 and I was 7 months pregnant. At the same time I left my mothers home and my abuse became known. I could have curled up and died between 19 and 22/23 and to be honest I wanted to. I really wanted to it would have been easier, that was the mentality at the time. Then at 23 I found out, much to my detriment that the same man I had a baby for is actually abusive. I didn’t want to be a ‘battered woman’ so I left. Another reason to die.

    However since that time I decided to re-start uni, better myself, heal my scars, grow and transcend. Its for myself, yes, but its more for my daughter than anyone else. Sometimes things are catalysts for healing.

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    Thank you Elsa! You know I looked at my Jupiter apex of my early cardinal T-square in the 8th as restrictive for a long time. Now I realize it really stabilizes me and helps me to survive and aid others in surviving.

    Thank you once again! 🙂

  6. Wow – I never fully regarded the 8th house in just the way you stated it here in this post. Very thought provoking. I have Jupiter in Aries in the 8th. And as I reflect upon what you’ve just said, I realize it is my faith in life (not religious faith), a very deep belief in “life”, in creation and regeneration — the birth-death-rebirth cycle – that has sustained me and helped me — really helped me stay alive and yes survive — through many losses. A Wow realization moment indeed! Thank you Elsa!

  7. Me & my husband both of us have lots of planets in the 8th house. I was care giver & guardian to both of my parents till they passed. I am now effectively the Matriarch of our family. I have the responsibility to make sure our family continues on without a hitch. Not that I really want the position but nonetheless it is my burden to bear. Kind of like in the Lord of the Rings when the hobit wanted to give the ring of power to the Elven Queen and she told him it was his burden to bear well this is kind of the same thing. Much of life is that way so I have found. I believe there are no accidents everything happens for a reason even if we don’t exactly understand what that reason is and may never understand the true reason it is just somehthing we must take care of.

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    My brother and I both have 8th house moons. We are the survivors of the family for sure. Our older brother died shortly after my mom gave birth to him and before him, my mom had a late term miscarriage so we weren’t really expected to survive because of the difficult pregnancies and births before us. My half sister ( moms side) has chronic health issues and is in a fragile state. So its up to my brother and I to survive and thrive. Very Very accurate descriptions Elsa your videos never fail to amaze me!!

  9. Oh my, this helps me!! Sun in 8th, Saturn in 4th too… got to remember always, though much feels like a burden, it’s my birthright—duty?—-to survive and thrive.

    ((thank you Elsa))

  10. @lbetters “Not that I really want the position but nonetheless it is my burden to bear.”

    Hmmm… I have a Scorpio Moon and Venus in Leo in the 8th house square Neptune in Scorpio.

    I have definitely been cast as the “strong” one in my family. The rest of them live in a web of denial so thick I’ll never break thru it.

    I’ve been thru some extreme life experiences and survived them and later thrived. Right now I’m not doing very well at surviving or thriving, and it’s throwing my family off big-time. I’m the one who’s supposed to be able to deal, you know?

  11. My Gemini ex has an 8th house Sun. He’s Colombian, grew up in Medellin. Hard to explain his personality, but the Medellin Colombians I know who grew up during Escobar’s reign of terror have this survivor streak in common.

    Gem never talked much about what it was like, except to say that gunshots went off at all hours of the day and night and when you heard people screaming and wailing shortly after, that was how you know a loved ones were killed. He watched an old man sitting against a wall in the sun get shot up in a drive by when he was 6. The body was so riddled with bullets, it fell to pieces when they tried to pick it up.

  12. I knew someone who lost her father in her teenage years and had to watch her mother get sick and eventually die as well when she was a sophomore in college. At 20, this person had to spend her weekends with insurance lawyers or sorting through the 30+ year’s worth of memories in her parent’s home in order to sell everything. I wrote up a little bit about her chart for her once because she was so interesting to me: lots of Taurus and, of course, packed 8th house and a Scorpio moon. She has not only survived but thrived, got married and is finished her master’s I think. Me, I would have simply lost it.

  13. Thanks Elsa. You made me tear up. I am the oldest. Both of my brothers almost died in childhood. They are ok now, but you could not have told us that when we were kids. My dad was gone all the time, and I was expected to go out and be successful and not need anything from them because they were too busy dealing with the other two. I have south node in pisces in the 8th house conjunct Chiron. This week is my Chiron return. Neptune is conjunct my south node by transit. I have felt guilty my whole life.

    This really hit home. Thank you for your perspective. Maybe it is time for me to shift all that. Saturn is conjunct my IC this week as well.

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    NYC Punjabi Gal

    This is really very enlightening. I am a Taurus with a Sagi Moon and Cap rising. My 8th house is jam packed and there is an aspect between my moon and two planets in the 8th house. I am not sure if the moon represents the father or mother. All I know is that my parents had a horrible divorce when I was 6 and it was a difficult experience during my childhood. Both of my parents hate each other. My father has always been a difficult person in my life and I am going through a mess right now because of him as well. Somehow whenever mars retrogrades in my 8th house where I have natal Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, I have a very hard time in life. Also, Pluto has been transiting through my Ascendent recently which makes it even harder I think. I am new to astrology so I am trying to learn as much as I can. With the information I have provided, please confirm my understanding or advise. Thank you!

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